Custom Bottle Opener from Used Bullets

With imagination, anything can become a very interesting promotional product. ASI recently had an interesting article about Eli Crane who did just that. He was inspired by a gift his brother brought back from the Philippines: a used .50 cal bullet reshaped as a bottle opener. 

Eli, who used to be in the Navy SEALs at the time, customised it and it became an immediate hit with his colleagues. He decided to make more, and started gathering expended ammunition. After a few months, his earnings rose from 375$ to $80.000 a month due to better quality materials and good Brand Recognition. 

Why do we like this Custom Bottle Opener?

What really speaks from this item is that the company understands brand recognition very well. Every piece is engraved with a logo and date, so everyone who uses this will be able to learn who made it. This makes it easy for a brand name to spread.

Secondly, the Bottle Breachers have a high design appeal. The coloured designs on the expended bullets make the items pop out, plus giving an item a second life like this is good for the environment. Combining this with the fact that part of the earnings go to charities designed to helping US Army veterans, definitely helps to boost Brand Image! 


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