Wednesday 10 August 2011

Promotional Products by Milkbone

Milkbone, a famous brand of Pet food in the USA is currently running a number of very strong promotional product offers for its clients.

Whilst its Gift With Purchase (GWP) promos are strongly pushing sales, clients can also buy/redeem additional items through the website via a Purchase with Purchase mechanism (PWP).

Purchase Dog food from the brand and customise promotional products with your pets details.   Some additional details below

Custom Mailing Labels:  Excellent items to have around the house or office.   Put these mailing labels on your valuables or give them to friends, family.   Give to your children in a hope they will write more often.
Custom mailing labels- perfect for promotional products

Custom Milkbone Box:   How about customising the box for your dogs food with his picture.   This takes food packaging to the next level, one which most food brands do not even offer for adults.  Bravo !!
Custom Pet food box

Promotional Leash for dogs:    Always an excellent promotional gift for dogs.   This one offers excellent advertising for the Milkbone Brand.
Promotional Leash

Promo Cookie Jar:  Different from the previous box, this is a metal cookie jar that can be used long term.
Promotional Cookie Jar

Promotional Christmas ornaments:   These are excellent promotional gifts for Christmas.   Maybe not the traditional type of product you would expect to find on your tree in December.   This type of promotion is quite popular this year.
Promotional Pet Gifts

Promo Coffee Mugs:  Custom Drinking Cups are very popular promotional products.   Offering customers the chance to co-brand the mugs with Milkbone & your pets photo is an excellent option.
Custom Animal Mugs
What other Pet Related Promotional Products have grabbed your attention recently.  Write to us on and get your story featured.

Monday 8 August 2011

Promotional Gifts for Soccer

Nutella Australia just ran an excellent promotion in connection with the National Soccer team which they sponsor.  5,000 competition winners got a free soccer pack including.
  • Soccer Bag
  • Soccer Ball
  • Pump for the Ball
  • Sports Bottle
The gifts were well designed with colour matching and strong logo positioning.  Offline advertising drew Nutella customers to a special website which allows for greater interaction:

All gifts were claimed before the deadline meaning that this promotion was very desirable and a great success.  Watch out for new promos from this brand in the coming months.

National Soccer Promotional Campaign

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