Promotional Item Industry Update: Take A Peek At What's Hot

Here's the latest update from the ever-growing promotional item industry. 

Promotional Item Industry Update: Take A Peek At What's Hot

Custom promotional keychains are among the most popular low-cost promos because they are useful to consumers and clients across numerous demographics. Because usefulness is the most important factor when recipients decide to keep a promotional item, keychains are the third best-selling affordable promotional item behind pens and pencils.

Merchandising Manager Sarah selects her favourite products for Employee Incentive and President’s Club trips. Good for room drops, awards and welcome gifts, these are her current top picks!

3 Reasons Glenfiddich's Custom Whiskey Bottle Glorifier Caught My Eye

The barrel symbolizes the traditional process they use in aging their scotch whiskey. It is informative as well as meaningful. This makes a good conversation starter. Passersby will be curious as to how their drinks relate to whiskey. And this could create a higher sales conversion.

When it comes to urban areas, smart technology can mean big improvements. A smart city collects information about residents’ needs and uses technology to better the community’s services, such as energy, transportation and safety. As the world becomes more urbanized—by 2050, almost two-thirds of the population is expected to reside in an urban area—smart cities will become sought-after places to live. Starting to implement smart technology now will keep you ahead of the crowd.

Why not opt for custom BBQ accessories as outdoor giveaways for your next marketing campaign? These products are geared to offer high visibility and quality grilling fun at the same time. You can count on these products to ensure that your brand sizzles during summer.

Yulefest Celebrations or Xmas in July is a popular event especially in places such as the Blue Mountains. Resorts and restaurants are able to produce traditional Christmas fare to be enjoyed in a Winter setting, which most of us associate with Europe. Enjoy Xmas in July and have a mid-year break at the same time.

Looking for the best giveaways for your race, 5K, or marathon?  Look no further than Red Canoe Promotions of Denver!  Race season is in full swing in Colorado and will continue for the next several months, and we've got you covered with the best promotional products to promote your brand.  

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