Thursday 29 June 2017

Basic Guide to Using WordPress for Promotional Products

Basic Guide to using WordPress for Promotional Products

It is important that you understand some key features before you start blogging. If you understand the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) this will greatly increase the degree of success your promotional products blog experiences. There are some very detailed SEO explanations online such as this article. However, this blog post is a quick 101 for using WordPress for promotional products.

Have a look at our simple visual guide below!

1. Use this button to add links into words/phrases - we do this rather than inserting whole hyperlinks as URL's. You want the reader to see the blog as refined, not rushed. The phrase/word will turn blue and become underline is the hyperlink has worked. Always double check your links!

2. This is where you will put your blog title. Choose something catchy - it needs to grab attention! Include the focus keywords(s) and capitalise the letters of each word to help the aesthetic appeal of the blog. 

3. On the right-hand side of the page you can publish, save draft and preview as well as update already published blogs. You can also see revisions and revert to older ones if needed. 

1. There are simple prompts to follow, if you don't understand any of the traffic light features there are hyperlinks to information pages.

2. WordPress used an easy traffic light system that lets you know when your blog has good readability and SEO features.

1. SEO title: This is what appears first when your blog shows up on search engines. Slug: This is very important and very simple to overlook. It is the exact address of the blog on the site and should always be written as 'xxx-xxxx-xxx'. Meta description: The small extract that appears underneath slug and title in search engines. 

2. Tags and categories help to organise your blog on your site and also to make it easier for your desired audience to find the blog. Always use a featured image too, this will help also (Ensure you change your picture details to include your SEO title or focus keyword)

3. Focus keyword should be incorporated in all elements mentioned above. It is called focus keyword because it should be at the centre of as much as possible for SEO. 

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