Friday 30 March 2012

Promotional Ideas - Multi-Functional Tool

If you love both useful and convenient products like we do, then this multi-functional promotional item would definitely be of interest to you. 
Multi-Function Promotional Idea

This promotional item has 3 functions - Napkin Ring, Bottle Opener, and a Keychain! Its function as a Napkin Ring - it will complete and beautify your dining set. While as a Keychain, it holds all your keys together. Last but not least, if you are thirsty for a beer while on the go, this tool can be used as a bottle opener too! 

We love promotional products that are convenient and useful. Personalize this promotional item with your brand name to increase brand awareness whenever your consumers use it! Not only does this product helps with brand recall, it provides long term marketing effect as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact ODM for further inquiries! 

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Tuesday 20 March 2012

New Promotional Item- Cardboard Clapper!

Here is an interesting promotional product perfect for sports events and just in time for the London Olympics 2012!

This cost effective promo would be great to be used as a freebie at football games and other sporting events. The Cardboard clapper simply needs to to hit against ones hand to emit a very loud clapping noise:

The product has perfect space for advertising your corporate message when opened up:

These clappers can be a real alternative to the Vuvuzela's used in previous years at the World Cup and Champions League football matches.

At only a third of the price cardboard clappers are set to take over the London Olympics this year so keep your eyes peeled!

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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Chinelas folding shoes perfect for weddings!

I have a lot of brides contacting me to order Chinelas by Michelle folding shoes for their upcoming wedding.  Already stressed and wanting everything perfect, they want their guests and bridesmaids to be comfortable too and they love the idea of foldable shoes as gifts and bonbonieres (and something gorgeous and functional for themselves too!)
Weddings - notorious for puffy, over the top and uncomfortable dresses, squeezed into high, satin heels to walk down the aisle - just making sure it all stays together for the last of the photos and then you can kick off your heels (and put on your folding shoes) and have some real fun!

Chinelas folding shoes perfect for weddings
Chinelas by Michelle foldable shoes are perfect as they look like a gorgeous satin slipper - a godsend that eases the pain after wearing high heels all day! Especially popular for wedding parties as these little fold-up gems compliment their look, and a bride should never resort to worn out old thongs to get comfortable!
We are now looking for distributors of wedding gifts, accessories and products! Please see the website and contact us if you are interested in distributing Chinelas by Michelle folding shoes or would like any customised products.

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