Monday 13 November 2017

Unbeatable Ideas for Corporate Gift Giving Season

Promotional products and imprinted corporate gifts will always have a long-lasting impression on your employees. There are quite a few ways in which you can personalize a gift in order to make it look unique. This can be done by adding a logo of your company over the gift or engraving a business message over it.

There are a number of things which can be presented as corporate gifts. So, if you are among those who are looking for the best ideas for corporate gift-giving season then this article is of your interest.

Engraved Crystal Water Set

There is nothing better than a crystal water set to be presented as a corporate gift. You can engrave a business message over the water set. This will make the person feel more connected to the company every time he utilizes the crystal set for juice, tea or any other countless liquids.

Bluetooth Headphones

There are a plethora of tech devices out there which will act as the perfect corporate gift. Among those, Bluetooth headphones prove to be quite a useful gift. They will enable a person to communicate easily. Also, whenever the person wants to relax he can listen to music through Bluetooth headphones. There will be no hassles which are associated with a wired headphone set.

Sleek Power Bank

Smartphones have literally taken our lives by storm. However, even though they have numerous features still most of them face battery issues. So, to get rid of it, a power bank would be the perfect solution. You can present a unique and classy power bank which will look quite stylish.

Crystal Wine Decanter Set

As the holiday season is around the corner there is no better companion than wine in order to celebrate with your loved ones. A crystal wine decanter set will present the wine in style and make the entire moment a special one. The set has been manufactured from 24% hand-cut crystal. You can engrave a message on it or an artwork which will make it a perfect corporate gift item.

Pen Caddy and Desk Clock

A Pen Caddy and Desk Clock is perfect to be placed on your desk at the office. There is a wide variety of Pen Caddy and Desk Clock which are available out there. You will be able to find quite a few interesting design options out there. Get a logo designed for your business firm and engrave it on the gift.


Even though the usage of paper at offices has reduced significantly still we have not gone completely paperless. What better than a paperweight to be given as a corporate gift. There are a lot of designer paperweights which are available out there which are quite attractive and will brighten up the whole office space.

In The End

All the corporate gift ideas showcased in this article are unique in their own way and perfect to be given this season. Please leave your view about the corporate gift ideas which have been highlighted in the article in the comments section below.

Author bio - Jane Douglas is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience. She writes for an array of websites and her major contribution is to Aquaholic Gifts Pvt. Ltd offers a range of premium corporate gifts in Singapore. In her free time, Jane likes to research fashion, latest technology, and trending lifestyles.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Everything you need to know about Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette

The giving of branded business gifts is at the forefront of the corporate culture. According to research conducted by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), 79% of promotional gift recipients feel appreciated, a further 47% are happy and another 21% are impressed when they receive a personalised gift from a brand or company. Whether it’s to employees, clients or stakeholders, a token of appreciation and acknowledgement goes a long way.
Now the festive period is rapidly approaching, personalised business gifts are more in demand than at any other time of the year. An article published in January (2017) suggested that the last three months of 2016 saw the highest growth in consumer spending for over four years, so getting your company’s name into the hands of your target market during this timeframe has never been so paramount.
However, there are many factors to consider when searching for corporate gift inspiration and as a promotional gift purchaser, you do not want to make any mistakes.
Here is our guide to gift-giving etiquette for businesses and how you can avoid the mistakes you may not have even realised you’ve made in the past:

  • Know EXACTLY who you're buying for. 

The number one rule of marketing in any industry is knowing your target audience and understanding their needs. Put this into practice when it comes to selecting the perfect promotional gift, whether it's for an employee, client or someone else. The main purpose of a promotional product is practicality - 50% of recipients agree that usefulness is the most important quality of a branded gift. Items that will be used every day such as branded powerbanks are a cost-effective and high-in-demand promotional gifting solution that's guaranteed to be used every day considering that over two-thirds of the UK's population own smartphones and 90% panic about losing battery life on their phone. 

It's also important to consider the recipient's religion and occupation. There are some religions that do not celebrate Christmas, and even though presented with a gift, the recipient may not be able to accept it, thus causing an awkward situation that could easily have been avoided. Furthermore, in some occupations, such as civil servant, gift acceptance may be seen to compromise personal judgement or integrity.  

  • Get the packaging right.

When it comes to the art of gift-giving, presentation is everything. Bespoke, branded packaging not only looks smart but elevates the value of a gift by presenting it in a way that makes it look more expensive and exclusive to your business. 
Our range of bespoke packaging solutions include branded gift bags that are ideal for all gifts including wine and champagne, and promotional pen boxes that add a luxurious element to any premium pen gift. 

  • Personalised gifts have a greater impact.

Personalised promotional gifts not only show the thought that has gone into the gift selection, but create a memorable gift that will be treasured forever. Even something as small as a personalised branded mug will be constantly used considering that the average UK tea drinker consumes 876 cups of tea a year. A higher-end personalised gift such as a promotional Parker Pen will be kept and treasured by the recipient too. Parker is an iconic and renowned British brand with a rich heritage, engrave one of their pens with the recipient's name and your brand will be kept close to them for years to come. 

  • Set a budget and stick to it.

When it comes to purchasing corporate branded gifts, it's important to set a budget so you know exactly how much of your business finances to set aside. Whether you're marketing a small business or a global brand, budgeting is of the utmost importance for promotional gifts to ensure that no one is left out, especially when it comes to buying gifts for employees. 
Whatever your budget allowance is, at Allwag Promotions we have a range of promotional and personalised gifts that cater for it! From cost-effective gifting solutions such as personalised confectionery to premium products such as branded technology, we've got everything you need to ensure your business Christmas gifts truly reflect your brand's ethos. 

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Fastest Way to Improve Advertising ROI and the Profitability of your Brand

Decades ago David Brent at Unilever and Stephen King and Stanley Pollitt in UK ad agencies invented the multi-skilled, proactive ad agency planning role.

This was recognized as arguably the most important and powerful management innovation in the advertising industry in the past half-century or more and is responsible for more relevant and effective advertising. Greater ROI and profitability.

BUT – the skilled planning role is the most complex role in the agency and also the most hideously misunderstood role with countless past failures that agencies hide and which cost advertisers dearly. The best move by advertisers is to verify the skills and experience of the agency’s strategic planner.

HOW? Follow David Brent’s valuable counsel at It could be the most profitable move you’ve made lately. You’ll learn extremely valuable information about the skills, experience and MO of strategic planning and if your creative agency matches what you demand.

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