Thursday 24 November 2011

Promotional Lollies to lure customers in

Creating a captivating message for all to view at the front desk of any office is an important part of any marketing or advertising campaign.  Considering the fact that some offices literally have dozens if not hundreds of potential walk in clients every day, wouldn’t it be great to GRAB their attention as soon as they walk through your front door.    
Promotional Lollipops
The above promotion is what we call the “Taster”. For many types of people including young and old, they simply can’t resist having a few Promotional Lollies to crave ones sweet tooth.  Over the years we have found that Promotional Lollies work exceptionally well in these types of office environments.  People are captivated with FREE lollies that can satisfy a sweet craving and at the same time your marketing of advertising message is displayed for them to view right in front of their eyes.  Affordable, friendly and well liked by all these types of promotional items work well in any type of office area.  Also available are chocolates, mints, snakes, toffees, M&M’s and more.  Promote your brand sublimely with your customers today.

Article by Kyle Smith from Purely Promotions

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Bathroom Promos- Conditioner radios

Here at Promo Gift Blog, we love to sing our monotone voices out in the shower. Now you can make this a little less excruciating with this fantastic product, a 2-1 Radio and shampoo/conditioner bottle!!

Bathroom Promos- Radio conditioner bottle
With these great products you can really make a 'splash' (we are sorry for the pun) with consumers! Contact one of our Promotional Products Partners and find out how to offer these in innovative way to promote your business!

From orders of 5000 pcs you can customise the colour of the plastic casing, string & message print.   Even if your business has little to do with shampoo you can find innovative ways to tie in such products to your message.   Many other shapes available...

Monday 21 November 2011

City Bag Gift with Purchase

Baileys in the Philippines and this nice promotion where consumers can claim a free city bag when they buy a 3 pack of Baileys liquor:

City Bag Gift with Purchase

This promotion is very good as it focuses on the companies main target audience- women. By utilising products of another industry- fashion, Bailey's have created a 'city gift bag' that echoes trends in the fashion world.

Always remember that other industries can give you perfect opportunities to increase interest in your own promotional products!!

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Thursday 10 November 2011

High End Beverage Gift with Purchase

Jonny Walker, known internationally for its blend of whiskey have given us a good high end gift with purchase. Whenever consumers buy 4 x 750ml bottles of Jonny Walker's Black Label, they get a travel suitcase for free!!

High End Beverage Gift with Purchase!

This shows that the company have done their market research for these promotional products- choosing the suitcase is a perfect fit for the companies target audience of professionals.

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Powerful Promotions with Gifts and Bags

Modern promotions are a combination of information and hard sell. The object is to make direct contact with the target client base and provide value and create interest in the promotion. Best practice in any promotional environment is to use a combination of promotional items, information and promotional bags to provide a full package approach to these objectives.

This really is packaging, and there are some lessons to be learned from this combination of elements in promotions.

The typical promotional package includes: 
  •    A strongly branded, highly visual promotional bag, tailored to take all materials 
  •    Promotional gifts
  •    Promotional information and call to action materials
  •    In most cases, additional information about related brand products 

Obviously, there’s a lot of presentation involved in this package. The idea is to provide a positive image for the brand and provide useful sales materials.

The “efficiency factor”

Anyone familiar with the “assembly line” process of packaging promotional materials will tell you that the handling process is also a cost factor. The amount of handling involved in assembling 10 different items and sending them to customers or giving them out at promotional events is incredible. Putting these things in a bag isn’t just a packaging exercise- It’s also the most efficient way to manage the materials.

If you’re working in a mall, exhibition or other venues like a street giveaway, the bags more than pay for themselves in reduced handling. They’re extremely efficient, particularly if you’re dealing with high volumes of people and promotional materials. 

Simply transporting and distributing promotional materials in these environments is a real exercise in logistics:

·         You can’t distribute separate individual items one at a time efficiently- It simply can’t be done well, and it’s extremely inefficient in terms of distribution.

·         Onsite restocking is a real nuisance- People are away from their station in the promotion getting more promo materials, meaning reduced contact with customers and making them wait, which is usually not very popular.

·         People really don't appreciate being given lots of handouts without containers- If you’re at a major industry expo, for example, you could get a hernia with the amount of materials given out. The tendency is to dump things that can’t be easily carried. It’s also lousy presentation to give materials out without carriers, instantly devaluing the product, particularly in comparison with others.

The bags/ information/ promotional gifts combination turns the distribution process into a simple two-step process- “This is our product and here’s our information”. The promotional staff can focus on talking to customers and answering questions, not a mindless shuffling of materials.

Putting together your package

The easy way to manage assembly of promotional packages in any environment is a numbers game:

  •          Number of items per bag
  •          Number of units to distribute
  •          Number of hours or days in the promotion
  • 1     Number of people involved in distribution

For example-

  •          You’ve got 5 items per package
  •          You have 5000 packages to distribute in this environment
  •           Your promotion runs for 3 days
  •          You need 5000 bags, and have to distribute about 1700 per day.
  •          You need 5-8 people for that period (preferably on a weekend to maximize exposure)

Imagine trying to do that without the packaging approach. That’s why promotional gifts and bags are so useful. 

Article written by Sachin for Creative Promotions.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Jigsaw Wine Promo

Why not use something different as a Christmas reward to your clients this year? This promotional jigsaw puzzle of a wine bottle could be the perfect  high end executive gift:

The perfect executive gift- Wine bottle jigsaw

These kind of products would look at home behind an executive's desk. By putting a small corporate badge on the side of the bottle, your company could promote from within an executive's office!!

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Shaker GWP

Cocktail producers, VnC in Taiwan have started a promotional campaign where purchasers of a crate (6 1 litre bottles) get this free cool shaker:

Free shaker GWP
This is a great promotional product that goes hand in hand with the product. It also looks very good, and stays in touch with the companies image of being high end by using the 'golden' shaker.

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Surprise Gift with Purchase- A Halloween Promotion!

Cake Beauty Canada has used an interesting promotional tool to interest consumers this Halloween. By offering customers who spend over $25 on products a surprise free promotional gift, this encourages consumers to buying more Cake products to get a 'mystery' prize:

Free Surprise Gift with Purchase

Using these kind of 'fun' promotional campaigns can put your company in front of others who are promoting. This promotions has two interesting points; firstly the free promotional gift gets the consumers attention, secondly the surprise is an added benefit as it makes essentially a 'lucky dip'!

Promotions like this that are in keeping with the holiday make for very good promotions!

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