Thursday 29 October 2015

Rowan Pullover: Free gift with every Sportiqe purchase

The Vancouver Canucks have been offering a free gift with every purchase made at the Official Canuck store. This offer was valid during the match between Vancouver Canucks and the Montreal Canadiens.
Rowan Pullover: Free gift with every Sportiqe purchase
Offering a free gift with purchase is a great way of expanding your business. 
First of all it increases your market share, if you choose the right promotional product within your marketing campaign. 
Secondly, it increases your brand awareness, when people are using the product in public. 
Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift, they would gain a good impression of your company, thus encouraging them to continue purchasing your products. 

A free gift with purchase would help to increase your base of loyal customers. This is beneficial in many ways, because customers have tendencies to switch brand.

Monday 26 October 2015

BPMA Survey: Promotional Products and their Positive effects on Brands

A study has been presented by The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) that shows the positive effects of promotional products on brands and performance . The study exposes many insights into popular promotional products and even compares them to other forms of advertising. 

These figures presented by BPMA  reveal the differences between types of advertising. Return on investment overall on promotional products delivers a better return of investment than radio, and is equal to TV and print. As you can see promotional product such a USB stick and calendars easily perform better on cost per impression than tradition forms of media like radio. 

There are many indirect reasons why this the case. For example the survey found:
  • The majority of participant , 87% retain these promotional items for longer than a year
  • 66% of participants could recall the brand on the promotional product
  • their image of the brand improved with 56% stating this after receiving promotional product

Many companies find it difficult to decide which promotional product to implement as they want the product to be useful for consumers so that the benefits like increase awareness are fully exploited. This data shows which product consumers find most useful. 

The most popular promotional products in terms of favorites listed by those who were surveyed were USB drives, pens, an electrical item, or a mug. Therefore this information can used to guide businesses into implementing the right item. However it does depend on many factors and what business you are in deciding whats best to go for.

Whilst it can vary which item is best for a specific company to use due to consumers tastes and target audiences one thing that is clear is the positive effects they can have on your brand and how they can be just as effective as traditional forms of advertising.

If you're interested in knowing more about the data provided, please visit BPMA. If you would like to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your brand contact us at PromoGift.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Canton Fair 2015 - China Import and Export Fair

Canton Fair 2015, otherwise known as China Import and Export Fair is a biannual fair with years of history since 1957! It has a huge variety of importers and exporters from around the globe. Its sheer scale is phenomenal with 184,801 buyers in the last session.

The fair is held in three phases due to this scale, targeting key areas in each phase from October 15th - November the 4th, separated into the phases, the areas covered range from energy resources to gifts to textiles. This illustrates how wide the spectrum of items are present at the fair.

''Canton Fair 2015(The 118th China Import and Export Fair) is the largest biannual China trade fairs held in Guangzhou. We are the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. It's no wonder that the Canton Fair 2015 has already become a must see for all those looking for business success in China''

The prominence and size of this event makes it a very attractive place for buyers and sellers to meet
The fair offers the opportunity to discover new brand and exclusive products that haven't been seen anywhere else. Perfect network opportunities  to meet industry peers, new brands and leading retail experts. along with this it offers fanatic possibilities for product diversity and allows you to see new and exciting product launches.

As Mentioned, this event will be hugely beneficial to those who attend, particularly increasing awareness by grabbing the attention of the successful organisations at the conference and through creating networks. companies can also learn the potential within asian markets including the state of competitors and opportunities business can exploit in the future. ultimately, canton fair is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for managers to  exploit that can lead to successful futures.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Interview with

Today we interviewed Jessica Kirr from which is an online store created to manage all types of branded merchandise needs, combining the spend of the Akron area to give the very best pricing due to negotiations with the top suppliers in the promotional marketing industry.
They are unique because they offer the convenience of an online store, as well as a real live program manager who you can speak to whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Your dedicated program manager will assist you throughout the entire purchasing process – from selecting products, to coordinating free design assistance, to ensuring the timely delivery of your order. They work hard to ensure they supply you with the most innovative promotional products in the industry so that your business leaves a lasting impression.

Find out why they have been recognized as a Top-10 Fastest Growing Distributor in the country and have successfully delivered over 10,500,000 million products with an over 99% satisfaction rate.

What were your 3-5 best-selling products last year? (Bags, shirts, pens, drinkware etc.)
Interview with
Our first best-selling product is our Jerzees 5.6 oz. 50/50 T-Shirt (Item #17239). Our customers rave about this t-shirt keeping its shape and being a comfortable fit, wash after wash! Not to mention it comes in a wide spectrum of colors.
Interview with
Our second best-selling product is our Economy Retractor Banner Display – 33.5 inch Custom (Item #11352). Customers love this full-color digital banner and display system. It is lightweight, a breeze to transport, and easy to set up at your next trade show, event, or in your company’s lobby!
Interview with
Our third best-selling product is our 2GB Credit Card-Shaped Flash Drive (Item #21561). Carry your important information/projects around with you 24/7 in your wallet or pants pocket!

Interview with
Our fourth best-selling product is our 14 oz Capri Mug (Item #20180). Customers love the look of the two-tone ceramic mug; white outside/colored inside, with a matching colored handle. It really allows your message to POP!

What are faster growing market segments in your region? (banks, automotive, Pharma, Food etc...)

Faster growing market segments in our region are software/tech companies, non-profit organizations, manufacturers of goods/services, the food industry and finally smaller locally-owned Akron Ohio area businesses.

What are the biggest opportunities you see in your industry?

In the promotional products industry, our biggest opportunity is consolidating a company’s branded merchandise and apparel purchasing. Our industry has made a HUGE transition over the years. Customers have gone from print catalogs, to buying their promotional products online. This transition has taken place because it saves the consumer time and it’s easier to manage orders and compare products for quality and pricing.

Our site,, is a great example of this new trend in the industry. is a SmartSite, online store, that was created by our parent company Consolidus LLC., and other SmartSites like it, specialize and tailor promotional merchandising services, products and marketing campaigns to the needs of a specific target market or organization.

SmartSites are a fast, efficient and are always available as a flexible alternative to traditional printed catalogs. Most local and national organizations are moving to the internet for sourcing and information. Consolidus’s SmartSites empower these organizations to simplify their own internal process and provide increased value for every dollar spent. SmartSites provide increased control over quality, cost, efficiency and brand integrity.

The products that you will find on our SmartSites have been selected based upon their relevance to your unique needs and your particular industry. Although we have the same access to over one million products that you might find on other, more "general" sites, we give you the best of both worlds. We do the research ourselves and provide you with the most relevant products – while still being equipped to offer you any product in the industry – even if it is not featured on the site.

We have created SmartSites for the following happy customers, The Better Business Bureau, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Lebron James Family Foundation, The United States Airforce ROTC Program , The United States Army ROTC Program, the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Miami University, and many more!

To inquire more information about Consolidus, and how its SmartSites work, visit

Any examples of a good marketing campaign you like? Links or pictures appreciated.

A great example of a successful marketing campaign is one that we executed last summer with a newer customer of ours, Enfusen.

Enfusen, a cloud-based marketing software solutions Firm, released their flagship Microsoft marketing automation software at the annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando. They came to with a wish list of items to really set them apart and allow them to stand out at this prestigious event.
Interview with
We worked with them to accommodate their budget and provide them with professional display materials, business cards and branded apparel for each of their staff members attending the event (all pictured below)!

Enfusen had multiple items to hand out to their prospective customers that supported their brand, while making a lasting impression. They opted for an Enfusen branded energy drink (which was a HUGE hit!) and a drawstring bag with their logo on it.
Interview with
Interview with
Interview with
Interview with
As a result, Enfusen returned to their office with a number of great leads, made a HUGE impression at the 2015 Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference, and couldn’t have been happier with the products provided them with. See their testimonial below!

All the products we bought from AkronPromoShop were great! Very professional and a huge hit at our event!" Enfusen - Anne Daily

Monday 19 October 2015

Free Gift with Purchase by Redcurrent

Recurrent, a gifts and accessories company are now offering a a free beach mat with purchase of their Turkish towel or beach bag. Gift with purchase is a fantastic way to gain new customers and increase awareness.

Marketing Gifts - The Key Benefits

  • Brand Activation - This benefit is the most obvious for good reason, it makes your company more prominent in the marketplace, effectively bringing brand awareness. Everyone loves a gift!
  • Positive Word of Mouth Marketing - Following on from the previous benefit when consumers are delighted, they spread the word to friends, family and associates about the great offering from the company. Promotional products such as this are great at producing positive word of mouth. 
  • Retention - Perhaps less obvious, but still important. Consumers are more likely to return their custom when they are happy with purchase. Particularly in this case where Recurrent  are offering gift that has high standard of quality. 

As a result if done effectively a gift with purchase strategy can be a very powerful tool in improving sale and profit.

Interested in learning more? Visit the promo gist's blog, where you can find tailored examples focusing on promotional gifts.

Friday 16 October 2015

Collaborative Marketing: NFL and Castrol combine through Gift with purchase

Collaborative Marketing is fantastic strategy that combines two companies resources to achieve an outcome. In this particular case, Castrol have teamed up with NFL to implement a gift with purchase campaign. Customers can receive an NFL T-shirt with a purchase of Castrol Edge motor Oil.

In todays environment where markets are saturated and competition is high collaborative marketing offers an opportunity for businesses from different industries to join together, partially in the case of promotional strategies. The advantages of this are both companies offer there main core competency to the table and thus both benefit in from each. Castro benefit through acquiring NFL's prestigious  name and NFL benefit through gaining space to promote and print their brand. Overall companies, by offering a free gift with purchase will achieve greater brand awareness and sales. However collaboration needs to be thought through, particularly by linking the right/similar brands together otherwise these benefits won't be achieved.

Overall, Castrol and NFl has managed to brand two complementary products, this will lead to greater brand awareness for both companies and increased sales of both products.

There are further example a of successful collaboration strategies including slimmer collation between Levi's and Swarovski with gift with purchase and also Apples affiliation with beats headphones. you can find the link for this article below;

If you're interested further promotional gifts please visit our blog here.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Brand Licensing Europe 2015 #BLE2015 - The Exhibition for the Licensing Industry

Attending at Brand Licensing Europe 2015 (#BLE2015) is essential for all licensing managers who wants to expand their network and stay on top of their business. The exhibition takes place during the October: 13rd - 15th in Olympia, London.

Brand Licensing Europe 2015 #BLE2015 - The Exhibition for the Licensing Industry

Why exhibit at BLE2015? - Take your share of a $184 billon dollar market 

  • Speak to decision makers - In 2013, 90 % of the visitor base was based on budget holders. Many of those attended at the exhibition as a part of their marketing strategy to search for licensee mergers or acquisitions.
  • Qualified sales leads - Visitors came from 69 different countries in 2013 and even more are expected to attend in this year's exhibition. 
  • Expanding your licensee network - Increase a wider customer base and create additional revenue streams for your business 
  • Increased media coverage - Extend your marketing campaign and conduct global scale through a massive exhibition coverage.  

Facts and figures for 2014

In 2014 the total attendance was above 9,000 people, all in three days, which makes this event a major exhibition for licensees businesses. BLE 2014 experienced a 28% increase in attendance compared to 2013. This gives expectations about an increased attendance in this years exhibition.  

Reasons for visiting: 

- 50% were at the show to keep up to date with the industry. 
- 65% of visitors attended the show to see what was new.
- 54% of visitors were there to meet with existing partners.
- 66% of visitors were at the show to find new partners.

Exhibitors 2015 

Companies from all over the world exhibit representing film, TV, entertainment, sports, automotive, publishing, art & design, fashion charity and heritage licensing categories. 

AC Milan - Addidas - Real Madrid - Lamborghini - BBC Worldwide - Nickelodeon - FIFA - Arsenal Football Club - Discovery media - Sony Pictures - Volkswagen - Pepsi - PGA Tour - Hasbro Brand Licensing - Chelsea Football Club - Warner Bros Consumer products, and many more... 

Mentioned above are only a few brands, a lot of license agencies and other license brands are also represented during the exhibition.

Brand Licensing Europe 2015 #BLE2015 - The Exhibition for the Licensing Industry
Whether you are a retailer, licensee or sales promotion professional, BLE2015 is the perfect place for you to meet face-to-face with over 300 leading brand owners, discover the hottest brand, characters, images and artwork available for license and find new partnerships that could transform your business forever. 

Monday 12 October 2015

Free Car Lister Poster Capsule at NY Comic Con

Comic Con New York has just concluded, but attendees to this event were offered a free poster capsule to protect any posters or objects they received. This poster capsule was from Car Lister when attendees visited their booth and took part in the photo shoot, stocks were limited and with the sheer amount of attendees, they went fast.
Free Car Lister Poster Capsule at NY Comic Con
These kind of marketing campaigns are useful for a majority of reasons. Firstly with a photoshoot that relies on humour: attendees were invited to "lift" a car while taking a photo, this allowed for word of mouth to spread the booth and therefore the brand's information. While offering the free capsule allows for attendess to protect souvenirs they will gain during the convention. Lastly by partnering with Comic Con and choosing a free gift that is specific for the event will likewise increase brand awareness and positive recognition for Car Lister. 

Friday 9 October 2015

Sports Matters: An Important Player In Building Sustainable Sports In Asia

Sports Matters, is a great event to source and select from an large product showcase. The conference, in Singapore focused on creating the foundations for sustainable and healthy sports industry in Asia. If you want to increase your network within the Asian sports industry then you should consider signing up for this sports trade exhibition.

Sports Matters: An Important Player In Building Sustainable Sports In Asia 
This event is a fantastic way for prominent sport industry leaders to increase awareness and improve the knowledge of competitors in the industry as whole. The trade event has become a successful and notable exhibition within the sports industry, hosting many important figures in the sports world including speakers such as Sebastian Coe, KBE and the CEO of World Sport Group. Furthermore many key sports organisations have attended in the past including IMG Sports and Puma. In 2014 the event saw 420 senior executives from 220 companies attending.

Sports Matters: An Important Player In Building Sustainable Sports In Asia

As mentioned, this  event will be hugely beneficial to those who attend, particularly increasing awareness by grabbing the attention of the successful sports organisations at the conference and through creating networks. Companies can also learn the potential within the Asian market including the state of competitors and opportunities businesses can exploit in the future. Ultimately, Sports Matters is undoubtedly a excellent opportunity for mangers who want to improve, expand and create their networks and business.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Free Gifts with Purchases by Radioshack

The American chain of electronics Radioshack do now offer several of great promotions, which all consists of free gifts with purchases. The promotions last until 30rd October 2015, which gives customers, plenty of time to purchase these offers. There are 3 different gifts to achieve, which are: A branded power bank, a branded car mobile phone holder and a branded iPhone cover.

Free Gifts with Purchases by Radioshack 
This campaign is a great example of brand activation, because some of the promotional products are branded with the company's name on it. This therefore helps Radioshack to increase brand awareness and then boost sales. 

Offering free gifts with purchases like Radioshack does is a creative and different way to promote your company. People do like to receive free gifts and does therefore pay more attention to campaigns like this. 

Offers like this also makes people buy impulse, because the little gift adds extra value to your product, which will raise sales of the single product line.  

Monday 5 October 2015

US Presidency Race, Stephen Colbert and Promotional Products

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, recently ran a segment highlighting how Presidential Candidates are using promotional merchandise to fund their campaigns. Merchandise is often the best chance for a candidate to showcase a sense of humor and a knowledge about pop culture.

US Presidency Race, Stephen Colbert and Promotional Products
There are a vast array of products on offer, with some candidates choosing safer options, including the former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, to offer bumper stickers and T-shirts etc.
US Presidency Race, Stephen Colbert and Promotional Products
However some of the candidates have pushed for the more unique and interesting products by capitalizing on memes, technology and voters who have disposable income. For example Hillary Clinton's "Chillary" drink koozie, Bernie Sanders' "Feel The Bern" hot sauce and Jeb Bush's guacamole bowl called the "Guaca Bowle". There is even a  $1,000 autographed copy of the United States Constitution on offer from Senator Rand Paul.
US Presidency Race, Stephen Colbert and Promotional Products
All of these are just a few examples of the promotional merchandise that these candidates use to fund their campaign, with even candidates like Donald Trump taking part. However Stephen Colbert has realised that there are always voters who are undecided (11% of undecided primary voters), and for them Colbert is offering is own merchandise with great stuff like the "_________ 2016!" T-shirt.

The entire segment from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert can be seen below.

Friday 2 October 2015

ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has recently published a study on promotional pens, with data revealing more than half of consumers own promo pens. There were various interesting results about various demographics, as well as locations and opinions.
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
Due to the sheer amount of promotional campaigns that occur every year, it was found that more than half of US consumers own logoed writing instruments. This shows the importance of having an attractive design for the pens and unique logo. The better the logo and higher quality of the promotional pren, the more likely the consumer is to retain the pen. 
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
The data showed that women are more likely to own logoed pens than men. Depending on your product, you could now be much more focused in your marketing if your demographic is favoured more towards women.
This can also be seen in political leanings, with Democrats in the Southeast much more likely to own logoed pens than Republicans. This is very topical considering the Presidential Primaries that are approaching. 
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
ASI: More Than Half of Consumers Own Promo Pens
Continuing with brand retention, it was found that cost per impression is less than 1/10th of a cent in the US, which led to the highest impression to Best Value. Along with this, 68% of consumers in the Midwest region own a logoed pen, well above the US average. This is important as for companies taking part in promotional campaigns, there can be heavy focus on promotional logoed pens in the Midwest Region. 

We at PromoGift blog are very thankful to ASI for this fascinating study, and in their own words "Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a $20.5 billion dollars industry and are used by virtually every business in America." 

If you would like to know more about ASI, you can find more information and how to join at their website. If you would like to know more about promotional items to help market your brand then you can contact us at PromoGift.

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