"Better Homes and Gardens" Magazine On-Pack Promotion: Christmas Gift Set

Our PromoGift Team is constantly looking into different promotions from all over the world, and recently in Australia we came across this Christmas gift set, offered by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine as On-Pack Promotion. The gift includes 10 cards and 10 envelopes, made buy English manufacturer Royal Doulton, specialised in dinnerware, giftware, cookware, porcelain, glassware, linens, curtains etc.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine On-Pack Promotion: Christmas Gift Set

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is the fourth best selling magazine in the United States. It focuses on interests regarding homes, cooking, gardening, crafts, healthy living, decorating, and entertaining. The magazine is published 12 times per year.

Why is On Pack Promotion by Better Homes and Gardens effective: 

On pack gift is always an effective method to boost sales volume and increase brand awareness to meet marketing requirements, and choosing the right marketing is critically important for any promotions.

With this promotional campaign, Better Homes and Gardens and Royal Doulton demonstrate a perfect collaboration, as they manage to reach their common target audience - women.  The magazine, which belongs to the group of women's service editorials, and is dedicated to house decor and cooking, and cookware producer - both famous and repectable brands with a long history.

This is an obvious incentive for increasing the sales of magazines. There is plenty amount of surface area for the company to brand their logo or messages on set gift sets, cards and envelopes, which provides a large and quick spread of brand. Moreover, such on-pack promotions are highly visible which results in an increased brand awareness from the public.

If you would like to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your brand contact us at PromoGift.

Eden Spa offer fabulous Gift with Purchases

Eden Spa, Nottingham, are offering a fabulous Gift with Purchase available at Eden Hall with purchase of 2 or more Clarins products.The Gift with purchase are 4 free Clarins best sellers and a gorgeous beauty bag.

Eden Spa offer fabulous Gift with Purchases
This is the perfect product to be offered for a company that focuses on the Beauty industry. Traditionally Spa day's have been the favourite of female clientele, and this promotion is clearly focused on this. Though that's not to say that male customers would not appreciate this free gift with purchase. 

Gift with purchase are used many times by companies as a marketing strategy to increase sales and awareness of brand. In regards to Eden Spa, the gift with purchase example is effective due to the type of gift they’re offering. By offering a 4 best sellers and a beauty bag, this will fit perfectly with the type of image Eden Spa wishes to project. As the service they offer is high end, the gift also must be high quality to effectively attract the right client to the product. 

Help Raise Fundraising Awareness with Branded T-shirts

No matter what their age or tastes, everyone wears T-shirts. That makes customisable shirts a great fundraising idea for schools, church groups, sporting teams, or any other type of organisation.

Help raise fundraising awareness with branded t-shirts
But what stand completely apart from the fundraising and crowdsourcing for the personal needs is donations in wake of the tragedies such as earthquakes, flooding, fire, and other natural disasters and force majeures.

While fundraising campaigns depend on the altruism, emphathy and kind hearts of donors, rewarding people for contributing is also an important step. That is why nonprofit organizations should consider using the popularity of apparel as a way to raise awareness.

The Advertising Specialty Institute has recently studied a case about Texas decorator which launched T-shirt fundraiser.

According to ASI Central, RiverCity Sportswear created a T-shirt fundraiser to help rebuild its central Texas community after severe flooding which has happened this May, leaving several towns devastated.
Help raise fundraising awareness with branded t-shirts
RiverCity Sportswear’s offices were not directly affected by the flooding, but the company wanted to do something to help the sufferers. According to the statistics, more than 700 homes in central Texas were either damaged or destroyed by the storm.

“When the flood happened, I had the idea of selling T-shirts in order to fundraise money for all of those affected in the area,” said Richard Lopez, director of sales at RiverCity Sportswear.

RiverCity hasn’t set a specific goal for the fundraising effort, but within 12 hours of launching, the company had already sold 80 shirts, the ASI Central says. All of the proceeds are being funneled into rebuilding the community, funding various regional nonprofits.

Less recently, the ASI Central highlighted the success of the "Boston Strong" T-shirt project, created in response to the bombings that took place at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Founders Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens were able to sell 60,000 shirts, raising $900,000 in donations.

In July, 2015 businesses and individuals have responded to the the killings at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston with donations and fundraisers. A day after the tragedy, Christopher Miller, a graphic designer who runs a business near AME Church, launched a Booster t-shirt fundraiser. Within four days he had sold 400 #CharlestonStrong t-shirts and raised more than $3,100.

Help raise fundraising awareness with branded t-shirts
In general, t-shirts create awareness and serve as a lasting symbol of your passion for the cause. Clothing can also help donors identify with an organizations and a community of contributors, especially if they see others wearing the same t-shirt. They can recognize the impact of the organization and see the relationship others have with it as well.

We would like to thank ASI Central for the provided information and River City Sportswear for all the good they have done in raising awareness and charity. If you're interested in knowing more on this topic, please visit the Advertising Specialty Institute website.

The Body Shop Free Christmas Gift With Purchase

Even though it is still November,  lots of companies have already started implementation of their Christmas promotional campaigns.

For example, the famous British brand The Body Shop, specializing in cosmetics and make-up, with their 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries, have changed the design of their website for the festive, with slogans on the main page: "Holiday has never felt so good!" and "Happiness made here"

Moreover, they started offering gifts with purchase: “Xmas comes early this Thursday & Friday!” – their marketing campaign claims. Only on November 19 and 20 the loyalty members enjoy 30% discount, and plus they receive a free gift worth £20 when they spend £30. The promotional gift is offered in a sophisticated branded Christmas box.

The Body Shop have cleverly used this marketing gift as a way of operationalizing their social media marketing. By using twitter as a way to promote this promotional gift they are encouraging consumers to share the post and to buy products from their web shop. A great way to increase profitability over all.

Gift with purchase is excellent add-on to any promotional campaign. The use of free branded giveaway merchandise leads to a higher logo exposure, therefore rising brand awareness and brand recall. Additionally, it makes the products more noticeable to the customers, which is beneficial when it comes to improving the sales. Therefore gift with purchase is an efficient tool to reach the goals of the marketing campaign.

If you would like to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your brand contact us at PromoGift.

Getting The Message Through: How Promotional Products Can Benefit Your Company

Getting The Message Through: Scott George of Propel Promotions Explains How Promotional Products Can Benefit Your Company

In A Nutshell, What Are Promotional Products? Promotional products are any item that can be imprinted or decorated with a company or organization’s name, logo, brand or message. They are used to promote a product, service or company programme and are also used in conferences, trade shows, events and product launches. Promotional products are also ideal to create awareness or help fundraise for a cause or benefit such as schools, organizations and Not-For-Profits (NFP).
Examples of commonly used promotional products include pens, calendars, apparel, caps, coffee mugs, calculators, key-rings, desk accessories and umbrellas. There are literally thousands of different types of promotional products available and in many cases they can be custom designed and developed to a client’s individual needs and requirements.

Where Do Promotional Products Fit In A Company’s Marketing Mix? They’re an essential component of marketing and communication programmes, irrespective of industry type. They have real impact and play an important role in enhancing a company’s profile and business growth.
What Can I Give My Clients That They’ll Actually Like? Promotional products and corporate gifts are a great way to reward and build brand loyalty. It is important to continue to acknowledge and thank clients, employees and suppliers. According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 88% of people recall the advertisers name on a promotional product. Keep that in mind, the type of industry you’re in and the sort of people it attracts. Imprinting your companies or organizations brand is important however, make sure it’s discreet the last thing a client of staff member wants is something that’s over-branded. 

Gifts relating to sports or outdoor activities are often gratefully received as are family and leisure-related items like picnic sets and wine accessories. In our increasingly health and safety-conscious times, company branded car emergency and first-aid kits can also be a practical idea. There is a strong trend towards cool IT-related gadgets like Smart Phone Accessories, USB Flash Drives, MP3 Players, Earbuds/Headsets etc. Gifts often range in price from $10 to $100 but remember … it’s the thought that counts.

I Can Order Plenty Of Promotional Products On The Internet. Won’t That Do? There’s a significant difference between purchasing promotional products on the Internet and working with a promotional products and promotional marketing professional. The latter gives you the highest quality products and the creativity to make your promotion successful: don’t forget that you’re dealing with your organization’s name, logo, brand or message.  Promotional products professionals appreciate their clients’ brand equities and the importance of maintaining and protecting their brand and identification standards. They’re skilled at recommending products that fit perfectly with clients’ marketing strategies.
How Do I Recognize A Quality Promotional Products Distributor? In the United States and Canada, most promotional product and promotional marketing professionals are members of industry organizations or associations such as ASI (the Advertising Specialty Institute) or PPAI (Promotional Products Association International). ASI & PPAI members are recognized as providers of professional business marketing and promotional solutions.

About The Author: Scott George is the Managing Director of Propel Promotions, a focused entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the marketing and promotional products industry. Propel Promotions is a specialist and innovative marketing and promotional products company providing effective, individual and personalized promotional and marketing solutions for North American businesses and organizations. "We’re a marketing and promotional products company; with a passion for innovation, strategy and problem solving we deliver promotional marketing solutions companies love." Scott and his team has worked with such companies and organizations as; Shell, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, World Vision, National Geographic and BNI (Business Network International) to name only a few. Scott has been featured in a number of promotional product and business publications.

Elemis offer free luxury beauty bag with purchase

House of Elemis is currently offering a gift with purchase. By purchasing 2 or more Elemis products, customers would receive a complimentary luxury beauty bag.

This is the perfect product to be offered for a skin care and beauty company. All costumers will be happy to purchase a few more beauty products if they can get a free beauty bag as an added gift with purchase.
Elemis offer free luxury beauty bag with purchase

A gift with purchase is hugely beneficial for your company in many ways. Firstly, a gift with purchase helps to increase sales. Offering a gift with purchase helps to attract more customers, which will increase sales revenue and maximize profit. 

Secondly, a gift with purchase acts as a form of advertisement. When customers go out with the gift they received, it is a form of advertising for your company. 

Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift, they would have a good impression on your company. This encourages them to continue purchasing your products.

Lastly, a gift with purchase helps to improve brand recollection. The gift with purchase would leave an impact on your customers.

Web Summit 2015 - Global Technology Conference

Web Summit is an annual technology conference centered around the rising trend of internet
technology. The summit brought together a wide variety of businesses from the top fortune 500
companies to exciting new tech firms. A popular business exhibition such as this, should be essential for any innovative entrepreneurs, small businesses and large business wishing to exploit the huge potential that surrounds internet technology.

Web Summit 2015 - Global Technology Conference

The Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 22,000 from more than 110 countries. The
summit has become a successful and notable exhibition within the internet arena, in 2015, in Dublin, Ireland, hosting many prominent figures in the web world including speakers such Bruce UpBin, managing editor of Forbes and co founder of lnstagram Mike Krieger.

The most important aspect of the summit was knowledge, businesses would of learnt a vast array of
expertise. Talks for this year's show were centered around online privacy, social media influence and
strategies, ethics within the internet, and the dominance of mobile sector. These events are the perfect
ground for developing networks with other clients and stimulating creativity with possibilities in the long-term of establishing contracts.

Particularly in today's technological based world, it is vitally important for all firms to take a an interest in the internet medium as it offer huge opportunities for businesses to exploit.

Top 25 Tweeters

PromoGift were tracking this event using IFTTT, with this event tracking we also found out who the 25 most active people on twitter were. This type of event provides a good opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the use of social media. The top 25 are listed below.

Web Summit 2015 - Global Technology Conference

Ultimately WebSummit was a fantastic opportunity to gain unrivaled knowledge on internet technology.

Furthermore attending this event can also increase brand awareness by grabbing the attention of other
businesses and building networks with industry peers. Web Summit is an excellent event for managers to attend that can lead to promising results.

BPMA Study Reveals Top Promotional Items

British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has revealed the top promotional items companies use as a giveaway strategy in order to promote brand and products. The study also reveals the value and popularity of promotional merchandise and therefore why they are so effective.

The association estimates the total spend for promotional items reaches nearly £1 billion for the UK businesses. This figure shows how important branded item are to business and the effect they can have. The study reveals that pens are by far the most common giveaway with bags and electronically items coming next.

The top ten items given away are;
  1. Promotional Pens 
  2. Branded Bags
  3. Electronic Items - memory sticks and power banks etc 
  4. Branded Mugs 
  5. Promotional Clothing 
  6. Notepads 
  7. Mints or Sweets 
  8. Stress Balls 
  9. Mouse Mats
  10. Other Stationary 
Less common give-away's were seen to be items including plants, ice cream and brand mascots. Promotional pens make fantastic give-away products due to their cost, durability and functionality. This all will help to create larger brand awareness recognition and even additional brand value to any company wishing to introduce this.

This study is very useful source for business who are new to this form of promotion and therefore can take into consideration when choosing which items to implement. However take note, although these products are proven to be effective it also important in many cases for companies to be unique and innovative in there choice of promotional merchandise to make the company stand out.

If you're interested in knowing more about the data provided, you can visit BPMA website. If you would like  to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your please contact us at PromoGift.

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