Thursday 16 August 2018

How a Custom Stress Shape Brings a Mascot To Life

One of the strengths of promotional merchandise is the emotional response it can generate. In a world which is increasingly disconnected, where people do business without ever meeting face to face something “real” which sits on a desk or can be held in your hand cuts through the digital clutter. It can be dispiriting for staff as much as it is for consumers. Recently one of our clients, Visa, Fresh Promotional Products Australia suggested a fun, emotionally engaging gift, cost-effective gift for staff in their call centres and offices across Australasia and the Pacific.

Visa agreed immediately when we suggested manufacturing a custom-shaped stress toy. A stress shape made sense for people who work in a call centre, but even better it meant we could produce a genuine 3D model of the new mascot which could sit on a desk. The idea brought their new mascot to life at around three dollars each!

The process of designing and producing a custom shape stress toy is not as complex. The client was able to provide good quality 2D images which the stress ball manufacturers converted into a 3D design in no time. In this business, it pays to have good suppliers.

The final result was a custom product which was unique to Visa, brought the new company mascot to life and provided staff with a constant reminder of the marketing objectives and procedural guidelines which had been introduced in conjunction with the launch of the new mascot. The mascot was no longer just an image on the screen, every day his happy, if slightly goofy face could be seen on desks across different offices, lifting moods and contributing to the sense of everyone being members of the same team.

A couple of months later the mascot proved so popular a second order was placed so Visa's partners could also enjoy the cock-eyed gaze of their mini stress-relieving monster.

Is there a cheaper and more effective way to bring your clients’ products, logos or mascots to life? 

Author Bio - Bill McGrath is the founder and Managing Director of Fresh Promotions, one of Australia’s leading promotions agencies with dozens of the nation's top 100 companies as long-term clients. With many years of experience in retail and trade promotions clients have come to depend on Bill’s advice in sourcing promotional products in Australia which enhance the values of their brand.


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