Monday 31 October 2016

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch

Following incorporation in America earlier this year, the multi award-winning distributor of promotional merchandise, Outstanding Branding, has opened its doors in Park Avenue, New York.

Outstanding Branding founders Sarah Penn and Andy Thorne recognise the high demand for a global solution within their current clientele, with a large proportion of clients having a global presence, in America in particular.  It is a vital part of the Outstanding Branding strategy to be able to offer a fully global solution, and the opening of the Park Avenue office is key to this.

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch

“We are lucky to have signed on offices in a fantastic part of a fantastic city,” comments Outstanding Branding CEO, Sarah Penn.  “The proximity to a number of our existing clients will allow us to offer the face to face, personal service we know they appreciate; as well as giving us the opportunity to drop in on any new clients interested in benefiting from our approach”.

Having previously contracted with a warehouse partner in New Jersey, which will be able to meet the demands of storage and fulfilment of their American clients, Outstanding Branding is strongly positioned to increase their foothold in the US.

“All the pieces are in place to allow us to deliver the world class service we have traditionally offered to our EMEA-based clients, to a new audience in the US,” comments Sales & Marketing Director, Andy Thorne.  “Our membership of both the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI/ 288519) and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI 678649) gives us access to and the support of all of the best-in-class suppliers in the US.  This allows us to provide our creative, professional solutions with the same speed and success as we do in the UK”.

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch
Outstanding Branding is carrying its company Values of Respect, Understanding, Creativity and Professionalism over to the US office, and these Values make them an innovative, forward-thinking proposition in any country.  Coupled with the company’s focus on customer service, Corporate Social Responsibility and the delivery of global solutions, these Values are key to ensuring the service delivered by the new US team is at the same as their UK-based companies have grown to expect.

Sales Director Andy Thorne explains, “Although we will continue to work with our existing partners across the globe, we feel that there is no substitute to being looked after to the same standards, processes and values worldwide.  We want to deliver our global solution very much with a focus on local understanding; so whilst the traditional OB Values will be the same for our US team, the local product and industry knowledge will prove vital to delivering a solution that works regionally as well as internationally.  These are exciting times and give our staff some amazing opportunities.”

Outstanding Branding LLC’s Office Launch
More information on Outstanding Branding’s promotional merchandise is available at, where details of the complete range of products and services offered can also be found.

Friday 28 October 2016

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products

On 6th October 2016, the team at Premier Promotional Products attended the National Sales Conference at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. It was a very valuable day out of the office for us as we were able to meet new contacts and learn new strategies and skills, enabling the team to regain our focus at work.

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
Watch a short clip of our time at the Sales Expo >>>

We have decided to share with you some of the key sales and marketing tips that we learnt from the inspirational speakers at the conference, so read on if you want to gain business advice from the experts!

Will Greenwood - Former HSBC Trader & Rugby World Cup Winner

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
  • Have a personal mission statement, it will change your mind-set, then break down this goal to achievable objectives.
  • Allow employees to make their own rules in the workplace – if you’re given rules, you break them, but if you make the rules, you self-please.
  • Find the people that are doing well and find out how they are doing it!
  • Become 1% better at 100 things, to be the best that you can be.
  • It’s not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.
  • One clap gives you brevity. Watch the one clap here >> 

John Bradshaw - CEO of The Meetology® Lab

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
  • Never offer someone you’re trying to influence a cold glass of water, they will then associate the word “cold” with you! Instead offer them a hot drink, people say yes more after hot drinks or food! 
  • If you smile and pretend to be happy, you will be happier.
  • Being fair to someone gives you the same feeling of pleasure that you get when you eat chocolate, so be fair when selling to your customers and you are likely to feel happier.
  • People are more likely to say yes if you ask them in their right ear, so lean over to your customer’s right ear rather than left!
  • Use body contact – humans like to be social and want interaction.

Chris Brindley - Former Managing Director of Metro Bank and National Sales Director for British Gas 

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
  • Ask satisfied customers to introduce you to someone in their business or social network.
  • Preparation or luck? Control the controllables with research and planning – luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
  • What is your personal best and when did you last beat it?
  • When was the last time you made someone else better at their job?
  • Stop talking about the past, talk about the future.

Grant Leboff - One of the U.K's leading Sales and Marketing experts

National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 

    • We are in a communication revolution – for the first time in History, everyone has a channel.
    • Digital marketing should be about building a community.
    • Create marketing and sales content that has real value to the customer.
    • Word of mouth is still the most powerful media tool, so ask for recommendations and referrals from customers.

    Lord Digby Jones - Former CBI Director General and Minister of State for Trade & Investment

    National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 

    • Maximise your resources to help sales and marketing teams succeed and prosper. 
    • Remind yourself of the importance of good customer care.

    Sir Trevor Soar - Former Commander in Chief (Admiral)

    National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
    • Have trust in employees; try putting someone else in charge.
    • Every time you solve something for other people, you deny them the chance to learn, so we must let others make mistakes in order for them to improve and grow.
    • T-CUP = thinking clearly under pressure.

    Maggie Buggie Global Sales Officer, Digital of Capgemini

    National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
    • Sell the outcome not the detail.
    • It’s not just about convincing your clients, it’s about inspiring them.
    • You need to become a ‘hybrid’ sales person, a hunger to learn and a mind-set that allows you to grow, share and collaborate with others.

    David Rutherford - Business Development Director, EY

    National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
    • Google’s project ‘Aristotle’ gives insight into how the key to good teamwork is being nice.
    • Businesses must try and create an environment of psychological safety, where everyone can be themselves.
    • Try to encourage more personal human interaction at work by eliminating the use of email in the office for one day. Instead, have face-to-face and telephone conversations, which are more personal.
    National Sales Conference 2016 - Premier Promotional Products 
    The Premier Team have taken the time to reflect on what we have learnt and collectively discuss how the new ideas and techniques can be applied within our business to help improve motivation, sales ability and personal growth. We think you should do the same!

    For more information please contact below 

    Jess Hart, Sales and Marketing at Premier Promotional Products.

    Telephone: 01732 843250
    Address: The Courtyard Business Centre, Birling Road, Ryarsh, Kent, ME19 5AA


    Monday 24 October 2016

    Boots UK offers Gift with Purchase by Elizabeth Arden

    Boots UK is offering a Gift with Purchase by Elizabeth Arden as a beautiful fall promotion.

    This promotion was created in collaboration with Holly Fulton. With the purchase of two Elizabeth Arden products, of which one a skincare product, you will receive this gift set. Within the gift set you receive a cosmetics bag, which has cool black and white with red velvet accents. The set itself is worth £102!

    Why do we like this Gift with Purchase?

    First of all, the cosmetics bag has a nice design, which will definitely attract customers. It has a high design appeal, and is designed in collaboration with a famous designer.

    A cosmetics bag also provides a convenient use: to store your make up. When buying these products, you can immediately store them in a designer bag. Customers will definitely feel like they are getting their money's worth with this promotion

    By using such a designer bag for their giveaway, Elizabeth Arden really upkeeps brand reputation. They are a high quality makeup brand, so it would only be fitting if they use a high quality product for their promotion.

    Friday 21 October 2016

    Using Promotional Products to promote your business this Halloween

    At this time of year, there is always a spooky buzz within local communities created by children and their families taking part in the Halloween festivities. It is a well known fact that sweets and chocolate are a big focus for people that take part in Halloween, with many aiming to collect more sweets and treats than the people around them in a light hearted competition between loved ones.

    With Halloween approaching, families will be choosing their outfits for Halloween themed parties that they will be attending or even for the traditional round of trick or treat that parents will take their children on. Meanwhile, many businesses are ordering spooky sweets and terrifying treats, with their logo or part of their brand spread right across the packaging, in order to use them as a promotional tool.
    Using Promotional Products to promote your business this Halloween

    How can Halloween benefit my business?

    There are many different types of promotional products that businesses use throughout the year to spread the word about their business and to increase the awareness of their brand, but at this time of year, treats in the form of sweets and chocolate is often the best approach. 

    The nature of the treats that you will be offering out in the spirit of Halloween will only attract people to take some from you, as most people will enjoy receiving something tasty that they can enjoy. By combining the treats with packaging that consists of your logo or some form of branding, you will be generating awareness of your business as many people are likely to see it, even more than just the people that you give the treats to. 
    Using Promotional Products to promote your business this Halloween
    There are a huge variety of different products that you can use as promotional Halloween products, including chocolate, sugary sweets, jelly sweets, biscuits and more. As there is such a wide variety of products that can be used, there is sure to be something that will attract everybody to take some of your treats and create this positive idea of your company.

    Where can I use my promotional Halloween treats?

    As the products are used to promote your business in a positive light, they can be given out as free treats in different types of scenarios. An ideal way of using the products would be to distribute them throughout your members of staff as office based fun or even for them to use as the treats at their own home on the night of Halloween, which would ensure that your brand is being spread throughout many different areas. 

    Another way to use the branded products would be to use them at any network events in the lead up to Halloween or at any events or trade shows where your pitch has a Halloween focus or theme.

    Regardless of which products you decide are best for you, using them as promotional products with your logo on the packaging is sure to generate interest in your company and show it in a positive light, by helping people to get into the Halloween spirit.

    Using Promotional Products to promote your business this Halloween

    About the Author

    Distinctive Confectionery was established over 20 years ago and is owned and managed by Tegwyn and Adele Thomas, a husband and wife team, together with their dedicated staff. Distinctive Confectionery offer a wide range of confectionery including sweets, chocolates and promotional advent calendars.

    Monday 10 October 2016

    Discover Purbeck offers free Tea Caddy with purchase

    Discover Purbeck is offering a free Dorset tea caddy when purchasing £3,99 worth of Dorset tea.

    This branded tin caddy is great for keeping tea bags fresh. There are multiple branding surfaces, so there is enough space to get across any kind of message. Next to looking very rustic, it offers a useful function: keeping your tea fresh!

    Why do we like this gift with purchase promotional ideas for tea brands?

    Offering a free gift with purchase is a great way of expanding your business.
    First of all, it increases your market share if you choose the right promotional product within your marketing campaign.

    Secondly, it increases your brand awareness, when people are using the product in public.
    Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift with purchase, they will gain a good impression of your company, thus encouraging them to continue purchasing your products.

    A free gift with purchase would help to increase your base of loyal customers. This is beneficial in many ways because customers have a tendency to switch brands.

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