Nestlé Personalized Activity Book Promotional Campaign

The incredibly popular food and beverage company, Nestlé, ran a promotion in which they gave away free personalized activity books, with the purchase of 3 baking products from Woolworths.
Nestlé Personalized Activity Book
One of the most unique aspects about this promotional campaign, that makes it stand out against others, is that it's personalized. Parents will be enticed to make the 3 purchases in order to get an activity book for their children, who will also be excited.

The personalized activity book, which includes the individual consumers name and picture, is a sure way to drive sales. As you can see from the image, it is branded with the Nestlé logo and features recipes. The fact it features recipes is important, because it's relevant to Nestlé. This allows Nestlé to create recipes that will required consumers to purchase even more Nestlé products, be it baking accessories or food.

The personalization will ensure that parents and children associate positively with their brand, which will make them more like to purchase from them in the future, or recommend the brand to others.

Rent The Runaway - Social Media Promotional Campaign

The dress and accessory rental company, Rent The Runaway, ran a promotional campaign in which they give their customers a free accessory with an online order.

To boost this marketing campaign, Rent The Runaway took advantage of social media - primarily Facebook. As you can see on the bottom of the image, they will add free shipping to the campaign, once the image 'reaches 50 shares'. This is a fantastic strategy to get your customers to spread word of the campaign to their family and friends, through the use of an added incentive.

The gift they give away can be made of virtually any material, so this campaign can be run with a tight budget, or a higher-end product can be provided with larger budgets. The fact that jewellery and accessories already have a high perceived value with ensure that customers feel valued, making it more likely they'll purchase in the future or recommend your brand.

It's primarily an incentive product, incentive to not only get customers to spread awareness of the brand, but also incentive to get customers purchasing.

The way in which the campaign has been run, through the use of social media, will also help to drive traffic to their website, as that's the platform customers will have to use to take advantage of the promotion.

Accessories and jewelry are more than often worn in public. This means high viability for your brand, especially if the gift is branded well.

Promotional Make-Up Bag

There's currently a promotional campaign being run by a Chinese make-up company, 百雀羚, in which they give a free make-up bag with the purchase of their gift set.
Promotional Make-Up Bag
Promotional Make-Up Bag
The campaign is being run due to the variety of benefits that come along with it. The make-up bag they're giving away has been customized in order to match the companies green color scheme. This will ensure that customers will recall their brand whenever they see the bag.

The bag makes the perfect branding opportunity, due to its large, flat area and visibility. Which will most definitely increase brand awareness and exposure.

As it's a gift with purchase (GWP), the bag will add incentive for consumers to purchase the gift set, leading to an increase in impulse purchases from customers who want the bag.

Despite it being a relatively simple product, there are many customizations that can be made to match your corporate theme and make it look higher-end. The customizable options include the design, color, material, size and shape of the bag. Customizing the bag can help to reach different target audiences. In this case it's a make up bag, which is clearly targeting women.

Ballatine's High-End GWP

Ballantine's, the popular Scotch whiskey brand, is currently running a premium campaign by offering a high-end gift with purchase (GWP). When purchasing two bottles of 17 year old Ballantine's whiskey, you get a free carry bag, as can be seen below.

The promotional bag can be used to conveniently carry the two bottles of whiskey it comes with. This convenience will most definitely add extra incentive for consumers to purchase this brand, over competing whiskeys.

The high-end style of the bag will also make consumers feel like a valued customer, which makes them more likely to purchase from your range again in the future. The perceived value of the bags, combined with the two bottles of 17 year old whiskey, can allow you to justifiably charge more for your product, than competitors.

As bags are often used in public, the large branding area on the bag can be utilized in order to raise brand awareness, and ultimately increase the sales of your products. Many customizations come along with promotional bags, such as the color, material, design, size, branding and use - the possibilities are endless.

The large size combined with the high-end look of the bag will certainly make it stand out on the shelves. This will increase the number of impulse purchases from consumers, who will purchase your products rather than your competitors.

Promotional Casino Gift Ideas

The popular online casino, 888, are currently running a promotional campaign - in which they provide a free gift when customers deposit $20 or more into the casino. After depositing, the customer will then have a chose of a free item, including, a hooded jumper, a laptop bag, a T-Shirt and a poker chip set.

The most important aspect of all these gifts is that they're branded with the 888 logo, and they match the casinos color scheme, to make it more recognizable.

888 chose to give away these specific promotional gifts as they are likely to be used in public. The hooded jumper and T-Shirt will likely be worn in public, the laptop bag will likely be carried in public and the chip set will be used when customers play games of poker with their friends. This public exposure is certain to do one thing; increase brand awareness and get more consumers using 888 as their casino of choice.

The free gifts add a huge incentive to consumers to deposit their money into the casino, where the casino is more than likely going to win. So despite the fact 888 may lose a small amount of money on the promotional gifts, they will earn it back from those who deposit into the casino eventually.

The products they've used for this campaign are all relatively generic, which means this type of campaign can easily be run on a tight budget.

As you can see from the image, they have also linked it to another casino website, CasinosOnline, who they are likely in partnership with. So not only does this campaign add brand awareness, it also helps to drive website traffic, as this campaign was run online.

GWP Water Tumbler Bottle

Useful and stylish gifts that consumers will use regularly, are always a favorite - especially when it comes to running a promotional campaign. An example show casing the success of this type of campaign can be seen from Darlie, who ran it in order to promote their 'Expert Gum Care Toothpaste'.

GWP Water Tumbler Bottle

The reasoning behind this comes from the fact that when branded products are used regularly, it will increase brand awareness.

This is most certainly the case when it comes to offering a water bottle tumbler, as part of your marketing campaign. As a water bottle tumblers will often be used in public, when traveling for example. So when this public exposure is effectively combined with the large branding area, it can do wonders when it comes to increasing awareness of your brand.

Water tumbler bottles are often quite cheap, so it is a promotional campaign that can be run on a relatively tight budget. Despite the low cost, there are still a large number of customizations that can be made to the tumbler bottle. These can be taken advantage of in order to give it a high-end and stylish look, which will increase its perceived value. Be it the color, logo, size or design, the options are endless.

An added benefit is that it increases the incentive for your consumers to purchase your products, and makes them feel like a valued customer. As a valued customer, they're more likely to recommend your brand to others, or become a repeat customer.

On-Pack Bottle Promotion

The health product company, Accu-Chek, is currently offering a promotional gift with every purchase of their Performa device. The device is used to test blood sugar levels, primarily used by diabetics.

On-Pack Bottle Promotion
On-Pack Bottle Promotion
The promotional gift they're giving away is a branded bottle. This is a very relevent promotional gift, and as such, it will very likely be used often by those that buy the device.

The on-pack bottle also helps to raise the perceived value of the device, which justifies the fact it may be more expensive than similar, competitors products. The free gift also adds incentive for consumers to purchase.

The fact that it's a simple product makes it a promotional campaign that can be run on a tight budget. Despite the products simplicity, there are still numerous options when it comes to customization. The customizations can include the branding, color, design and size.

The flat area on the bottle is also beneficial. As it's a useful product, there's a high likelihood that it will be used in public. So this large branding area will definitely help to increase brand awareness.

Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport

During our visit to Bangkok Airport this week, we spotted a free promotional bag which was given away as part as a GWP campaign. King Power ran this campaig - in which they are giving a free, stylish and branded shopping bag to all customers who make a purchase over 2000 baht (US$60).

Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport
Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport
As you can see above, the store used a highly visible, light up display. This was done in order to raise awareness of the promotion amongst shoppers. The high visibility coupled with the promotional bag is a guaranteed method for King Power to raise sales and brand awareness. The sales will come primarily from impulse purchases by shoppers and passers, who will see the attractive display.

To add to this, they made the promotional gift more personalized for each customer, by offering a selection of different colors. The range of colors, which include blue, pink and purple, will also appeal to a wider audience including men, women and children.

Not only will this promotional gift increase purchases by adding incentive. It will also act as free advertisement for the company. As the bag is branded, all consumers who carry around the bag with them will be spreading your brand which will increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales.
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