Monday 31 August 2015

Free scented poster with Ariana Grande fragrance purchase from Macy's

Macy's is offering a free scented poster with purchase of Ariana Grande fragrance collection when spending more than $49. This is being offered as a gift with purchase when pre-ordering the new fragrance, and it is available while stocks last.
Free scented poster with Ariana Grande fragrance purchase from Macy's
Scented posters are a fantastic way to market your brand or advertise your products. These items not only serve the purpose of showing of your products/brands to the intended target. In the case of perfume/fragrance within the posters, they offer the opportunity for clientele to smell the fragrance while seeing the advertisement for the product/brand.

These products are extremely simple to produce and cheap to manufacture. They are perfect for the promoting of perfume and fragrance products, and these will be the perfect gift to reward customers for purchasing such products. The also offer fantastic opportunity for brand activation so for those brands which are introducing a new product, scented posters are perfect for you too.

Friday 28 August 2015

Fashion Retailer is Offering a Free Canvas Sling Bag with Purchase

The famous Hong Kong based fashion retailer Bossini is now offering a free Canvas Sling Bag with purchases above $80. The bag is a great promotional idea to include in the overall marketing approach. It is an excellent  giveaway before schools start in Hong Kong, and it has huge potential to increase brand awareness, while rewarding customers.

Fashion Retailer is Offering a Free Canvas Sling Bag with Purchase 

Schedule your Marketing Approach after Culture and Seasons

Planning and timing your marketing approach has huge importance if you want to gain positive results for your campaign. You have to adapt to the culture you are doing business in. Bossini is currently operating in the fashion industry, which has many different cultural preferences. This means that the company needs to adjust their product portfolio. Bossini has also managed to adapt their product portfolio seasonally, which is timed just before schools start. 

Free gifts with purchases are extremely valuable if you manage to schedule them at the right time for the right place. This will increase your company's brand awareness and in the long run boost sales.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Free Lunch Bag Items - Back to School Promotions from Angellina's Toy Boutique

The Canadian toy store, Angellina's Toy Boutique is now offering a free gift with purchase for anyone who purchase above $25 on their "back to school gear" products. Customers can choose various different back-to-school items, when collecting their free gift. Some of the promotional gifts the toy store are offering, are lunch boxes, planet boxes, snack bags, water bottles and many more.

Free Lunch Bag Items - Back to School Promotions from Angellina's Toy Boutique

Personalize your Promotional Products   

Offering a free gift with purchase, as Angellina's Toy Boutique is doing, is a great way to increase brand awareness and sales. This is because you can personalize your promotional products with your logo/company name. Items like water bottles, snack bags and planet boxes are easy and fairly cheap to print logos on. Personalized products are an important part to marketing approaches when increasing your company's awareness. Offering products like this are much more efficient than handing out small business cards and should therefore be considered as an excellent way to show off your logo, which will lead to increased sales and profit in the long run.

Monday 24 August 2015

KFC's Memory Bucket is also a Bluetooth photo printer

KFC is celebrating its 60th anniversary of operation in Canada, and as part of the celebration KFC is introducing a special new chicken bucket: The Memories Bucket. However this Bucket is no ordinary chicken bucket, it's also a Bluetooth photo printer, this can interface with your phone and print pictures of your choice.
KFC's Memory Bucket is also a Bluetooth photo printer
Although this chicken bucket is part of the limited release and not with every order, marketing techniques such as these are sure to increase brand awareness and recognition throughout the time window.
KFC's Memory Bucket is also a Bluetooth photo printer
KFC has focused on an exclusive promotion, this makes the bucket meal seem much more attractive to potential clientele. This is a great way to make KFC buckets to stand out among the competition, especially by celebrating their 60 year anniversary. By also going for this original marketing technique it’s a good way for them to have people spread the KFC anniversary by word of mouth and viral marketing.

Friday 21 August 2015

Spend in Tax-free and get a free Travel-Adapter in Copenhagen Airport!

The Tax-free shop in Copenhagen Airport is now offering a free travel adapter worth DKK 149 to customers who purchase above DKK 750 in their online shop. To receive this free gift with purchase, customers personally need to pick up the gift in the store before departure in the airport. 

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in whole Scandinavia, with 74,000 people travelling through the airport everyday. This naturally means great possibilities for increasing brand awareness and sales through tax-free goods. 

Buy Tax-Free and get a free Travel-Adapter in Copenhagen Airport!

The airport is using a great marketing strategy, to incense people to increase their purchasing, by offering them free gifts with purchases. To confirm that they are gaining most value out of this offer, they are making sure that the free travel adapter is similar to their customer's needs.

When doing this you need to clarify your customer segmentation, which is exactly what CPH airport is doing when they are offering a travel-adapter. This basically fits into their customers needs, because people are travelling to different kind of countries, with different plugs. This means that there are much higher possibilities that this kind of free gift is needed, making it a fantastic investment to boost sales and brand awareness.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Free Gift with Purchase - Collaboration between Levi's and Swarovski

The fashion industry is a seasonal business, which means new collections 2-4 times per year. This naturally means that there will be a lot of marketing campaigns. The famous jeans company Levi's is now collaborating with the Austrian crystal company, Swarovski for a new free gift with purchase campaign. If you purchase two pair of the new woman's denim Levi's collection will you receive an exclusive crystal charm by Swarovski for free.  
Free Gift with Purchase - Collaboration between Levi's and Swarovski

Affiliate Marketing as Marketing Approach 

Affiliate marketing is when one business rewards another business. Said in another way, it is when two businesses are beneficial to each other. Levi's and Swarovski are a clear example of that marketing approach. Both companies will accomplish increased brand awareness and sales if they manage to brand the right products together. By being complementary with each other products and brand names can target larger target groups.

Swarovski and Levi's has managed to brand two complementary products, this will lead to greater brand awareness for both companies and increased sales of both products. 

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, please check previously promo blogs. 

Monday 17 August 2015

Back to School Gift with Purchase Promotion from Milwaukee Brewers

Famous American Baseball Team, Milwaukee Brewers, have been offering a back to school gift with purchase promotion. To gain this promotions customers whom spend more $150 or more, at the official Brewers Team Stores at Miller Park, will receive a free Milwaukee Brewers Lunch Tote from Picnic Time.
Back to School Gift with Purchase Promotion from Milwaukee Brewers 
This offer is useful for multiple reasons. Firstly by partnering with Picnic Time, Brewers have an exclusive gift that can only be gained by spending more than $150. Therefore the more exclusive the gift, the more customers will be willing to spend to gain it.

Secondly, the lunch tote bag has a large branding area, which Brewers has cleverly used to position their logo. This will be readily visible to whenever the bag is used, thus increasing awareness of the Brewers brand.

Lastly, by offering a Back to School deal this will increase likelihood of purchase. As is clear in the image, by purchasing items for your children, the adults will be rewarded with a free Picnic Time Tote Lunch Bag. This will increase the likelihood of Brewers merchandise purchased, the children will want their products and the adults will be rewarded for the purchase. 

Friday 14 August 2015

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

One of the world's most famous single malt whiskey producer, Glenfiddich has now presented this limited "The Cape of Unity" design together with one of their 50 year old whiskeys. This design is one of five, which is specific designed for 5 different limited editions Glenfiddich whiskeys. Because of the limited editions of the product and design, is it made to express exclusiveness

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

This is an exclusive promotion, which makes the whiskey look more valuable. It’s a good way for Glenfiddich to make their products to stand out among the competition. Also it’s a good way for them to visualize their brand logo in another perspective, which will be attractive to collectors.

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

Why do Glenfiddich make special promotional items for their products?

  •       It looks more attractive
  •       It adds value to the product
  •       It gives larger profit margins

When using promotional products as part of your marketing strategy, you should make the product more attractive and by that give customers the chance to purchase impulse. When you spend time and money to create something new, it will also add extra value to the product and by that raise profit margins. This means that in the long run this type of investment is financially good. Promotional products will therefore be a win-win situation because it both creates more brand awareness and increases sales.     

Thursday 13 August 2015

Promotional Corporate Gift Ideas to Promote your Business

If you are in the market for an inexpensive promotional corporate gift to hand out to help promote your business and products, there are many options you can choose from. Promoting your products and services can get challenging. Even more, it can get expensive too when you don't have a strategy in place. Marketing and advertising is a tough job to keep your business moving forward.  One way to make your marketing fun and offer an incentive to your prospects is to grab their attention with promotion corporate gifts.  Below are some tips.

Samples of your Products
Handing out samples of your products to businesses or people will allow you to introduce your brand and let people 'try you out'. Often companies do this by offering a free trial to allow people to see your product's quality before they make a purchase decision. Others hand out samples as a type of promotional gift which is less expensive and easier.

Customized Tumblers or Mugs
If you are looking to hand out a more casual corporate promotional gift, you can hand out customized tumblers or mugs with your business logo on them. There are a variety of mug and tumbler choices in the market. There are those that come with a lid for hot beverages and the ceramic type. Tumblers and mugs are actually a popular choice for promotional gifts. Pack them up in a carrying pouch or transparent box to make your gift a little different.

Promotional Corporate Gift Ideas to Promote your Business
Personalized Corporate Gift Basket
Putting in a little thought into the interests of your recipients will go a long way. For instance, if you know the recipient likes to golf, you can add some tees and golf balls in the gift basket.  You can have your business logo on them too to keep your business fresh in their minds. Waiting room essentials such as magazines make an appropriate gift for doctors and so on.

Promotional Corporate Gift Ideas to Promote your Business

Promotional corporate gifts make a great source of bringing in new and repeat customers since they keep your business in their mind when they use your pens or drink out of your mugs or wear your shirts.  
Office products make great gifts too since they will help them with their everyday work tasks and again, you can have your business logo right on them reminding your customers of what you are selling. Think about it, if you were using a pen that had a website on it, wouldn't you visit the website and take a peek? Once they go to your website, they get to see the whole line of products you offer (or services) and are more likely to do business with you.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Get Ready For The Summer With 6-Pack Beer Cooler

We have all tried to drink warm beers and still thirst for new ones, because they weren't cold enough. The internet based company do now sell 6-pack beer coolers, in addition to help a lot of people to enjoy cold beers, anytime. The beer cooler is handy and can easily be carried around everywhere, which gives your company a good chance to show its logo. This kind of promotional product is also a cheap way of creating brand awareness and should therefore be considered as a part the company's marketing strategy. 

Get Ready For The Summer With 6-Pack Beer Cooler 

How can you brand this beer cooler?

You company logo/name can easily be printed on, everywhere around this beer cooler. This means that it would be a great way to increase your brand awareness, if you are offering this one for a giveaway. You could also choose to hand this one out at larger music events, which would be quit relevant, as beers is a part of the music. As another option, you could promote your brand by dealing this promotional product around at beaches, where a cold beer or drink could be useful. 

Above are great examples of how your company can benefit from using a beer cooler, as a part of the marketing strategy. It will gain more attention to your brand, and thereby boost sales.  

Monday 10 August 2015

Apple's Back to School Deal

Although it is still the height of the summer holidays, Apple has already released it's back to school deal. This deal is available to college students, students accepted to college, parents buying for college students, faculty, homeschool teachers, and staff at all grade levels.
Apple's Back to School Deal
With Apple's 2015 Back to School those who qualify can purchase an eligible Mac will receive a free pair of Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones or a pair of Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones at a $200 discount. 

This is another example of affiliate marketing, as we have seen previously with "Windows and Casio collaborates about new promotional campaign". In the case of Apple and Beats, these two brands are complimentary to each other. This kind of promotion is beneficial to both companies as both of their brand awareness' will be increased.

By having this promotion aimed at students, whom a brand such as Beats and Apple are focused on, they will invariably increase brand recognition and customer retention. This can be repeated with other less large and powerful companies, headphones are cheap to produce and are always being used. 

Thursday 6 August 2015

Exclusive Harman Kardon-speaker as free gift with purchase by HTC

The successful Taiwan mobile company, HTC is offering an exclusive speaker from the well-known US company Harman/Kardon by Harman, if you purchase their new HTC One M9 smartphone.The promotional campaign was spotted in HTC's concept store in Copenhagen, Denmark where the company had made it available for 7 days during April. The speaker has a value of $159,99, which makes this offer even more attractive when you are considering which smartphone to choose.

Exclusive Harman Kardon-speaker as free gift with purchase by HTC
If you are searching for consistency in your marketing strategy you need to consider what things you offer as your free promotional gift. Most people relate both companies above with quality, and therefore would it be abnormal if some of them suddenly started to offer cheap products as free gifts with purchase. You simply need to stick to your company's core values and by that your core products, if you want to achieve success.

Exclusive Harman Kardon-speaker as free gift with purchase by HTC
There are many ways you can brand this little Bluetooth mobile-speaker with your own personal touch. As an example could you print your company-brand anywhere on this speaker to create better brand exposure and recognition. Another idea could be to offer this speaker as a free business gift with purchase if people are buying a certain amount of quantity per year. 

So overall this kind of marketing strategy can be very beneficial if you want to continue expanding your business and gain a greater market share. 

Wednesday 5 August 2015

How To Offer Quality Corporate Gifts

 What are cell phone accessories? They are products that are added to your phone or just something that complements to your phones. But there are actually great accessories out there that enhance the efficiency of your phones and those are the ones we would love to discuss today.

When we talk about accessories, we usually think that these are just the little key chains that you add to your phones or perhaps the stickers that you want to add. But no, today, accessories are able to enhance the efficiency of your phones and they don’t mean they are items that you cling to your smartphones. Instead, they are ones that you bring along and in turn offer value when it comes that you need them.

So here are examples of cell phone accessories that you may want to try.

Power banks

The power bank is probably the best cell phone accessory out there. It provides you the extra charge you need but not only that, it offers it anywhere and anytime you like. You definitely get the best deal with this accessory. Furthermore, this product is becoming really small these days. Hence, you can carry them around if you like. You definitely can make the most of your mobile device with this product especially if you are a fan of traveling or have a business that you run that needs consistent updates.

Gadget Cases

Gadget cases are of course important and it protects your mobile device. This will help you increase your efficiency just because it prevents your products from being damaged or destroyed. A destroyed mobile device is someone’s worst nightmare.


USB cables and reader connectors are great ways to improve your efficiency since it makes it easier to connect to other devices and friend’s devices.

These cell phone accessories will definitely get you ahead of your marketing. If you are an entrepreneur, you realize that this is a vast area where a lot of people can become potential customers. Think about it, offering promotional power bank will definitely get you ahead of your competition just because you are offering something really valuable. And there is a huge market is waiting for you and this will definitely get you ahead of and make you have the best results ever! These cell phone accessories are no joke and you may want to consider them as promotional merchandise.

If you are looking forward to know more about
promotional merchandise, go ahead and check Save on Promotions to learn more about promo products.

Windows and Casio collaborates about new promotional campaign

In an attempt to increase sales of Windows 10 tablet, the company has collaborated with the Japanese watchmakers Casio. The campaign tells us that if you buy the Windows 10 tablet, you will receive a watch as a free gift worth $69.  

Windows and Casio collaborates about new promotional campaign

This kind of promotion when a business rewards another business is called affiliate marketing, and is clearly a great way to target a larger target group than normal. 
Normally it is best if the two products are complementary with each other, but when you are such a huge brand as Microsoft and Casio with big target groups worldwide, then it doesn't really matter. So if you want to target a larger target group, this kind of promotion is certainly a good idea. 

Windows and Casio collaborates about new promotional campaign
In this case Casio earns a piece of profit when one Windows tablet is sold and Windows is attracting consumers to buy a larger amount of quantity of their tablets. 
This kind of promotion also benefits both companies in their brand awareness, because the two companies have its main consumers in different parts of the world. So overall this kind of marketing strategy can be very beneficial if you want to continuing expanding your business and gain a greater market share. 


Monday 3 August 2015

12 days of Summer Giveaways

Fashion Magazine is hosting a 12 days of Summer Giveaway, starting from July 27th and running consecutively for 12 days. Products involved in this competitive giveaway include some of the most coveted summer products, ranging from Nine West shoes to Jimmy Choo sunglasses and a never-ending sea of beauty products by Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and more.
12 days of Summer Giveaways
By offering giveaways, the amount of users visiting the Fashion Magazine website will increase depending on the perceived worth of the giveaways. For Fashion Magazine, the brand thrives on increased web traffic and by offering these high quality and exclusive giveaways the brand awareness and internet traffic will increase. 

This is a really clever and interesting way to increase recognition of the Fashion Magazine brand, through competitive marketing, while increasing the amount of traffic the website gets. This type of marketing is regularly seen because it is so successful, and the products offered although expensive can easily be repeated for lower costs. Ignoring the brand names, every product there could be produced cheaply and could still reap great rewards for the customer as much as the producer.

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