BPMA Study Reveals Top Promotional Items

British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has revealed the top promotional items companies use as a giveaway strategy in order to promote brand and products. The study also reveals the value and popularity of promotional merchandise and therefore why they are so effective.

The association estimates the total spend for promotional items reaches nearly £1 billion for the UK businesses. This figure shows how important branded item are to business and the effect they can have. The study reveals that pens are by far the most common giveaway with bags and electronically items coming next.

The top ten items given away are;
  1. Promotional Pens 
  2. Branded Bags
  3. Electronic Items - memory sticks and power banks etc 
  4. Branded Mugs 
  5. Promotional Clothing 
  6. Notepads 
  7. Mints or Sweets 
  8. Stress Balls 
  9. Mouse Mats
  10. Other Stationary 
Less common give-away's were seen to be items including plants, ice cream and brand mascots. Promotional pens make fantastic give-away products due to their cost, durability and functionality. This all will help to create larger brand awareness recognition and even additional brand value to any company wishing to introduce this.

This study is very useful source for business who are new to this form of promotion and therefore can take into consideration when choosing which items to implement. However take note, although these products are proven to be effective it also important in many cases for companies to be unique and innovative in there choice of promotional merchandise to make the company stand out.

If you're interested in knowing more about the data provided, you can visit BPMA website. If you would like  to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your please contact us at PromoGift.

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