Monday 25 May 2015

DHL Branded Wall Clock

One of the leading logistic companies, DHL, has been running a promotional campaign in order to raise awareness of their services. During which they were providing customers with a branded wall clock.

Why does a branded wall clock make a fantastic promotional gift?

One of the most important aspects you need to consider when choosing a promotional gift, is the branding area. As you can see above, wall clocks have a very large, flat area, which is perfect for branding. Not only is it a great area to add your logo, but also to add other information about your company, or customize the color of the face to match your company theme - as you can see above.

Along with the great branding opportunity comes high visibility. Clocks are often hung up in public areas, and are regularly looked at - so this is a guaranteed method to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Another benefit is that wall clocks can be fully customized, be it the branding, color of the face or the border, the shape, the size or whether it's an analog clock or a digital one. Therefore you have the options to provide a digital clock as a high-end promotional gift, as part of your campaign.

Friday 22 May 2015

Promotional Products and the History Thereof

Being in the industry of Promotional Products means that we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of promotional products with different shapes and sizes; whether we are using them, selling them or even just talking about them, we love promotional products and what they represent, but not everyone knows the facts about their history or when and where they originated…
Promotional Products and the History Thereof
Promotional Products and the History Thereof
Promotional Products have been around for centuries and they are integral to countless companies worldwide. Let us give you a brief insight to when and why the first promotional product was produced:

If you could guess what the first promotional product was, you would probably choose a pen, but you would be wrong; it was not a pen, nor was it a key ring or a cap, it was a commemorative button. Yes, a button! President George Washington was solely responsible for the production of the first promotional product when the newly reformed United States of America elected him to be President in 1789. They produced countless commemorative buttons to celebrate this historic occasion.

The promotional product craze did not start until about a century later in 1886, when a newspaper man in Ohio had the brainwave of using his printers to print advertising messages for a local shoe store onto bags. He told the shoe store owner that if they placed every purchase of shoes in these bags and if the bags are reused - to carry school books for instance - the shoe store would be advertised wherever the bags go, making them instantaneous promotional products. 
This idea became so popular that promotional product companies popped up everywhere and in 1904, twelve representatives of these companies began the Promotional Product Association International trade association and it still exists today. This is essentially how the promotional product industry started up, but it took half a century for corporate marketing to start using promotional products in Britain, which practically jumpstarted the industry in the late 1950’s.

That is only the industry as we know it today; there’s evidence of certain forms of promotional symbols or brands that existed long before 1789… The Babylonian Kings stamped the bricks they used in their buildings with symbols and brands around 300BC as a way to show who constructed them.

Promotional Products and the History Thereof
Promotional Products and the History Thereof
The Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, also stamped jewelry and coins with Christian symbols which promoted the new, united, Christian State in 312AD. The Romans had to use some forms of promotional items to ensure that the message of the new faith, reverting away from paganism, would spread through the masses. 
Jumping forward again, the use of business cards dates back to the 1600’s and even bookmarks with advertisements were given away in the 1800’s. Then there was also a beer brewery in the mid 1900’s who supplied his travelling salesmen with pocketknives and corkscrews which he had branded to promote his beer among tavern owners. This was evidently effective as this exact same brewery, Anheuser-Busch, is now a global producer of leading brands like Beck’s and Budweiser.

Now that you know a little bit more about the history of promotional products, do you see why they are integral to the promotion of companies worldwide? They have been around for so many centuries and you can be sure that they will only become more popular in the centuries to come…

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Castrol Edge Motor Oil: Movie Tickets GWP

The 7th installment of the incredibly popular action movie, Fast and Furious, was recently released. An opportunity that one of the leading automotive lubricant companies, Castrol, took full advantage of. They did this by offering free Fast and Furious 7 tickets with every purchase of Castrol Edge motor oil - that was officially used in the film.

Castrol Edge Motor Oil: Movie Tickets GWP

This campaign greatly benefited both the movie producers and Castrol. It primarily does this through incentive.

The whole basis of this promotional campaign is to add incentive to consumers to purchase the motor oil. The reason this works so well is that Fast and Furious 7 is a highly anticipated movie. So consumers will definitely be willing to pay a higher price to receive the tickets, rather than buy from competing brands. The tickets, will increase the perceived value of the oil, which will allow you to justifiably charge more.

Another aspect to consider, is that when consumers see that Castrol oil was the official oil, used in the movie, they will consider it to be a quality product - which will lead to many repeat purchases in the future.

If anything, this campaign shows the huge benefits that can be gained from offering a quality product, with a high perceived value in your gift with purchase (GWP) campaign.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Promotional Idea: Lip Balm

We're always in search for the most beneficial promotional products, that can benefit both your business and the customer, and this is one of them.

Promotional Idea: Lip Balm
Promotional Idea: Lip Balm
Lip balm makes a perfect promotional item for a number of reasons:

Firstly, it's an inexpensive product, which means it can be run on a tight budget. It can also be used as a marketing tool by providing it as a gift with purchase or even in a giveaway to your customers. This will spread your brand, which will bring in new customers. It will also ensure that existing customers remain loyal to your brand.

Lip balm cases make a fantastic branding opportunity, they shape of the lip balm case can be completely customized. This allows you to fully utilize the flat branding area. It's not only the shape that can be customized, but also the flavor, so depending on what your company does, this could be customized to match your company theme - which will ensure customers recall your brand.

Lip balms are regularly used in public, especially by women, so if that's your target audience these will act as an advertising tool. With this high public exposure, will come an increase in brand awareness and exposure. They're also convenient when it comes to the size. As a small product they can be easily carried by your customers everywhere they go, and they can be shipped cheaply.

They're also FDA approved, so no concerns are needed from that aspect.

Monday 11 May 2015

GWP Bottle Carry Holder - Promotional Packaging

Promotional packaging is becoming more and more common for an array of different products around the world. This is due to the numerous benefits it can have when it comes to driving sales and making your product to stand out amongst other competing brands.

GWP Bottle Carry Holder
GWP Bottle Carry Holder
As mentioned, promotional packaging like the above can really make your product stand out amongst a plain shelf. With this increase in attention will come an increase in sales.

Depending on the type of materials used and the design, promo packaging can really help to make a product seem high-end, which will increase the perceived value and justify you charging a higher price than your competitors.

There's a convenience aspect that can come with promotional packaging too. As you can be see above, a holder for the bottle of whiskey can be incredibly convenient, which will help to drive impulse sales and make it more likely consumers will purchase your brand over others.

Packaging, of course, is primarily used for branding and getting your logo noticed. Luckily promotional packaging does this job just as well, if not better, than regular packaging. The high-end box style and large printing area can really help to increase brand awareness and exposure.

Friday 8 May 2015

Suitcase Model Speaker

Everybody loves music, which is one of the main reasons that speakers make such great promotional gifts. The popularity of the speakers combined with a unique and innovative design can really help to create the perfect promo gift.

Suitcase Model Speaker
Suitcase Model Speaker
This type of speaker is clearly an extremely high-end gift, which will ensure consumers feel like a valued part of your business. This is especially the case when you look into the features, including which include the use as a guitar amp, a radio and its Bluetooth functionality. Making your customers feel valued is important, because it will lead to repeat purchases and recommendations to others.

If given away during a gift with purchase (GWP) campaign, this will add a massive incentive for your customers to purchase for you, and will ultimately drive sales.

Suitcase Model Speaker
Suitcase Model Speaker

As a product that will often be used in public, such as at parties or while playing Karaoke, the speaker will continue to benefit you - as long as you full utilize the large and highly visibly branding area. This large branding area, combined with the visibility will increase brand exposure and awareness of your brand. The product itself will impress potential customers, and show that you value all your customers.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Nestlé Personalized Activity Book Promotional Campaign

The incredibly popular food and beverage company, Nestlé, ran a promotion in which they gave away free personalized activity books, with the purchase of 3 baking products from Woolworths.
Nestlé Personalized Activity Book
One of the most unique aspects about this promotional campaign, that makes it stand out against others, is that it's personalized. Parents will be enticed to make the 3 purchases in order to get an activity book for their children, who will also be excited.

The personalized activity book, which includes the individual consumers name and picture, is a sure way to drive sales. As you can see from the image, it is branded with the Nestlé logo and features recipes. The fact it features recipes is important, because it's relevant to Nestlé. This allows Nestlé to create recipes that will required consumers to purchase even more Nestlé products, be it baking accessories or food.

The personalization will ensure that parents and children associate positively with their brand, which will make them more like to purchase from them in the future, or recommend the brand to others.

Monday 4 May 2015

Rent The Runaway - Social Media Promotional Campaign

The dress and accessory rental company, Rent The Runaway, ran a promotional campaign in which they give their customers a free accessory with an online order.

To boost this marketing campaign, Rent The Runaway took advantage of social media - primarily Facebook. As you can see on the bottom of the image, they will add free shipping to the campaign, once the image 'reaches 50 shares'. This is a fantastic strategy to get your customers to spread word of the campaign to their family and friends, through the use of an added incentive.

The gift they give away can be made of virtually any material, so this campaign can be run with a tight budget, or a higher-end product can be provided with larger budgets. The fact that jewellery and accessories already have a high perceived value with ensure that customers feel valued, making it more likely they'll purchase in the future or recommend your brand.

It's primarily an incentive product, incentive to not only get customers to spread awareness of the brand, but also incentive to get customers purchasing.

The way in which the campaign has been run, through the use of social media, will also help to drive traffic to their website, as that's the platform customers will have to use to take advantage of the promotion.

Accessories and jewelry are more than often worn in public. This means high viability for your brand, especially if the gift is branded well.

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