Tuesday 27 June 2017

How to Post a Tweet For Promotional Products

How to Post a Tweet For Promotional Products

Twitter is a fantastic way to reach a wide variety of people with over 300 million active monthly users. This is a guide on both the basics of using Twitter and also on specialising a tweet for promotional purposes.

If you are new to Twitter, have a look at our podcast video on the basics of tweeting. 

How to Post a Tweet For Promotional Products

Some common popular hashtags for our industry are:
#promoproducts #mercandise #promotionalproducts #promotional #corporategifts #corporateincentives #companygifts #promotionalgifts #giftswithpurchase #hotitem 
#promotionalbranding #buildyourbrand #buildyourbusiness #marketingmaterial 

Understanding your audience 

At Promo Gift Blog, Our Twitter audience is mainly interested in: Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. They are mostly professional/self-employed and over 50% are from the UK and the USA. These are all indicators that our audience are looking for quality and clear concepts, make tweets concise and proof-read.  

How to Post a Tweet For Promotional Products

With any Twitter business account, aiming to tweet about promotional products it is of the upmost importance that you utilise the 'analytics' area of Twitter and understand your audience/target clients on the platform. 

Using the Hashtag and 'At' Symbol Successfully 

The hashtag symbol (#) is used to categorise a tweet and make it easier to find on Twitter search, much like an SEO. Clicking on a hashtag will automatically take you to the relevant search and they can be included anywhere in the tweet. Be aware as a business that using a hashtag that is too popular may push your tweet to the bottom of the twitter feed quickly as Twitter is famously fast paced and immediate. We need to be specific and relevant, If a hashtag becomes popular enough - the required twitter users will find it displayed in 'Trends'.

If you are confused as to which hashtag will create the most customer interaction you can use websites such as:
Studies show that engagement tends to decrease after the third tweet, so where possible limit yourself to this amount. 

This symbol is used to 'tag' another account in a tweet. By doing so you will create a notification for that account when they log in. It is a good way for a business to reply to clients directly as an alternative to messages - if the enquiry is one that is a general question for example.

Top Tips for Tweeting 

  • Do make use of the 'promote' feature, tweets tend to reach 3-4% of your target audience so this paid service greatly increases this percentage - increasing brand awareness.
  • Don't over-tweet and 'spam' the twitter feed, this will stop you gaining followers and mean that clients do not take your company or promotional products as seriously.
  • Do interact with your followers as much as possible. Twitter is a social media platform and tends to not be well suited to solely output - increase follower interactions with polls, competitions etc.
  • Don't forget to make use of your account 'bio, this is the first thing that your followers or potential followers will see and is the 'first impression' of the Twitter world.

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