Thursday 30 July 2015

Custom USB Flash Drives – A Perfect Solution for Your Brand Promotion

Today everyone dream of making their business – a brand. Entrepreneurs are using many creative ways to promote their brand & present in front of potential customers. The contribution of promotional products is too much in the marketing strategies. Lots of brands are using various marketing tools for promoting their products.
However, custom flash drive is quite popular advertising tool among all promotional products in today’s advertising world. Number of companies promotes their brands through custom USB flash drives as, they are aware about flash drives’ incredible advantages in this digital information’s world.

You can simply transfer and carry enormous digital data with USB flash drives. So many people use flash drives daily for songs, videos, digital documents, Pdf and so on to safely store & transfer their data. It has also many applications in your business. You can boost your business through this amazing promotional USB flash drives like other brands. However, its proper implementation in marketing campaigns is necessary, otherwise it will be of no use.

Almost all brands promote their business through printed USB flash drives. They are printed logo, website address and other crucial information. You can also use this device in your brand promotional campaigns after printing your business logo and web address on drives. But, you should consider proper designs and style allied your business. It is better to study about your business & your customers before finalizing any device.

You can buy these custom devices either from your reference or online stores. Several promotional tool manufacturers are present on net, which offers you the best solutions for your brand promotion. They are creating custom flash drives according to the merchant’s business. You can also find manufacturers that creates unique and convenient advertising tool for your brand. If you want discount then you can order for bulk USB flash drives because all manufacturers offers discount on bulk quantities. You can install all information about your brand and products before distributing.

Once you are delivered with promotional flash drives. You can distribute it among your regular customers, admin & marketing staff. You will surely be able to popularize your brand in market. Because, this is a vital gadget and nobody wants to stay away from it. They will also feel proud on your gift and for engaging with your brand as well.

Author Bio - Sophia Rivera is a locally from Sunrise, Florida. She provides custom USB flash drives services in Florida. They are providing the promotional flash drives to the business owners for brand promotional activities.

SGPFair 2015: Singapore's largest showcase of promotional gifts

If you are looking for promotional gifts in southeast Asia, SGPFair, is the perfect event for you. Taking place between July 29-31 it is the biggest event of it's kind in Singapore. With thousands of visitors and exhibitors it is a great place to find new ideas and suppliers.

SGPFair 2015: Singapore's largest showcase of promotional gifts
Organized by Bizlink it is a new event which has only taken place during the last few years. However it has grown rapidly to become the largest in the country and one of the biggest in the region. A lot of interesting promotional products were on display and also handed out to visitors as giveaways. Definitely a great way to increase your brand awareness.

A lot of focus was on Singapore's 50th jubilee year and products related to this. The country has had celebrations throughout the year for this, so it is smart to take this into account when deciding which promotions to use.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

ASI: Most Favoured Promotional Item Study

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has recently published a study on what is the most favoured promotional item, with the data showing 'Promotional Shirts' as the most favoured. There were various interesting results about various demographics, as well as locations and opinions.

ASI: Most Favoured Promotional Item Study

Firstly, the data showed that men are more likely to own promotional shirts than women. Depending on your product, you could now be much more focused in your marketing if your demographic is favoured more towards men.

ASI: Most Favoured Promotional Item Study
Due to the sheer amount of promotional campaigns that occur every year, it was found that almost half of US consumers own logoed shirts. That's not including the rest of North America where similar campaigns and products are found. This shows the importance of having an attractive design and unique logo. The better the logo, the more likely the consumer is to retain the promotional shirt.

ASI: Most Favoured Promotional Item Study
Continuing with brand retention, it was found in that more than 80% of consumer knew who gave them the promotional shirt, with the Midwest region having the high amount of consumers. This is important as too poor a design or undesirability of a shirt, will consumers being much more likely to forget the brand.

ASI: Most Favoured Promotional Item Study
Most importantly, what are the consumers opinions about promotional shirts. Over half of the respondents felt more favourable about the advertiser who gave them the promotional shirt. Most people enjoy free stuff; however if items are forced upon them, they are more likely to have a negative view. In this case advertisers who offer high quality and attractive shirts, are much more like to have consumers feeling more favourable about their brand than those who do not.

We at PromoGift blog are very thankful to ASI for this fascinating study, and in their own words "Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a $20.5 billion dollars industry and are used by virtually every business in America." 

If you would like to know more about ASI, you can find more information and how to join at their website. If you would like to know more about promotional items to help market your brand then you can contact us at PromoGift

Monday 27 July 2015

DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion

Recently DaiJouBu, an energy drink company from Taiwan, has been hosting their promotional campaign in 7/11. From June 15th to July 31st, if you buy two cans in 7/11, you can use your receipt to enter the online competition and be in for a chance to win a mini-camera drone. 
DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion 
This is a great way for DaiJouBu to increase brand recognition, through competitive marketing, while also increasing sales due to the high quality of the gift offered. As the energy drink market is extremely competitive, energy drink producers are always looking for new and unique ways to market their products.
DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion 
In the case of DaiJouBu, by offering the mini-camera drone, they should be able to incentivize customers to purchase their products over their competitors. Furthermore their choice in POS display, by having a banner across the drinks fridge, allows for their product to be fresh in potential customers mind as they choose their drinks. This strategy should allow DaiJouBu a greater market share and entice new customers to their brand. 

Friday 24 July 2015

Google Cardboard Promotional Ideas

Here at PromoGift Blog, we're always on the look out for new and innovative promotional ideas. Thankfully Google has provided us with such an idea, introducing the Google Cardboard. Here at PromoGift, we were fortunate enough to try it out and experience Virtual Reality. This may sound all rather futuristic, but considering this is being released by Google, we're not that surprised.

Google Cardboard Promotional Ideas 
"Google Cardboard brings immersive experiences to everyone in simple and affordable way. Whether you fold your own or buy a Works with Google Cardboard certified viewer, you're just one step away from experiencing virtual reality on your smartphone."
Google Cardboard Promotional Ideas
Legendary Pictures recently partnered with Google to release special Google Cardboard as part of their Comic-Con marketing campaign. Attendees to the Legendary booth were invited to demo the Cardboard for use in Legendary's promotional campaign virtual reality apps.
Google Cardboard Promotional Ideas 
This is a fantastic way to boost your brand awareness, the Cardboard design has plenty of room for your branding. Furthermore, approaches such these will help to market your brand/product, be it viral or through word of mouth. Lastly, and most importantly, the Cardboard design is extraordinarily cheap to produce and the user merely needs a smart phone with the installed apps. 

This truly is an ingenious way to market your brand and boost your brand's recognition, for a very cheap cost. It would appear that, with Google's help, the world of tomorrow is here today. 

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Jowissa Keyholder as free gift with purchase from Jowissa

The famous Swiss watch maker, Jowissa is offering a unique and attractive Keyholder to be offered as a gift with purchase with their Facet Strass Ladies Watch. This offer is found within the China Airlines In-Flight Magazine. With a large audience regularly reading through these magazines, offering giveaways and having promotional campaigns present, is a fantastic way to advertise their products.
Jowissa Keyholder as free gift with purchase from Jowissa
Though the Keyholder may not be a high cost item comparable with the watch, customers will be attracted to purchasing the watch firstly. The keyholder is merely there to incentivize customers who are unsure on whether to purchase the watch or not. Many high end brands, such as Jowissa, use this technique successfully in their marketing campaigns.

Techniques such as these, will help increase brand exposure and recognition. It is a very clever form of marketing, as many consumers buy during the duty free part of their journey. The free gift with purchase should help Jowissa attract customers to their brand.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Supercharge Your Brand with Promotional Materials

In this competitive market, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to promote your business successfully. The millennial generation (those born in 1980-2000), who make up an extremely large number of consumers, value personalized experiences.

Supercharge Your Brand with Promotional Materials
Today successful marketing is all about establishing a connection with your potential customers by giving them an experience associated with your brand. With the proper use of promotional materials, not only can you establish a creative and unique image to represent your brand, but this image lasts longer with tangible marketing materials, which in-turn creates said experience that can be easily remembered.

Here are some of the major benefits of using promotional materials in your marketing strategy:

1. Increased Brand Recognition & Goodwill

A well-executed promotional marketing campaign will help your business to stand out from your competitors through increased brand recognition and foster customer goodwill overtime. As per the research conducted by PPAI, 94% of people could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years and 89% could also recall the advertiser.

2. Flexibility in Budget & Product Choices

Promotional marketing as an advertising medium can be extremely flexible, as there are promotional materials available for virtually any budget, occasion or events. Get in touch with our team at Score Promotions, for some extremely useful low-budget promotional product ideas.

3. Long-Lasting Relationship

Promotional materials are extremely audience friendly and have the ability to bond audience to advertiser so as to promote repeat business or generate traffic to your stores, events or tradeshows booths. A PPAI research shows that generally 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product.

4. Pass-Along Exposure

A surprising and often overlooked advantage of promotional product is the “reach amplification” due to original users giving away the product to someone else. A PPAI research shows that 26% of original promotional product owners give away the product to someone else.

5. Generate Customer Referrals

A promotional giveaway is an excellent incentive to encourage customers to provide you with the contact information of friends and associates who might be interested in your products or services. Thus, it will allow your business to grow through referrals and partnerships. PPAI findings show that customers who received the promotional gift were 14% more likely to provide leads than those who did not.

6. Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

Research shows that direct mail campaigns that included promotional products along with a sales letter have performed four times better in generating a response. A PPAI research shows that adding a promotional product to a direct mail promotion increased the response rate by at least 50%.

We highlighted above some major benefits of using promotional materials in your marketing strategy, if you are looking for some help in building your next promotional marketing campaign, get in touch with us via email: or call: 1-888-573-0986!

Interview with Patrick Black, CEO of Perfect Imprints

Today we interviewed Patrick Black from Perfect Imprints which is a promotional products company based in the US. One of the leaders in the market, they are always coming up with new and innovative promotional products. In this interview we tried to find out more about the company and it's founder.

What were your 3-5 best selling products last year? (Bags, shirts, pens, drinkware etc.)

Sports & School Spirit Items, Beach Balls, Kitchen Promos, Tote Bags, Can Coolers

What are faster growing market segments in your region?

We've seen the healthcare industry and financial segments growing very quickly as of late. These have always been two dominant verticals and they don't seem to be showing any decline in the current economy.

Do you visit trade shows. If so, which ones are your favourite and why?

I love trade shows with the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas topping the list. My favorite thing about trade shows is the opportunity to meet both suppliers and distributors and love developing new friendships with both. I also love the opportunities to learn from the education sessions as well as other industry professionals. The other events that I really love are the Promo Marketing Power Meetings. They are a great time to get some one on one time with suppliers.

What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

I see the advances in technology as the biggest opportunities in the promotional products industry. There are so many new ways to reach potential clients with the methods of communication they prefer. Also, technology products have become available in the promo industry that are highly desired by the mainstream, making them very effective giveaways.

Any examples of a good marketing campaign you like?

We believe great marketing campaigns must be creative and different than what competitors are doing. The imaged linked shows a custom kit we put together that consisted a kitchen spatula, pizza cutter, and flexible cutting board. Each of the promotional products were printed with our logo. Also included was a "Recipe For Success" card which listed the "Ingredients" and "Directions" for that Recipe For Success. We gave these out to hundreds of trade show attendees and they were a HUGE hit. We still have people letting us know they still use their products on a daily basis!

Perfect Imprints - Recipe for Success

Please tell us your full contact details for publishing. A Bio most welcome

Patrick Black, CEO & President Perfect Imprints
Twitter: @patrickwblack
Instagram: @patrickwblack

Patrick Black is a professional marketer with an expertise in using promotional products in effective ways to promote brands, improve company awareness, and increase sales. He has experience with small and large businesses. One of his passions is to advance the professionalism and value delivered in the promotional products industry to better service clients.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Strongbow POS Display & GWP

The incredibly popular Cider brand, Strongbow, has been running two promotional campaigns at the same time.

Strongbow POS Display & GWP
Strongbow POS Display & GWP
Firstly, during this promotional campaign, Strongbow used a highly visible POS display for their new Elderflower and Gold Apple flavored cider.

The POS display will attract customers, and make Strongbows' drinks stand out amongst the other alcoholic beverages in stores.

The POS display also features very large branding areas. As you can see, Strongbow has taken full advantage of this, by letting consumers know all information about the products. They've also added very large logos all over the display, which will certainly increase brand awareness and exposure amongst consumers.

Strongbow POS Display & GWP
Strongbow POS Display & GWP

For the second part of Strongbows' promotional campaign, they gave away a cup as a gift with purchase (GWP). This free gift will entice consumers to purchase this particular product, over the numerous other ciders in the store.

Friday 10 July 2015

Interview with the creator of Swiggies

Having to carry around a water bottle when exercising is something that no one wants to do. Julie Austin came up with a clever solution to this problem when she created Swiggies, a water bottle that is attached to your wrist. Today we interviewed Julie to find out more about her, and her successful product.¨

Interview with the creator of Swiggies
Interview with the creator of Swiggies

What are faster growing market segments in your region?

The alcohol industry - even though it's a water bottle, you don't always have to fill them with water

Hash House Harriers - a huge, international running club where runners drink beer on the run

People with MS - you can freeze swiggies to lower your body temperature in the heat at festivals

Do you visit trade shows. If so, which ones are your favourite?


What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

Marathons, walk-a-thons and festivals

Please tell us your full contact details for publishing. A Bio most welcome

Julie Austin is an award-winning author, inventor, futurist, innovation speaker, and member of the World Future Society. She’s an internationally known thought leader on the topic of innovation, and CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group. She’s been a keynote innovation speaker for corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Northrop Grumman, and Cognizant Technology Solutions. She’s also been featured in the books “Patently Female” and “Girls Think of Everything”. Her patented product, swiggies, wrist water bottles, have been a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist and are currently sold in 24 countries. Julie and her products have appeared on The Today Show, The Queen Latifa Show, HGTV, Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of TV shows, magazines and radio shows around the world. 
Her new book “The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is currently available on Amazon.

Interview with the creator of Swiggies
Interview with the creator of Swiggies

Wednesday 8 July 2015

5 Best things you can gift your Father in 2015

For the modern child it can be nerve-racking to pick a gift for your father. Of course you can always just buy him another tie, or a “world’s best dad” mug, but don’t you think it’s time to put in a little more effort into it? Why don’t you buy your dad something ingenious this year? After all, let’s not forget we’re talking about the guy who taught you so many things in your youth, such as how to ride a bike, play catch, build an aircraft, or a tree house.

Shopping for your old man doesn’t have to be that tricky. The secret to the perfect gift is to not repeat yourself; also you might want to stay away from the world’s most common and boring gifts. Here are 5 amazing for your Father this 2015.

1.      Dromida Ominus Drone
Is your dad a big kid at heart? Does he have a fancy boy toy collection you’re not allowed to touch, ever? Well then you should get him a drone. Dromida’s Ominus for example, is such a cool device. It is easy to fly both indoors and outdoors, and it packs a 2.5 GHz radio flight channel with a flight mode LED indicator, a throttle stick and a flip button. Buy two of these cool drones and fly them together; have fun in the park with the old man, and remember the old days.

5 Best things you can gift your Father in 2015

2.      Chillsner
What kind of dad doesn’t love beer? In fact, beer is more like water for men in general. So why not get him a Chillsner? Designed in the shape of an icicle, the Chillsner is a metallic device that fits perfectly inside a beer bottle. It instantly cools off the beverage, so your dad’s favorite drink will be ready to sip at any hour of the day. Made of stainless steel and adaptable to average beer bottles, this gift idea will make Father’s Day or your Father’s Birthday memorable.

3.       Suntory Hibiki Whiskey
Is your dad a whiskey fan? Does he already have an impressive collection of bottles? Well then you might want to get him a classic bottle of 12-year old Japanese whiskey, Suntory Hibiki. The spirit got an important award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition for its smooth and delicate composition. It blends tastes of pineapple and plum with soft hints of apricots and honeyed oak before finishing up with dried fruit and spicy wood. 

5 Best things you can gift your Father in 2015

4.      Mophie Powerstation Plus
For modern dads who can’t stay away from their smartphones not even for a few hours, this power charger is the best Father’s Day gift you could ever make. Mophie’s Powerstation Plus combines great functions with style, and it can charge your smartphone up to full capacity twice. The sleek gadget has the most modern design; it packs built-in cables thus eliminating the need for using annoying USB cords. Featuring a portable compact design, a 3,000 mAh internal battery, and a high end aluminum finish, the power charger is super sleek, and it can even help you keep you iPod and iPad charged too.

5.      Timex Waterbury Watch
This classic Timex wristwatch is sleek and chic. Made of stainless steel case and bound with a natural leather strap, the time piece is an ideal gift idea for the traditional, elegant dad. Timex is a famous watch brand, with thousands of models available. However, the Waterbury model in particular has a special allure your father will appreciate. We really like color combo too – light brown and green. It gives the wristwatch a classic, yet really elegant appeal, and it will cost you $100.

5 Best things you can gift your Father in 2015

Before spending any money, settle on a budget. Think outside the box and buy something your father doesn’t have already. Consider gifts ideas that are unusual and really fun; this way you’ll show how much you really care for him. Rather than the usual tie or mug, all dads in the world will appreciate a fancy watch or whiskey. It’s all about going the extra mile for a meaningful gift.

By Christopher Austin and!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers

The American clothes manufacturer, Fruit of the Loom, ran an incredibly unique promotional campaign to promote their underwear range.

By teaming up with LinkedIn, Fruit of the Loom approached all LinkedIn members who had changed or gotten new jobs in the last 30 days, and gave them new underwear.

Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers
Fruit Of The Loom - Promotional Boxers

This was all done as part of their 'Start Happy' campaign. When asked why, they claimed to be running the promotion because “great fitting underwear can help you start your workday in a great mood.”

Although there are a number of benefits for the Fruit of the Loom that will arise from this promotion.

Firstly, it offers the Fruit of the Loom to feature some of their best products to a huge audience. Along with the underwear, they gave a $5 discount coupon for a multi-pack. So there will be a large increase in sales from consumers who like the quality, design or style.

The whole promotion also makes for a fantastic opportunity to spread the brands name. By offering a promotional product that consumers will wear, there's a higher likelihood that the companies brand name will be seen. Not only that, but the campaign itself is a sure fire way to increase brand exposure. By running such a unique campaign, the company had numerous news articles written about it, on major websites, which will spread awareness.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Best giveaways from this years E3 conference

The Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3 is the biggest event of the year in the gaming world. One of the highlights for the fans who attend is the large number of giveaways offered by the companies. The last few years saw some very memorable promotional products and this year was no exception. Gaming companies compete with one another on who can come up with the most unique gifts. The following are some of the best giveaways from this years expo.

Best giveaways from this years E3 conference
While this item might not look like much from the outside, it's what's inside that makes it such a good giveaway. Inside is cards of every major game release for Xbox this year. Each card has a QR code which can be scanned for more information about the game.

Best giveaways from this years E3 conference
Post-apocalyptic movie and game franchise, Mad Max, is a massive fan favourite. This year they released this bottle opener designed to look like a gun from the game.

Best giveaways from this years E3 conference
Payday is a gaming franchise based around bank robbers. This year they gave away a large number of items from their booth at the conference. The most noticable ones are the masks replicating the ones that the characters wear in the game.

These items were not only noticed and appreciated by fans at the event, but also afterwards by people and media all across the world. This leads to increased brand awareness for the games and the companies behind them.

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