Fastest Way to Improve Advertising ROI and the Profitability of your Brand

Decades ago David Brent at Unilever and Stephen King and Stanley Pollitt in UK ad agencies invented the multi-skilled, proactive ad agency planning role.

This was recognized as arguably the most important and powerful management innovation in the advertising industry in the past half-century or more and is responsible for more relevant and effective advertising. Greater ROI and profitability.

BUT – the skilled planning role is the most complex role in the agency and also the most hideously misunderstood role with countless past failures that agencies hide and which cost advertisers dearly. The best move by advertisers is to verify the skills and experience of the agency’s strategic planner.

HOW? Follow David Brent’s valuable counsel at It could be the most profitable move you’ve made lately. You’ll learn extremely valuable information about the skills, experience and MO of strategic planning and if your creative agency matches what you demand.

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