Thursday 20 November 2014

POS Display for Drinks

Which drink would you buy when confronted with this Fridge?  When choosing your POS Display for Drinks brand managers always look to stand out from the crowd.
POS Display for Drinks
POS Display for Drinks
There is an Acrylic shelf which hooks onto the fridge itself with suction cups.   On this sit lots of plastic mini-shot glasses.   These shots are impulse purchases and positioned just over the more standard beer offering. This display is easy to replenish.

There is great brand visibility and the drinks are stored at a good height for visibility.   We like the black and white logo given the drinks are so colourful in their own right.   A less colourful drink might opt for more colourful artwork and maybe a non transparent acrylic display.

I did try to find the drinks company online to tag them but not really sure how you spell it.   Nevertheless, they are visible where it counts on the shelf.  

What other POS Display for Drinks  have you seen recently and how did it grab your attention?   Also, when is last time you bought a shot drink at a convenience store?

Friday 7 November 2014

Don’t send a boring Christmas card this year!

Brand That UK have very strong message to send on their Guest Blog.  We couldn't agree more.

Don’t send a boring Christmas card this year!

Believe it or not it is fast approaching that time of year again. CHRISTMAS! Many of you will be thinking that it’s weeks away and in reality it is but it will soon be upon us.

In business Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you to clients and business contacts.  The traditional way to do this is to send a card from your company signed by all the team. I’m sure these are well received, however, this article will show you the top 10 alternative promotional giveaways to sending a boring Christmas card and we’ve got something to suit all budgets.

Personalised Advent Calendars
Containing delicious Belgian chocolates this promotional giveaway is bound to fill your customers with festive cheer.

Christmas Logo Bugs
An inexpensive promotional giveaway to show your customers you care.

Engraved Metal Pens

A giveaway that will be gratefully received by any recipient.

Pocket Diaries
Give your customers a practical and useful promotional product this Christmas.

Branded Mugs
A great way to get your brand noticed with the added bonus of knowing they will be sitting on desktops for years to come.

Executive USB’s
A stylish and functional promotional gift that you can load your Christmas message onto.

Crystal Decanter
 Available from only one piece this is a luxury corporate business gift that is bound to impress.

Wine Gift Set
Containing 2 engraved glasses and a bottle of Richelieu White wine this is a promotional gift that will be treasured.

Desk Clocks
Engraved desk clocks are a stunning giveaway guaranteed to make a big impression.

Luxury Mince Pies
A festive favourite in a bespoke full colour printed box.

If you really want to stand out from your competitors this Christmas send your customers one of this unique Christmas promotional products.


Tuesday 4 November 2014

Custom Plastic Folder with Button

Whatever your promotional gifting budget we can supply something to match.   This Custom Plastic Folder with Button can be useful as a back to school promo, giveaways for office workers, used as direct mailing or combined with any special offer to make it more special.

Promotional product packaging is really important and we keep telling customers how important this is.   On the other hand, using promotional products as a type of daily use packaging is another option staying within the theme.
Custom Plastic Folder with Button
Custom Plastic Folder with Button
The products in picture here are very appealing due to the use of licensed properties and well known characters.   We can design your own cover, help you apply for licenses, or incorporate your mascot into the design.

Submitting a Promo Gift Blog is easy.   Glad to have this chance to explain how easy it is to market your company and brand with great marketing gifts.

Monday 3 November 2014

Magnetic Beer Cap Dart Board

Spotted at the Mega Show in Hong Kong, this is one of the coolest ideas we have seen in a while.

Example of a Dart Board

It is a very simple magnetic board in a beer cap shape with a dart board printing on it. If you throw a beer bottle cap, it will stick to the board.

It's a great alternative to beer pong sets for beer companies, and we all know that the impact of a promogifts campaign is strongly improved if the end-user can "share" the gift with somebody else. The ODM Group (promogift agency in Hong Kong) wrote an article about the importance of offering a gift that helps connecting people together, we strongly believe that this bottle cap dart board could be added to their list.

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