Friday 19 June 2020

How Does China Design Products? Check Out #127thCantonFair

Mindsparkz works with Chinese factories to design for export markets. How Does China Design Products and how do I access the best in class products? Well, we have been tracking one of the largest trade fairs on Twitter, with the hashtag #127thCantonFair. We love the greatest minds in the promotional products community coming together to spread innovation and creativity in the designs of and their products. Continue reading to find out fresh findings about what industry leaders are up to on Twitter and how Mindsparkz can help you unleash your creativity to form promotional products for your brand.

Tracking #127thCantonFair on Twitter

While Mindsparkz isn’t a promotional products business or factory, we are a full service design agency specializing in designing promotional merchandise since 2013. Creating high-quality designs with manufacturing in mind for export markets.
For the past week leading up to the beginning of the Canton Fair, 15 June. Mindsparkz tracked hashtags on Twitter relating to the trade fair, to find out the fresh and ongoing insights on this global event. Continue reading for the fresh findings from the past 2 weeks we found on Twitter! 

It is no surprise that in the weeks leading up to one of the biggest trade fairs in the world, the engagement on Twitter with the #127CantonFair began to rise. The Canton Fair has grown to become one of the most well known and well respected trade fairs in the promotional products industry. It is a way of the community in the promotional products industry to come together and share innovative ideas within each industry. 

What can we look forward to on #127thCantonFair

As we look through the Tweets we tracked, we came across interesting ways companies are adapting to the virtual switch of the Canton Fair. Instead of physical booths, companies have been preparing set ups for virtual booths, in the image below. With links that will lead you to their exhibitions. How cool is that ?? Companies like Hvacstar have set up to prepare for the online showcase of their booths!

Companies like Hvacstar have set up to prepare for the online showcase of their booths!

Experience Cloud Crowding Streaming with the most high-tech brands and discover innovative products

In times of crisis and change we see brands unleashing creativity in their business! Other brands like Hune, have prepared an online introduction to their products

What have Tweeters been saying?

We formed the word cloud above from the data sets of Tweets we collected over the past two weeks. The sizes of the words vary from the frequency of the words, the larger the word the higher the frequency. The words that stand out as seen are “online”, “trade”,  “suppliers”, “chat”, “import” and “export”

In this coming 127th Canton Fair that is going to be held online is something people can take advantage of using the benefits of online platforms and reaching out to a wider audience globally. With the exhibitors and exhibits present there will be factories who act as suppliers for promotional products which will be prominent in the trade fair. We also believe in the time where physical interaction isn’t possible, chats and communications becomes more important this year! As brands come together as a community there will be trade ongoing, with the importing and exporting of ideas and products over this fair.

Here are the top users on Twitter! Do you see yourselves?

Being able to have the fair physically present or having it virtually like this year, Twitter engagement plays a significant role in the days leading up to and during the Canton Fair. It allows for direct engagement from brand to customer, start conversations, begin retweeting and get your product and exhibitions out there! Do you see yourself as part of the top influencers with #127thCantonFair?

How can Mindsparkz Help?

Mindsparkz is full service design agency providing high-quality designs with manufacturing in mind for our clients. Although we are not a promotional products agency, we are just as excited for the 127thCantonFair and will keep our readers updated on this very anticipated trade fair. With the tons of inspiration and innovative ideas brands will see during this trade fair, Mindsparkz can help you bring your inspiration to life! We are a team of experience designers who are dedicated to designing promotional merchandise in the best interests on our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to here from you!

Keep a look out for more updates on the 127th Canton Fair!

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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Interviews From Thought Leaders in the Promotional Industry - Patrick Black

Patrick Black Owner and CEO of Perfect Imprints 

What were your 3-5 best selling products last year? (Bags, shirts, pens, drinkware etc.)

We have some constant sellers that never go out of style like bambams and branded apparel. However lately we have gotten lots more interest in tech products as people shift to a more flexible work-from-home environment. We love items like webcam covers, wireless charging pads, and mousepads.

What are faster growing market segments in your region? (banks, automotive, Pharma, Food etc...)

While all industries are important for us to work with, we particularly have seen a lot of growth from construction and food and beverage industries.

Do you visit trade shows. If so, which ones are your favourite and why?

Every year the Perfect Imprints team sends representatives to the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January. We are always excited to get back home to Florida to let our clients know about all of the new products we have found. We always look forward to finding products that match with our clients’ branding. Some of our clients have started to expect and look forward to these personalized recommendations every year.

What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

Our focus is e-commerce which is still a small sector of the promotional products industry. We feel as though since we have focused on e-commerce for over 15 years, we have developed a strong online presence as more people move towards spending their days online.

Author's Bio

Here at Perfect Imprints, it is our pleasure to serve clients in various industries through promotional product distribution as well as graphic design and web design services. It is our goal to make sure marketing is an investment for our clients, not an expense. We hope to make the creative marketing process as easy as possible. 
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Friday 5 June 2020

A Throwback Thursday: Manufacturing of Promotional Corporate Gifts

We take a trip down memory lane with The ODM Group with their blog from June 2010. This goes to show that some trends in the promotional industry stays even for decades, Here is one promotional product idea and tips that stand the test of time.
Goodie bags as promotional corporate gifts in events, seminars and conferences are common giveaways. However, corporate event organisers sometimes encounter difficulties deciding over how and what to give to send the right kind of message to delegates attending these events.Picking the right promotional corporate gifts is essential as we as brands try to please everyone. These are some pointers worth considering before every event.

Consider your audience at the event 

Are the attendees generally male or female. What is the theme of the event? What type of job position do visitors hold?
For casual events such as a welcoming party, attendees are very often dressed informally. The mood is light and relaxing. Simple gimmicky gifts like toys or kitchenware could pull it off. However, formal meetings like a staged conference or educational seminar, more appropriate gifts would then often be medium to high end.
Commonly used demographics include sex, race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, and even location. These are factors that you can consider when you picking out the perfect gift for your audience.

How convenient will the gift be to your delegates to walk around with? 

Although this point may seem simple and logical, it is often forgotten among event organizers. Imagine yourself attending the event and the door gift is a huge chopping board. The bulk and weight will probably put you off. Therefore, do consider the dimension of the gift and the carrier to load the goodies you may be offering. Make sure sufficient space and comfort level for your audience is fulfilled.

Cater to the location

Again, please plan ahead for your event attendance. If the event or conference is held in the heart of the city or busy convention centre, a huge and bulky product may not be very appropriate. It will be very disheartening to see your product left at the side of the road after the conference.

Leverage your brand exposure

Work out what logos and designs are to be incorporated into your gifts. Consider your gift types, are they disposable or reusable? Look through the route your delegated might travel. These factors aid to maximize your promotional exposure.
Take for instance umbrellas/caps – they can be outstanding and draw attention in a rainy weather when everyone uses them. Moreover, imagine the impact when the crowd dispersed through town using the same branded umbrellas/caps.

Know your budget

Promotional budget and the number of participants ties hand in hand to your promotional strategy. Build your giveaway concept around your budget to hit maximum impact.  Order really early to avoid rush jobs and higher charges.

Post event promotion

Is also vital to consider. Are the gifts useful after the event? Choose products that may aid your promotion even after the event is over. Even an inexpensive product such as a pen or T-shirt can do the job.

Good presentation layout 

Gives your delegates a good impression of the company. Having your goodie bags neatly placed and settled before the guest arrives shows them that you value the gift, which in turn creates a high perceived value.


Packaging can make all the difference with perceived value of the product.  Making the packaging part of the promotional corporate gift such as a good quality bag – all the better !


If people perceive themselves as a walking billboard, then the perceived value of your gift is lower.   Give a gift where the colours tie in nicely with your brand, where the shape and function are more unique.   Using more discreet logos or none at all usually make for higher perceived value.
This sums up the tips and tricks you can use when picking out a corporate gift event. While it may seem challenging, following these steps will make sure that you get the perfect gift and the best results for your marketing budget.

How can ODM help?

Finding the perfect promotional corporate gift for your audience during an event if a great promotional strategy that can increase your brand awareness. Interested in having the perfect corporate gift for an event? Feel free to reach out to us and our team will be happy to assist you. We manufacture high quality custom promotional merchandise and gifts. Our team is here to provide you with a pleasant experience from brainstorming, designing, and to manufacturing of your product. Let us bring your ideas to life! – We’d love to hear from you!
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Monday 1 June 2020

Our Top 12 Picks for Promotional Products for May

As we approach the start of the month of June. Keep updated on what is going on in the promotional industry by taking a look at our top 12 gifts here at Promogift Blog from some of the leaders in the industry for the month of May.

Promo Marketing

An interesting read, definitely made it to our top list. Why T-shirts sellers Aren't Happy About NASA's SpaceX Launch.

For most people a trip to Cape Canaveral to watch a space-shuttle launch is something we won't have the chance to experience. Read about the experience in this blog by Promo Marketing of a NASA space shuttle launch and why this affects T-shirt sellers.

Promotional Products Association International 

PPAI is a trusted leader in the promotional products industry. PPAI's goal during these times has been to actively stay in touch with their customers while providing updates through this pandemic.

For 18 years the promotional industry has gathered at Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. The PPAI Expo 2021 is definitely an event to look forward to, although we can't say for sure how things will be in January 2021 there will be measures taken into place to secure the safety of the convention. Regardless of the adjustments that will have to be made, this gathering of a strong and passionate of the promotional products industry will be a community gathering like no other. Are you in?

Pinnacle Promotions

Being forced into working from home and conducting business remotely has driven innovation within companies like never before. Now it is time to return to the office - Returning to the Office During Covid19 Crisis.

Thankfully, we are seeing many businesses beginning to open up and it is the business' responsibility to keep employees safe. In this blog, look at how Pinnacle Promotions approaches the guidelines and tips a business or employee can follow or implement. To ensure that employees return to a work environment where they feel safe and content.

Boost Promotional Products 

Here are Boost Promotional Products explore promotional advertising and the latest promo trends. Marketing is key to any business and perhaps one of the best forms of advertising comes in the form of promotional offers.

With a variety of blogs ranging from infographics, digital and custom print and corporate gifts. Consider the blogs of Boost Promotional Products to be your ultimate guide to promotional product offerings when marketing your brand.

The Promo Direct Blog

The Promo Direct Blog recently published an article titled, Which is The Best Healthcare Promotional Item?

Should hospitals be sticking to traditional promotional gifts like mugs and pens? Well, to create an impression on your customers, personalisation as to your industry is important. Here in this blog find out what promotional healthcare giveaway items can stick to your customers from a pharmacy or hospital.

Perfect Imprints 

As we approach the middle of the year, Perfect Imprints plans ahead with an article on Best Promotional Jackets and Hoodies for Winter Workouts.

Who says a good sweat is the only thing that determines a good workout. Due the lower temperatures it is important that one keeps your muscles warm in the cold weather. Check out Perfect Imprints best promotional winter workout jackets, specially designed jackets for men, women and even kids can be part of promoting your business with your winter wear.


As public places begin to reopen, E-promos reminds readers of the importance to keep our hands clean - 10 Places You Don't Want To Be Without Hand Sanitiser

Branded Hand Sanitisers are great opportunities for brands to encourage customers to stay safe while promoting your brand every time someone washes up. And there are ten places your customers won't want to go without it.

Acdo Marketing 

As we continue to face the covid19 pandemic Acdo Marketing are offering their FDA certified medical masks in stock in the US to ship. Acdo Marketing has adapted their promotional product business going beyond their usual promotional product offerings.

It is tough for businesses to thrive within this pandemic and the damage it has caused to the economy. In times like this, it is crucial that businesses implement adaptation to work processes to keep their brand afloat in the industry.

Sourcing City News

Sourcing City News has some Product News report recently published on a Miniature Tennis Racket Set from Brightways.

Wimbledon has been cancelled for the first time since World War 2. It is a great opportunity for brands to show their support to one of the biggest tennis competitions in the world.

The ODM Group

Power up your Brand Promotion with a Custom Charging Cable Set

They make great custom promotional merchandise for giveaways, employee gifts or travel accessories. Customisation of promotional tech products make powerful marketing tools. Read about the benefits this branded promotional merchandise can bring for your brand!

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