Carry Case & Traveling Headphone Adapter

These free promotional gifts are being given away by one of the leading consumers electronics companies, Plantronics. In this promotion, Plantronics give away a traveling headphone adapter and a carry case, with the purchase of every 'BackBeat Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Headset'.

Carry Case & Traveling Headphone Adapter
Carry Case & Traveling Headphone Adapter
 There are a variety of different aspects Plantronics would've taken into considerations before running this promotional campaign.

Initially, they can be certain that offering free promo gifts will increase the amount of sales, as the gifts add incentive for consumers to purchase the headphones, as consumers will feel as though they're getting a better deal - especially due to the fact that promotional gifts like these can drastically increase the perceived value of the main product.

These promotional products will be used often in public, for example, while traveling, so as they can be branded, they make a fantastic opportunity to increase your brand exposure.

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