Monday 26 November 2012

Changing consumer behaviour, by Promo Connection

‘Sensory Experiences, ‘More global, more local, ‘Tested’ and ‘Wired world’ – just a few phrases that South African brand owners should pay attention to as they hold the key to current shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours in South Africa.

Consumers are increasingly seeking experiences. The drivers of change here include our desire to explore and push the boundaries. We want new sensations and experiences that challenge the way we think, and that embrace all our senses. South Africans are looking for sources of instant pleasure in their everyday lives. They enjoy experimenting and trying new things. The accessibility of instant satisfaction through technology is fuelling greater demand – think about 3D cinema and TV, and interactive gaming platforms. And there’s a desire for experiences that use, challenge, and awaken our senses in a new and innovative way. Marketers looking to ride this trend should consider a 360-degree sensory experience by organizing brand activations or events that bring to life the brand’s positioning.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Cubelike Martini Set

Look at these Martini sets. They are undeniably attractive! Instead of those classic Martini glasses, these are two separate containers. The purpose of the cube container is to support the cone container. You can choose to put some ice to keep your Martini cold.

This is a great promotional gift for spirit companies. Give this away to pubs with your branding on it and ask them to serve your product in these containers. Surely it will attract much attention and increase your brand awareness. You can also choose to give it away to end consumers to use at home. This will certainly please your customers as they have high perceived value.

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