Wednesday 30 May 2012

Granini Cocktail Kit

Granini, a leading brand manufacturer of fruit-drinks in Europe is holding a promotional game now! Cool promotional gifts such as The Granini Cocktail Kit will be given away. Simply visit their website now and register your email to stand a chance to walk away with one of these promotional gifts. 

The Granini Cocktail Kit includes: 
  • Beer Tray
  • Glasses
  • Touilleurs 
  • Spout
This complementary cocktail kit has the necessary tools to make you a real bartender... Upon taking a closer look, one would notice Granini's logo is prominently printed on each product. Don't you think that this is an excellent way to create brand awareness and enhance brand recall? 

Thursday 24 May 2012

Promotional Idea - Toothpick Holder

Are you bored of the traditional toothpick holder? Following are a few interesting ones!

These stunning toothpick holders can be great promotional product when branded. Not only it will beautify the overall appearance of the dining table but also cheer up your customers while they are dining! The creative designs is also attractive and would leave a deep impression in your customer's mind.

What do you think of these toothpick holders? 

Monday 7 May 2012

Promotion from Kelloggs UK

Kelloggs UK are running a promotion where customers can redeem a free cereal bowl online.  With 4 designs to choose from, each advertising a different brand from their range, this is a great chance for Kelloggs to strengthen their position on the dining table.

Check out the dedicated website Whats On For Mum.

What interesting promotions are currently running in your market?

Gift With Subscription by The Economist

The Economist is currently offering a number of promo gifts when you subscribe to their weekly publication on
a yearly basis. We can't knock the excellent online content, but what we really like is the use of a wide range
of branded merchandise such as this USB.
Promo Gifts by Economist   

Full package from Economist Subscriptons per below.

·         Complimentary 4GB USB flash drive
·         Unrestricted access to The Economist online, including news, analysis, rankings, blogs, multimedia, online debates and a fully searchable archive
·         Regular in-depth industry and regional special reports, and The Economist Technology Quarterly
·         Free access to The Economist in audio, where you can listen to the full edition in the apps or download the weekly edition online
·         Full access to The Economist on iPhone, iPad and Android

What Marketing Gifts are being offered on your market ?

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Promotional Gifts at the Hong Kong Gift Fair.

The Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums trade show runs over 4 days at the end of every April.  Whilst visiting our team were very happy to receive some gifts at the show.   Where better to showcase your latest marketing messages?

Visa Credit Cards had a booth to promote their credit cards to the thousands of visitors.

We didn't even have to sign up for a new card to enjoy their promotional gift.  The hostesses offered us this high end cardboard box    so we had to take one and see what was inside.  When we opened the lid we were able to see what looked to be a puzzle with buzz words.

Take this out of its packaging and you get a full set of "fridge magnets" which can also be used for White boards in the office.  The Go Visa branding is clear and accompanied by a paper flyer to give potential customers more details on how to sign up.

What fun promotional products did you see at the HK Gifts show this year? 

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