Suggested Guidelines for writing the perfect Promo Gift Blog.

First of all, lets just say that this is an industry initiative which is curated by a group of industry leaders. We are giving others in the industry the opportunity to post on this blog free of charge.

What is required for a Promo Gift Blog Case Study?
  1. Keep it interesting.
  2. Short snappy blogs, approximately 300 words, with witty or interesting promotion can be much more interesting than overly long ones where we are dumping text for sake of SEO.
  3. Text explaining real life promotions highly preferred to a boring company profile which we may veto at our discretion.
  4. Your blog needs Pictures or Videos of real life promotions wherever possible.
  5. Use an appropriate keyword and repeat a few times throughout the blog.
  6. Back Links to your website are optional.   Please include hyperlinks on your submission.

If you are unable to find content for our blog or for your blog, then contact us and let us write for you. Whilst we publish your news free of charge, we do charge if you want to tap into our inspiration and time.

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