Wednesday 5 May 2021

Promotional Product Blogs in April 2021

Let's look at what the most outstanding promotional products companies are writing about in April 2021. We will also establish some special days that are coming up in May 2021.

4Imprint Promotional Products wrote a blog about four employee fitness ideas to keep staff active - indoors and outdoors. Physical fitness is indeed imperative to a company's overall productivity. The blog has raised some key ways for companies to boost workplace happiness, improve employee mental health, and increase productivity. Some of the methods discussed are holding team events, getting competitive, and re-engineering the workplace. Click on the hyperlink above to find out more!

The VIP Swag Suite - 16 April 2021

Lotus Blossom Reflection, Sukhna Lake, India

IGO PROMO - 20 April 2021

Why are sustainable products important? IGO Promo explains the importance of sustainable products in retail and building a green future together. All of us are aware of the environmental issues existing in our world today, such as climate change. This blog shared insightful tips on sustainable products that you can use in your promotional product marketing and advice on living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The blog also discussed how we could use sustainable tools as a marketing tool and organize sustainable campaigns. Creating a sustainable future starts with you, so do read the full blog and start your journey towards sustainability!

Sourcing City News - 20 April 2021

Sourcing City News blogged about how The Outdoors Company has entered an exciting partnership with Canadian outdoor equipment company, Arc’teryx.

The ODM   Group - 20 April 2021

It is a known fact that sustainable packaging is imperative to environmental sustainability! The ODM Group has written a blog about sustainable packing concepts, specifically a nonwoven beverage carrier. All of us must look to more eco-friendly packaging methods to save the environment. This unique and attractive-looking beverage carrier is one of many ways to incorporate sustainable marketing into your business operations. The blog talked about why you should use this sustainable packaging concept and the steps you can take to integrate this into your business. Do take a look if it has intrigued you!

Perfect Imprints - 22 April 2021

Exercising is a great way to boost your company's morale and liven up spirits! Perfect Imprints wrote a blog about hosting an employee health contest for your company’s employees. They recommended some promotional exercise items that can help encourage everyone to exercise more often and promote your business while at it! They discussed exciting ideas such as branded workout equipment, which can be anything from jump ropes to yoga mats. Rewarding the winner is also essential, as it will encourage all employees to participate in any future competitions you may hold amongst them.

Marketing Gifts - 23 April 2021

Eco-friendly gifts are always trendy since people are more and more aware of our environmental issues. Marketing Gifts wrote an informative article on an eco-friendly marketing gift idea, a high-quality wooden pen set! They discussed why a wooden pen set makes for such an excellent promotional gift and the benefits of marketing gifts in general. Do give it a read if it interests you!

Marketing Movies - 23 April 2021

Marketing Movies discussed three reasons why Pokémon's new release collection makes fans go "Gotta Get 'Em All!" Pokémon has teamed up with Zavvi, an e-commerce entertainment retail store that enables fans to buy limited-edition movies, official merchandise, and the latest steel backs. This collaboration features three clothing items dedicated to the iconic character Pikachu.

Sourcing City News - 26 April 2021

Sourcing City News wrote a fascinating blog about the Troika Business Travel Pillow. Whether you’re traveling to and fro or the couch: the pillow supports and optimally relieves pressure on the neck. The memory foam ensures it will keep its shape, even after repeated use.

Red Canoe Promotions - 26 April 2021

Red Canoe Promotions wrote a blog about branded merch for the class of 2021. Graduating students will be able to get their hands on a custom drinkware piece with a custom logo.

Sourcing City News - 28 April 2021

Sourcing City News wrote a blog about Chelsea Leather Multi-Purpose Card Holders.

IGO Promo - 28 April 2021

Put your shades on and your freshest sneakers because summertime is coming around, and IGO Promo has written a blog about the potential promotional opportunities in summer! They discussed several ways you can use provide your company with a seasonal branding boost when summer comes around the corner. They include creating your own summer campaign, using water bottles as a marketing tool, and creating a summer gift bundle.

The ODM Group - 28 April 2021

With the current pandemic, many of us are all working from home. The ODM Group wrote a blog about a Work From Home gift, a wireless charger with your logo for remote onboarding. This product will allow your company to welcome your remote staff warmly. Gifting your newly hired employees some branded WFH gifts would be a powerful way to welcome them!

Upcoming Events in May 

Now that April is over, here are some events that we can all look forward to in May!

1 May - International Workers Day

4 May - Star Wars Day

5 May - Hand Hygiene Day

6 May - Beverages Day

7 May - World Athletics Day

10 May - Mothers Day

16 May - World Whiskey Day

18 May - Museum Day

21 May - Notebook Day

25 May - Wine Day

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