Friday 29 June 2012

Promotional Ideas by Don Beer, Russia

Don Beer, a Russian brewery, is having a promotion for its beers with lots of promotional gifts. Collect 60 points (they are printed on the promo packs) and choose one of three available gifts: an inflatable chair, an apron with lots of pockets or a funny rug. This promotion lasts from 15 June to 30 November 2012.

Promotional gifts by Don brewery, Russia

Going for picnics is what most of us enjoy. It is obvious that these promotional items will make the outdoors activities far more convenient and pleasant. Just pump up this amazing inflatable chair, put on the fantastic apron and look at this colorful rug under your feet - and feel like home wherever you are. Don brewery has done a good job placing a logo on each marketing gift, which will certainly boost brand awareness.

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A brief description of this promotional campaign in Russian for our local readers:

Пиво "Дон" предлагает своим покупателям участвовать в беспроигрышной лотерее и выиграть то, о чем многие из нас мечтают, находясь на природе: надувное кресло, фартук шашлычника или плед для пикника. Все что от Вас требуется - купить пиво «Дон» в бутылках с логотипом акции, зарегистрировать коды из под крышек. Для получения одного промо подарка необходимо накпоить 60 баллов. На каждом из них присутствует логотип компании, что будет способствовать наращиванию узнаваемости бренда. Отличный маркетинговый ход!

Monday 25 June 2012

Trampoline: The bouncy new promotional product

Looking for an up market, original and fun promo gift idea? Well look no further...

Indeed several big brand companies, for example Nutella, Paul's milk or Wonder White, have carried out promotional campaigns where customers have the opportunity of winning Springfree trampolines. The process was simple: each day, one customer of their brand won s trampoline.

This type of promotion is very interesting as, unlike with most promotional offers - where the strategy is for every customer to win but only a low value gift - here only one lucky client wins, but he wins a very valuable and desirable gift.

What's more this type of promo advertises two brands rather than just one, enhancing the visibility of Springfree and increasing the sales of its partner promoter.

Trampolines are a great example of quality promotional gift but one can easily think of others from sport/gym equipment to massage chairs!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Promotional Gift - Climate Smart Thermometer by Chilli Promotions

Ever wondered how much energy you can save by adjusting your home appliances at an appropriate temperature? Well, Chilli Promotions has come up with a brilliant promotional item which gets the job done for you!

Introducing the Climate Smart Thermometer... Made out of acrylic with a magnetic backing on an A5 recycled backing card packaged in a 100% bio-degradable bag, this nifty product measures the temperature of your fridge, freezer, air conditioners and even hot water to ensure that your appliances are running at optimum temperatures for energy and water saving efficiency.

Award Winning Promotional Gift - Climate Smart Thermometer by Chilli Promotions

Ever since this promotional product has been rolled out for the Queensland Government, it won several prestigious awards such as:
  • 2010 APPA Gold Award (Limited Budget Under $5 category)
  • 2011 PPAI Bronze Pyramid Award (Goodwill Programs category)

This distinctive promotional gift comes with a recycled A5 card with tips on how to conserve power and water. Other than its functionality, it is also 100% carbon offset. Chilli Promotions has done a great job in creating this eco-friendly item and is the foremost promotional products company in Australia to offset all its merchandise to create 100 % carbon neutral products.

If you are interested in customising this promotional merchandise, feel free to leave a comment or contact Chilli Promotions for more information.

Meanwhile, check out some of Chilli Promotions hottest promotional merchandise here.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Promotional Products by Kikkoman

Kikkoman is organizing the Crank Up The Crunch Sweepstakes in the USA.   Their current marketing drive is giving away the chance to win $10,000 cash and other monthly prizes!

The T-shirts and the Kikko Ducks are the most traditional of promotional products and will make for a very memorable campaign

Promotional Sweepstakes run until September 2012 with prize details as follows:

• $10,000 cash for the grand winner
• 6 Chef Chu cookbooks
• 45 “Crank Up The Crunch” t-shirts
• 1000 Kikko ducks
• 400 “Any 1″ Kikkoman product coupons redeemable for a free product
• 200 “Crank Up The Crunch” measuring cups

win cash kikkoman sweepstakes 2012 Win $10,000 on Kikkomans Crank Up The Crunch Sweepstakes
Promotional Products by Kikkoman

Friday 1 June 2012

Collapsible Items

Don’t you think it’s always a hassle to always lug back your teapots back home after a camping trip? Not with this collapsible tea kettle!

This silicon product has a steel base that allows you to easily boil or heat up your favourite beverage while in the wild. Adding on, the item is even made to retain heat after serving your cup of hot tea.

Apart from this tea kettle, here are other items such as a collapsible bucket and pot. These items definitely come in handy when on the move as it increases storage space for other products.

Do you have a more interesting collapsible product? Why not share your ideas here! 

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