Using Promotional Confectionery to Build Healthy Relationships with Customers

Promotional products are brilliant for customers because they love a freebie but they are even better for your business because they can help to enhance your brand. So, just how good is confectionery as a promotional product?

Confectionery is often missed when it comes to using it as a promotional product because it has been used time and time again. However, it is an effective promotional tool that can promote your business, say thank you to current clients and bring in new clients.

Using Promotional Confectionery to Build Healthy Relationships with Customers
  • Improves the way your brand is perceived
While they are a great way of saying thank you, they offer a lot more than that because they make people aware of your brand. More businesses are considering new ways in which they can improve brand awareness and confectionery tops their list of products because it is popular and not too expensive.

Another way to look at it, is that it is certainly a fun way to engage with people. Chocolate is loved by most people and if they enjoy it, they will certainly remember it and because there is so much available you have the opportunity to use it in different ways.
Using Promotional Confectionery to Build Healthy Relationships with Customers
  • It can be customized
You can play around with the flavours and colours as well as the design and this means it provides you with a level of flexibility that can help you to create an image of your brand. The packaging can be altered to fit in with the colours of your brand highlighting just how crucial it can be.

If confectionery comes in tins, then this is the ideal way to incorporate your brand message and logo along with a web address and email address. Coloured wrappers work well along with personalized boxes and jars, making each product look different. It is even possible for you to customize the confectionery with your logo or name and that means your brand will remain with them until the moment they enjoy it.

  • It is adaptable
Confectionery is perfect for almost anyone and that is why it can be given away to a wide range of people in order to promote your brand and business. They can be used at events and tradeshows or even as a way of saying thank you and they are great as corporate gifts.
It can be given out to people on the street in the same way that it can be given to the Chief Executive of a large company. It has the ability to reach far and wide and that is why it is so adaptable.
Using Promotional Confectionery to Build Healthy Relationships with Customers
  • Cost Savings
It is a relatively cheap way of promoting your brand because it can be bought at a low price and in large quantities. You can find a product to fit your budget but if you buy in bulk you will get the best deal.

  • It will be remembered
Confectionery promotional products are unassuming and do not make people feel that you are forcing your brand on them; this means they do not see it as a form of advertising. Therefore, a huge percentage of people keep their promotional products and that is how they will remember you.
About the Author

Distinctive Confectionery was established over 20 years ago and is owned and managed by Tegwyn and Adele Thomas, a husband and wife team, together with their dedicated staff. Distinctive Confectionery offer a wide range of confectionery including sweets, chocolates and personalised biscuits.

Pandora offers Holiday Gift with Purchase

Danish jewellery manufacturer and retailer Pandora has a new Gift with Purchase for this years holiday season. Pandora pendants are a popular gift to give during Christmas, so combining this peak season with a festive Gift with Purchase might just boost sales to close the year with a bang.

This free ornament can be obtained by spending $125 on Pandora products. This makes the gift feel luxurious and sought after. The Christmas ornament comes in a pretty gift box, so this can automatically used as another Christmas gift to friends or family.

Why do we like this Free Ornament?

Pandora is a luxurious brand. During Christmas, people like to give each other fancy gifts. Jewellery is always a popular gift, so by offering a Christmas ornament makes the brand look more appealing to the Christmas shopping public. This ornament can be used year after year, leading to long-term Brand Recognition. Two gifts in one!

Marketing Expert Rob Watson Joins #teamOB

London, United Kingdom Outstanding Branding, one of the UK’s most premier promotional merchandise distributor companies has announced the hire of industry expert and marketing guru, Rob Watson to its team as Global Chief Marketing Officer.  Watson’s blend of industry knowledge coupled with his marketing acumen provides a true asset to OB’s recent expansion into the US marketplace.

Marketing Expert Rob Watson Joins #teamOB
Marketing Expert Rob Watson Joins #teamOB
Throughout his 12-year career in the US promotional products industry, Watson served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and User Experience to the industry’s top membership, research, events and technology organization, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).   Prior to ASI, he was the President of MediaTree – a leading digital agency of reward-based incentives aimed at boosting customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Watson commented, “I am honored and excited to lead the marketing efforts of Outstanding Branding’s international channels.  The commitment of everyone to the company’s core values of respect, understanding, creativity and professionalism is truly what makes the organization so special.

In partnership with the world’s leading promotional merchandise suppliers, it is our goal to connect and nurture brand loyalty with consumers through innovative and creative promotional solutions.”

He has spent over 20 years producing branding and advertising campaigns for large corporations and small businesses alike. His clients have included the Miss America Organization, GEICO Insurance, Walmart, Vitamin Water, Nickelodeon and Royal Caribbean International.

Marketing Expert Rob Watson Joins #teamOB
Marketing Expert Rob Watson Joins #teamOB
Outstanding Branding’s CEO, Sarah Penn states, “I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for our company and its people, and look forward to working with Rob and the leadership team as we stay committed to delivering outstanding service, products and solutions while continually growing our business world-wide.”  

Watson begins his post as Global CMO on January 1, 2017, headquartered in Outstanding Branding’s NYC office located at 300 Park Avenue.

For more information about Outstanding Branding, please visit their website:  
UK  -
US  -

Custom Bottle Opener from Used Bullets

With imagination, anything can become a very interesting promotional product. ASI recently had an interesting article about Eli Crane who did just that. He was inspired by a gift his brother brought back from the Philippines: a used .50 cal bullet reshaped as a bottle opener. 

Eli, who used to be in the Navy SEALs at the time, customised it and it became an immediate hit with his colleagues. He decided to make more, and started gathering expended ammunition. After a few months, his earnings rose from 375$ to $80.000 a month due to better quality materials and good Brand Recognition. 

Why do we like this Custom Bottle Opener?

What really speaks from this item is that the company understands brand recognition very well. Every piece is engraved with a logo and date, so everyone who uses this will be able to learn who made it. This makes it easy for a brand name to spread.

Secondly, the Bottle Breachers have a high design appeal. The coloured designs on the expended bullets make the items pop out, plus giving an item a second life like this is good for the environment. Combining this with the fact that part of the earnings go to charities designed to helping US Army veterans, definitely helps to boost Brand Image! 


Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Promotional Products companies should give away innovative and fun products with great packaging to their customers.  Your customers will know to speak with you next time they want Custom China production if you give away a Chinese Themed fun Promo Gift.  

Order as few as 200 pcs of these Rooster Socks and Wow your customers.  Order window closes on 7th December and we are trying to limit this to 1 promotional agency per country so we are urging people to act fast.  

2017 is the Year of the Rooster according to Lunar Calendar."Roosters" are hardworking, resourceful, courageous and talented..., which seems like a fantastic animal to get branded on Promotional Socks!
Be like the Rooster, and be sure to Wake Up Early for this Sock Promotion!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
The Promotional Products world is all about colour matching and pantones.  For this reason the Socks are made in 3 different colours.  The importance of choosing the right colour for brands is key and it is important to understand the symbolism of colours.

Important to note for Rooster Socks:

  • No Promo Gift Branding on these.  They are branded with your message.
  • Give these away with your business cards at meetings and people will remember you.
  • Socks are an up and coming promotional gift so good chance this gift will generate RFQs.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Which Rooster Sock works best for you?

Brown: A colour for the industrious and grounded. The Rooster has been a sign of punctuality since the dawn of ages, so combining this symbolism with a warm, brown tone shows that you mean business!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Blue: This calm, neutral blue will put you in the right mood to start the Year of the Rooster off right. Stay one step ahead with these easy-going socks that will match with everything and get you noticed.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Dark Grey: An easy colour to match with smart casual outfits. This granite grey is anything but simple, and adds that little extra touch to your daily look.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Promotional Rooster Sock Pricing

If you join this small order with us the EXW costs will be as follows: 
  • 250 pcs - US$1.85/pcs.
  • 500 pcs - US$1.45 /pcs.  
  • 1000 pc - US$1.20 /pcs
  • 2000 pc - US$ 1.10 /pcs
The paper label can be customized with your logo/design - printing set up cost is 150 USD. 

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

Design and QC is sponsored by Promotional Gift Blog.

Who's already involved?!

We already have client's from Australia and Canada who have seen the potential in offering a unique and original promotion right after Xmas, and what better time that for Chinese New Year celebration. 

Orb Group Has a team of Brand Enhancement staff who are ready to heighten your brand. Orb Group has offices in Glasgow, Manchester, Paris, Mumbai, Sydney and an agent in Hong Kong allowing them to:
Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks

- Be the first to market with new promotional ideas, allowing you to benefit from Creativity and excitement;

- Source products at the best price, allowing you to pocket the savings;

- Work directly with our extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers to produce custom products that have passed vigorous quality control standards, allowing you to sleep at night.

Ideavation: They are a redefining what it means to be a full service promotional marketing agency.

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
They offer complete end-to-end sourcing across North America, Europe and Asia. From strategy to product sourcing to global shipping to distribution & fulfillment.

Ideavation approach to the business blends the best domestic catalog service with the highest quality in overseas custom sourcing solutions. A risk-free, hybrid model!

Relationships are the foundation of their business success. They provide quality products, service and support, but the relationships they form with their customers are really the foundation.

Hillcrest Promotions: What do they do?

-Merchandise Management
Procurement, design, warehousing, online merchandise stored, distribution. We handle merchandise from A - Z. We will fulfill your merch needs with a programme tailored to suit YOU!

Chinese New Year Promotional Rooster Socks
-Custom Made & Promotional
With factories throughout NZ & Asia we have the ability to turn your idea(or ours!) into a working model. With over 30 years; experience in importing, design and manufacturing we love being tested, throw us your curve ball.

From shoes to caps we literally kit you out from top to toe and all thats in between. We do it all, Sports Gear, Workwear, Corporate Uniforms, Casual Wear, if you can wear it, we can make it.

Madison Reed offers Gift with Purchase

Hair products brand Madison Reed is offering a Gift with Purchase for orders over 39$, consisting of a holiday gift bag with travel shampoo and conditioner. This product would make a perfect holiday gift during these cold days when our hair could use a little extra Tender, Love and Care!

With the purchase of $39+ of hair products,  you will receive this promotional gift set. Within the gift set you receive a cosmetics bag with a beautiful dark purple colour: thé trend of this winter season. Inside the bag is a travel-size bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Keep your hair happy everywhere you go!

Why do we like this Gift with Purchase?

Firstly, the travel bag has a nice design, which will definitely attract customers. It has a high design appeal, and has a cute motivational slogan on it as well.

A bag like this also provides a convenient use: to store your travel bottles. When buying these products, you can immediately store them in a bag. Customers will definitely feel like they are getting their money's worth with this promotion.

By using such a bag for their giveaway, Madison Reed really upkeeps brand reputation. They are a high quality hair products brand, so it would only be fitting if they use a high quality product for their promotion.

Sydney Promotional Products - Ribena Bounce Ball

Inck Branded Merchandise were approached by soft drink producer Ribena to create a new promotional item for their blackcurrant range as a giveaway.  These branded bounce balls were manufactured by Sydney based Promotional products specialist INCK and given away with every 1 liter bottle.

The round shape and purple colour fits perfectly with what Ribena is all about: Blackcurrants. They are presented in a cardboard display box with custom Ribena print. In every display box are 24 balls, (12 * 2 levels) with a happy face on one side and the Ribena logo on the other side.

Using fun promotional products like these will definitely help to make a lasting impression on your customers. They will remember your brand better compared to companies that do not offer Gifts with Purchase.

A branded bounce ball can be used in many places, spreading your brand name and logo far and wide!   Ribena is a drink which certainly looks to get associated with fun outdoors and healthy activities and these bouncy balls are going to keep you running and playing long term.

About the author:

We're a 100% independently-owned branded merchandise company with a track record in delivering great results for our customers. At Inck, we have a team of passionate and experienced professionals who love products and use our expertise to help our customers win in the retail space every day.

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

It's time to start defying gravity! Promotional merchandise distributor Premier Promotional Products has found the new Selfie Stick. In the 21st century the promotional product industry is becoming more and more tech savvy, the introduction of the new Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case is a new, fabulously magical product if ever you saw one… This revolutionary invention is the perfect promotional giveaway item for customers, employees, exhibitions and trade shows.

The promotional phone case has a fast adsorption rate, meaning it can be firmly secured onto smooth surfaces, thus enabling you to use your mobile phone hands-free.

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

It is the perfect tool for taking selfies, skyping family, having FaceTime conversations with friends, recording videos or simply making multi-tasking easy peasy. Never before have you been able to stick your phone to your bathroom mirror and watch videos whilst you clean your teeth, amazing!

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

The Anti-Gravity Promotional Phone Case is multipurpose as it is also designed to protect your mobile phone against drops and scratches. With the product attached to your phone at all times, this means that you will not forget to bring it out with you, and you don’t have to worry about trying to fit it in your handbag or pocket! This mobile phone case is basically a new and improved version of the selfie stick.

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

With both an external and internal branding option, the Anti-Gravity Phone Case is ideal for innovative, forward thinking companies whose promotional marketing campaigns are looking to innovate and stand out from competitors.

It is a useful event giveaway item that customers are likely to keep for longer (than other typical event giveaway products with less usage properties); therefore it is a fantastic way to boost your brand awareness for an extended period of time. This amazing product is certainly a conversation starter, and with your company’s logo placed right in the centre of the phone case, everyone will be talking about your brand! – It’s a no brainer.

Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

Further details about the Anti-Gravity Phone Case:

  • Suitable for iPhone 5/5s/SE/6s/6s plus and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S7 Edge.
  • The phone case absorbs onto smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, white boards, tiles, painted furniture, and many more!
  • Made of imported polymer nanomaterial.
  • Will not adhere to your hands or clothes or leave any residue.
  • Suitable for mobile phone GPS and can be stuck on and detached anywhere, anytime you want. 
  • If the back of the phone case becomes dirty, you can easily clean it with water to recover it back to its former state.
  • It works perfectly with all mobile phone functions including GPS, Wifi, Apple Pay, 4G, NFC and Bluetooth.
  • With the Anti-Gravity concept still very new, this phone case will help to promote and market your brand, be it viral or through word of mouth, at a very cheap cost.
  • Standard Colours: Black, White, Red, Pink, Blue, Rose Red, Green.
  • External print area: 5mm x 15mm.
Premier Promotional Products - Anti-Gravity Mobile Phone Case 

For more information please contact below 

Jess Hart, Sales and Marketing at Premier Promotional Products.

Telephone: 01732 843250
Address: The Courtyard Business Centre, Birling Road, Ryarsh, Kent, ME19 5AA


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