Monday 30 July 2012

Australian Geographic - Gift With Subscription

Australian Geographic Magazine is currently running a promotion, in which when you subscribe to the magazine you will receive a free Leather Passport Wallet and Luggage Tag Set.

Not only will you receive these fantastic promotional gifts, but with your subscription, you will also receive more benefits such as discounts and free memberships to exclusive clubs. Offering these extras along with the gifts will definitely entice new subscribers. This makes the subscription promotion a brilliant and likely successful one.

The free leather passport wallet and luggage tag set are perfect for when you are traveling. What better way to tell your luggage apart from everyone else's with this stylish-looking tag and wallet.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Macmillan Books Promotional Gifts

Macmillan Promotional Gifts

We recently went to the Hong Kong Book Fair 2012 to check out loads of books and promotions. The Macmillan ELT (English Language Teaching) stall had an interesting GWP promotion that day.

Purchase any of Macmillan's publications and you can receive the following gifts: a recycled jute bag, highlighters, and a memo pad.

These colorful but useful Macmillan-branded products are the perfect combination to your English learning needs. You can take notes, highlight the important bits, and keep all your Macmillan products in the jute bag so you won't misplace them.

Using these products at work or school with the Macmillan ELT logo on the side will increase brand recognition for the company, as long as the products are on display to everyone else whilst they're being used.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Promotional Giveaway - Street Party Kit

Merrydown Vintage Cider joined up with ITV to give away this fantastic street party kit. Regarding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and

Olympic games, this would be the ideal product for those who love to celebrate being British.

Participants had to answer a simple question for a chance to win one of the two kits. It included a plastic patio set of one table and six chairs, one line of bunting, 2.6m high x 8.9m wide gazebo and a Merrydown Cider cooler bag.

Pairing up with the huge television network is a crafty way to get your promotions noticed. Furthermore, the clear branding on the cooler bag will spread the company name and you can also stick a few ciders in the bag to get the party going!

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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Promotional Umbrellas - Special Offer

Check out this excellent special offer from the ODM Group.   Perfect for any business with walk in customers.  Promotional Umbrellas are an excellent advertising mechanism.

Promotional Umbrellas

Sunbeam GWP Promo - Free Books!

As 2012 is the National Year Of Reading in Australia, Sunbeam and Penguin Books decided to team up to give away over 10,000 books!

Just purchase any 3 products from the Sunbeam snacking range and you can claim your free book!

This GWP is a fantastic promotion, from Sunbeam and strongly associates their brand with growing the mind. Kids love a good read and burying their head in a book for an hour or two will greatly improve their focus and imagination, in and out of class!

Monday 16 July 2012

Promotional Products Special Offer

Here's a great Promotional Products offer from Elasto Form in Germany.   We love the images and agree that you need cool promo items to beat the hot summer.

The offer comes in 2 parts.
  • Free Origination or set up costs for orders over Euro 1,000.   This is a simple discount on once small orders hit a certain threshold.
  • Gift with Purchase Promo:   Free bike once you order more than Euro 10,000.

Quite tempting indeed - we wish them the best of luck with this promotion.

Friday 13 July 2012

Clipboard Meeting by Omnipub (France)

To celebrate the 14th of July (French National day) we are focusing on their promotional gift market.
Here we have the meeting clipboard from Omnipub which they manufactured for the French Air Force.

Even if it is not a new idea, it is still useful. Whilst your client might not be taking notes on exciting military missions, maybe you can get your sales staff motivated at a conference with some fun messages printed on the cover. Customize as you like!

For our French readers:

Nous avons décidé de nous focaliser sur le marché français ces derniers jours afin de célébrer la prise de la Bastille à notre manière.
Nous avons là une idée de l'entreprise Omnipub, qui propose une communication via à un porte document. Ce produit plutôt commun offre cependant un potentiel marketing énorme de par son utilité et sa longévité.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Whitcoulls GWP - Free Tea Towel Gift

New Zealand's major national bookstore chain, Whitcoulls, were giving away a free tea towel in honour of Mother’s day which falls in May. Customers receive this 9.99NZD gift on purchase of any one of eight selected top cookbooks.

The towel came in two fresh and bright looking designs, bound to cheer your mother up. One of the two designs were to be randomly selected for the consumer and it was also while stocks last. This is a wonderful giveaway which ties in nicely with the cookbook.
As mother's day is a special time, using the towel as an incentive was a cunning way to attract the customer as the added gift on the side should make a mother feel extra special. Furthermore the branding on the towel makes it unique and helps brand recall.
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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Promotional idea - Colour Changing Showerhead

We’ve got an excellent promotional idea for you.  This shower head has a colour changing light feature which includes a standard combination of the colours red, green and blue.   

Promotional idea- Colour changing shower head
 It definitely has the “Ooh-Aah” factor as you can even relish the festive spirit whilst having a shower!

Here’s a brief of the product:
·         It is a water saving, LED shower head.
·         The lights will function instantly from the water pressure.
·         It has a chrome finish.
·         It installs easily.
So all in all this is an eco-friendly item where customers won’t have to worry about the energy consumption or batteries. The pretty light feature should draw attention from the consumer.

Perhaps Christmas fanatics can add it as part of their decorations when guests are staying around or maybe they can just enjoy it themselves.  

Why not have package in a nice festive manner.   Have our designers arrange for a custom print on it and  have mainly red and white LEDs to make sure it ties in with Christmas colours.
Do you have any thoughts on how to customise this product further?

contact us to execute your idea now!

Friday 6 July 2012

Lipton offers Personalized Promo Mug

And here is another amazing GWP promotion by Lipton, Russia. Companies of the drinks industry often propose innovative and unique On Pack Promos to remain competitive and Lipton is no exception. 

With every 2 packs of Lipton tea customers will get a mug and a set of paints to decorate that mug! 

This promotion is sure to succeed thanks to two reasons. First of all, a mug is a great complementary promotional gift for tea. It is a useful addition to every household, which will seem appealing for most customers. Secondly, this promotion is extremely enticing since it gives everybody a chance to release their creative potential and create an exclusive mug! 

What is more, the mug is branded

, which will significantly enhance brand awareness.

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Let us provide a short summary of this promotion in Russian for our local readers:

Бренд Lipton дарит своим покупателям уникальную возможность раскрыть свой творческий потенциал. В промо-упаковке помимо двух пачек чая по 50 пакетиков Вы также найдете кружку с фирменным логотипом и набор красок! Вспомните детство - возьмите в руки кисточку и творите! Создайте свою, ни на чью не похожую кружку. Нам всегда хочется вырваться из рутины и сделать что-то, чего мы никогда не делали. Поэтому многие наверняка захотят поучаствовать в новой промо-акции от Lipton

Promotions by Schick

Schick is currently running a promotion in Zhuhai.  They are selling discounted and fun design razors bundled with shaving foam.

Since it is a shaving foam for ladies, the razor comes in a girly design! With tiny cute butterflies on its front, this promotional razor will certainly draw the women's attention and encourage them to buy Schick foam.

This product will be in usage for a long time, reminding of the brand all the way through and winning the customers' loyalty. 

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For our Chinese followers, here is a brief summary of this promotion:

在正面有一只非常可爱的小蝴蝶,这款促销剃刀将吸引女性注意促使她们购买Schick泡沫。  是个非常棒的营销策略!

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