Thursday 29 December 2011

Energizer Battery GWP

Buy a pack of Energizer AA batteries and get a Transformers toy car for free! Such promotional gifts are always suitable to attract the young.

By integrating the promotional gift with the packaging, as shown in the Energizer promotion below, it increases the perceived value of the product.

Energizer Promotion
Take a look at the promotional label on the packaging. The use of large fonts attract consumers' attention, and hence may eventually lead to purchase. Marketing managers can take note of this point to enhance effectiveness of their promotional products.

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Thursday 22 December 2011

Rings for Promotion

Top Off Rings provides a great way to promote products or businesses! Here are a few examples:


Coors Promotional Products


Corona Beer Promotional Products


Quantum Promotional Products


Coca-Cola Promotional Products


Titleist Promotional Products

These rings allowed these associated companies to provide their customers with a useful and unforgettable token of their appreciation, with a constant reminder of the brand!

Article written by Jennifer for Top Off Rings

Friday 16 December 2011

Baileys Promo Glass GWP

Christmas has always been a promoter's playground- it is the perfect time to see new and innovative ways to promote your products.

This promo from Bailey's is a good example of how everyday products and be combined with good promotional products to perfect Christmas gifts!

We found this promo at the LA farmers market in America, while on a business trip:

Christmas Promotional Glass GWP
These high end glasses are a great accompaniment to this beverage giving you everything you need to enjoy Baileys!! 

Promoters should keep this type of promotion in mind- giving consumers products that compliment their own products! 

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