Tuesday 8 March 2011

Color Psychology: Pick your Color Carefully

Look at your logo & text......your website, your printed materials &

promotional imprinted products. Why did you pick the colors you chose

for your company image?

Colors set the emotional tone & play a big part in how people react to

your company. Many times it’s more subconscious than conscious, but

nevertheless colors make an impact.

Listed below are both positive & negative aspects of the most common


BLACK: evil, death, mourning, unhappiness, jeopardy, power, sexualtiy,

formality, sophistication & intelligence. (dynamic color that runs to both

extremes of the emotional spectrum--from the very positive to the extreme


BLUE: masculinity, calmness, serenity, peace, tranquilty, security, balance,

orderliness, durability, loyalty, sadness & aloofness (one of the most

popular colors across the board, but also the least appetizing of all colors

& rarely appears naturally in food except for blueberries & some plums).

BROWN: strength, earthiness, quality, reliability, comfort, warmth, security,

natural & organic, convention, sadness, depression, isolation, erosion,

decay & peril (the earthiness of this color can bring about positive &

negative feelings depending on how it’s depicted--it can represent life or

death. individual reactions to this color varies widely.)

GREEN: nature, tranquility, soothing, restful, growth, health, cheer, wealth,

good luck, fertility, sexuality & jealousy (is the easiest on the eyes, very

sexual--even M&M candy uses the green to send a sexual message; also

calming--guests waiting to appear on a tv show wait in the “green room” to


ORANGE: energetic, exitement, electric, fun, enthusiasm, ambition,

flamboyancy, edgy, aggressive, blatant & vulgar (sparks more controversy

than any other color--people either love it or hate it. also one of the most

unattractive colors to the eye).

PINK: femininity, love, romance, calmness & hope

PURPLE: royalty, wealth, spirituality, majestic, exotic, unity & wisdom

RED: energetic, electric, deep, strong, dramatic, intense, emotional,

excitement, warmth, comfort, love, romance, eroticism, untamed & anger

(the most energetic of all colors & evokes more emotions than any other

color. attn-getting----screams “here i am!”)

WHITE: purity, innocence, cold, bland, sterile, spaciousness & emptiness

YELLOW: cheerful, uplifting, sunny, nature, exciting, optimistic, energetic,

frustration & anger (while it’s depicted to be a happy color, it isn’t always

so--ironically babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms; people are most

likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms)

Using the color brown as an example, notice how one color can arouse

different emotional & rational feelings. When it’s used in marketing for

chocolate candy, coffee, an architecture firm or a clothing store, it can

bring about a nuturing sense of comfort, warmth, safety, quality, durability &

tradition. But if it’s used in marketing in the dental field, a person may feel

emptiness, decay, a vast chasm, sadness, loneliness.

Looking at actual items using the very same shade of brown.............a khaki

swede couch seems soft, comfortable & secure. Yet, a man in a khaki

army uniform brings to mind earthiness, ruggedness, rigidity & possibly a

sense of danger.

This is not written in stone & as you can see there are many variables that

can sway you to one color over another. After reading this, it may help

you understand why you prefer certain colors to others.

Do the colors you chose represent your business the way you want to be



Ronni Sherman



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