Promotional Product Blogs in May 2021

Let's look at what the most innovative and creative promotional products companies are writing about in May 2021. We will also establish some special days that are coming up in June 2021.

The VIP Swag Suite - 15 May 2021

Bavaria, Germany

USB2U - 18 May 2021

Are you looking for an expert provider in mood boards? Then look no further! USB2U offers a complimentary mood board service to both new and returning customers to let you see how your company logo might look on a spectrum of promotional tech gifts. Your mood board will showcase a logo or custom message of your choice on numerous popular items from their range of custom tech gifts.

Perfect Imprints - 18 May 2021

Are you maximizing your marketing potential to the fullest? Perfect Imprints wrote a fantastic blog about how you can fit promotional marketing into your marketing strategy. They talked about strategies such as going for variety and uniqueness as this is all you need for the diverse types of consumers on the market. If this has intrigued you, do have a read!

Promo Direct - 19 May 2021

Are you still looking for creative ways to celebrate National Picnic Month? Look no further, as Promo Direct has blogged about 7 promotional products to market during National Picnic Month. Some products include a sports bottle, utensil kits, coolers which are perfect for giving away in bulk to your customers!

Perfect Imprints - 20 May 2021

Perfect Imprints wrote a great blog about how to use promotional flip-flops. Some of the ways they listed include nail salons, hotels, and picnics. Do read the blog if this interests you!

The Denver Promotional Products Blog has written about how we can all keep cool during this humid season with summer branded merchandise! Some products include a branded cooling towel, a water bottle, a can cooler, and many more! 

Perfect Imprints - 26 May 2021

Want to improve your conversion rates and rank your website higher on search engines? Start using long-tail keywords as they have a larger impact on your brand! They are longer keyphrases that have a higher chance of being searched by visitors. As a result, they have less competition, are more cost-efficient, have higher conversion rates, and numerous other benefits that you can take advantage of! Take a look at the blog to find out more!

Pinnacle Promotions - 26 May 2021

Pinnacle Promotions wrote a blog about their client's success story. Gravy Solutions approached them as they are looking for a method of welcoming new employees to their company. Pinnacle came up with a New Hire kit that symbolises the Gravy culture and makes a fantastic impression on the fresh employees. It includes a short sleeve company tee, a custom 'Welcome to Gravy' card, as well as a Gravy silo bottle. Talk about an excellent onboarding kit!

IGO Promo - 27 May 2021

IGO Promo has written a blog about how to market your brand using sunglasses. Sunglasses with logos do an incredible job at selling the brand of your business. It is a fashion accessory, but it makes for a great promotional product for employees and customers. The blog recommended 5 of the best affordable and premium sunglasses from IGO Promo. So do have a read if you want to step up your brand's marketing to the next level while looking fabulous!

The ODM Group - 28 May 2021

Want to know how to step up your drinks marketing campaigns? The ODM Group has written an informative blog about Carling's amazing promotional campaign where they are awarding 10,000 lucky winners with a football jersey. On top of that, they have also analyzed other marketing campaigns from other companies that we can all learn from!

Promo Direct Blog - 28 May 2021

Have you shown your appreciation for your parents recently? The Promo Direct Blog talked about five marketing approaches to parents' day in their recent article! Help your customers show your gratitude towards their parents through personalized products or the giving of exclusive discounts for this special occasion! With every holiday comes more opportunities to drive your customers to purchase more from your business. You can read further by clicking on the link above or the image below.

The Promo Marketing Magazine wrote a blog about 6 promotional product ideas for bars and restaurants. Bars and restaurants suffered great losses due to the pandemic. However, restrictions are slowly being lifted again as the situation gets better. Promo Marketing Magazine has offered some product ideas to help your business operate at its best in this new ever-changing environment. These include a large wood bottle opener, a thick cork coaster, beverage boxes, and more!

Sourcing City News - 28 May 2021

Sourcing City News wrote a blog about a promotion they are having now, with 10% off all unit costs on Red Prado, Metro, or Marrow Mugs.

The VIP Swag Suite - 31 May 2021

Minas Viejas Waterfalls - Huasteca Potosina, Mexico.

Upcoming Events in June

Now that May is over, here are some events that we can all look forward to in June!

1 June - Children's Day

3 June - World Bicycle Day

5 June - World Environment Day

13 June - World Gin Day

14 June - World Bourbon Day

18 June - International Picnic Day

21 June - Go Skateboarding Day

27 June - Sunglasses Day

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