The Laughing Cow - Promotion in France

Here is another very interesting promotional campaign from France! La Vache Qui Rit, a.k.a The Laughing Cow in English, is currently offering branded mugs and toasters through an online quiz.

The Laughing Cow - Promotion in France
The Laughing Cow - Promotion in France
We truly thing that this promotion was a very good one and this is why we loved these two products:

Promotional mug

  • Perfect for collectors
  • Very high end (printing on the inside/outside)
  • Pretty cheap to produce
  • Very visible due to its red colour and their very distinctive mascot (= free advertising)

Logo toaster

  • Very high perceived value
  • Marks toasts with The Laughing Cow mascot face
  • It's special enough for the client to show it off (= free advertising)
La Vache Qui Rit - Promotional Toaster & Mug
La Vache Qui Rit - Promotional Toaster & Mug

Last but not least, La Vache Qui Rit decided to offer 2 products that are being used in the kitchen and will sit there for a while. That's a very good way to make sure your clients are thinking about you when they cook, when they eat, etc. 

Would you have done anything differently?

Bespoke coins by Sands China in Macau

Sands China have been spotted offering bespoke coins as a promo gift in Macau.  What a way to commemorate their hotel chains ie. Sheraton Hotel in Macau !

Many brands out there try to engage customers using coupons, vouchers, mailers – nothing memorable there! Taking this further, using custom coins with imprinted brand logo allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Promotional coins are issued to celebrate some particular event or achievement. The more exclusive and bespoken we make them the more people will value them since it is not any standard promo gift. 

Promotional Coins – Celebrate, Commemorate, Collect !
Have you spotted any bespoke coins out there?   We feel this promotional product is the perfect one to celebrate any anniversary or special event for a company.  

Promo Gift for Sports Stores

Giga Sport in Hong Kong are offering a free sports bag upon purchase value reaching a certain level.   Shoppers in the sports store can buy general running gear and more specialist equipment for mainstream sports.  This Promo Gift for Sports works well.

We all know the importance of having a nice bag to get changed after a sports session and so this Fila bag will certainly appeal to many.   Towels and Sports bottles are other popular giveaways.

Promo Gift For Sports Stores
Whilst the promotional bag is very attractive, the store also advertises this promotion very effectively with POS display at the entrance to the store.

What promotions caught your eye recently?

The “Made In” Appeal of Promotional Products

We recently had a question from a customer who was concerned with the manufacturing of our promotional products. He sent us an e-mail asking for the country of manufacturing origin of our promo items – which got us thinking, is the appeal of local production really that great? What is the effect of “Made In” labels? Should we be worried about products made in China?
Country of Origin Label: a history
Before World War I, a product’s origin was not a major issue for consumers. But after losing the war and as punishment to the German industry, the victors imposed the country-of-origin mark on all German exports. German products were required to carry the English words “Made in Germany” so that the rest of Europe and North America could avoid products from the former enemy. Although the country-of-origin label was introduced under not the most favourable of events, nowadays it has helped to raise consumers’ awareness of sourcing and at the same time, has pushed countries with favourable attributions to the forefront such as Japanese workmanship, Swedish design or French fashion.

What images do customers associate with “Made In” labels?

There has been much research conducted in the past to find out the effect that country-of-origin labels have on the consumer with a great deal of focus on food products. But no matter what product – whether t-shirts, food items, toys or kitchen utensils – is being discussed, it will be deemed superior in comparison depending on the image or stereotype associated with that country. The influence of the country of origin on consumers is determined by feelings towards the country (affective country evaluation), by rational estimates of the quality of the country (cognitive country evaluation), from the general "made in"-image of the country (competence of country in manufacturing automobiles) and by evaluating individual products made in the country (evaluation of automobiles of the country). 

Misleading advertisements

During the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and thanks to the London Olympics back in 2012, the Union Jack could be found on every thinkable promotional product. Companies were keen to cash in on the British patriotism but investigations uncovered that some companies who had implied their products to be of British origin, were partly or wholly made abroad. According to some, the fact that product xyz was merely designed in the home country is already reason enough to warrant a country-of-origin label.

Why do customers place more value on products from their home country (or at least their home continent)?

A popular blogger who focuses on domestically made goods in the US stated that especially around seasonal holidays such as Christmas, the notion of buying locally produced goods increases because people want to give a gift that supports their neighbourscommunities or country and feel like they are contributing to raising the amount of jobs available for their fellow countrymen/women. And yet in the US alone, 97% of clothing and 98% of shoes sold are made overseas according to the American Apparel & Footwear association.
In a study conducted by Yi Cai, some people see the country of origin as a way of lowering the product’s value whereas others view the same product as completely unacceptable (though it may be decidedly cheaper when produced outside of the home nation).
Especially in rural areas or with the older generation, the country-of-origin plays a larger and more important role in purchasing decisions. These markets are usually populated with more patriotic shoppers and value being able to give back to their homeland.  

Should consumers be afraid of “Made in China” products?

The answer: NO!

Consumer and promotional products are often made up of parts from all over the world. Granted, most products seem to come from Asia. China alone makes 86% of lamps80% of luggage and 56% of household kitchen appliances, such as toasters. Try living without products produced in China even for a couple of weeks and you’d be surprised at how difficult this task can be. Chinese manufacturers are faced with the stigma of being suppliers of low quality products, but how can this be when many of the smartphone industry, luxury brands (Burberry) and high quality consumer goods are settled there? As perfectly summed up by the New York Times: “Made in China" is actually "Made by Someone Else" - by multinational companies from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States that are using China as the final assembly station in their vast global production networks.

Who is Promotiontube?
Promotiontube is a B2B online retail service provider for giveaways and promotional products. The customer is able to order customized, affordable promotional items as well as more upscale, premium, low-volume items. Promotiontube regularly updates its customer base on new trends within the promotional products industry.
The company was established in April, 2014 and the headquarter is located in Klagenfurt, Austria. Promotiontube serves SMEs with an automated product customization solution (designing of product printing positions and decorations) and an automatic order system.

Covermount promotion by New Monday Magazine in Hong Kong

Walking by a Circle K convenient store in Hong Kong, we found this pretty eye-catching promotion. Given that the magazine industry is probably one of the biggest industry in terms of promo gift, We thought we should share it with you and analyse this promotional marketing campaign.

covermount - ipad tablet bag
Covermount - iPad Tablet Bag

This type of on-pack promotion for magazine is called a "covermount" and this mechanism is used punctually boost the magazine sales. This one is from the New Monday: simply purchase the magazine to get the fully branded iPad/tablet pouch attached.

covermount promo - tablet bag
Covermount Promo - Tablet Bag
The tablet cover is made of shock resistant neoprene material and has a pretty good perceived value. It is, in itself, a very good reason the buy the magazine.

covermount - magazine gwp promo
Covermount - Magazine GWP promo
We loved this promotion because:
  • The product itself is quite cheap but has a good perceived value
  • The branding surface on the product is massive
  • It's quite useful
Some ladies magazines even do a different promotion every month and these are expected now by their readers.   Do you prefer Covermounts or Gifts with Subscription and which is your favourite example from recent months. What works for one market could also work somewhere else for one of your peers in the promotional products market.   Share the knowledge.

To our guest bloggers and promotional gift specialists all around the world: feel free to contact us share with us any similar promotion that you may find on your own market. 

Pure Fitness membership gifts in Hong Kong

Pure Fitness is surely one of the most famous gym and fitness club in Hong Kong and they are currently offering membership gifts to their new customers.

Gym Membership Gift
Pure Fitness "starter pack" gifts
This "starter pack" consists of:
  • 1 x high end water bottle
  • 1 x shoe bag
  • 1 x small pouch (cosmetics, toiletry bag)
  • 1 x non-woven bag
Overall, a membership pack like this one doesn't cost much and is very well perceived by the client. The water bottle, especially, is a very good promotional product to offer with any sport-related promotion. It's visible, useful and people like to carry it around to show that they are member of a fitness club. The more visible the gift is, the more your logo will be seen.

PURE membership pack
Pure Fitness membership gifts
Some other gifts could have been considered instead of the pouch (which we feel doesn't add much value to the set):

  • Hand towel
  • Headband
  • Sweatband
  • Branded earphones
  • Baseball cap
  • Branded red/white laces
  • Thin yoga mat
Any other product idea you'd like to add to this list, leave us a comment!

POS Display for Drinks

Which drink would you buy when confronted with this Fridge?  When choosing your POS Display for Drinks brand managers always look to stand out from the crowd.
POS Display for Drinks
POS Display for Drinks
There is an Acrylic shelf which hooks onto the fridge itself with suction cups.   On this sit lots of plastic mini-shot glasses.   These shots are impulse purchases and positioned just over the more standard beer offering. This display is easy to replenish.

There is great brand visibility and the drinks are stored at a good height for visibility.   We like the black and white logo given the drinks are so colourful in their own right.   A less colourful drink might opt for more colourful artwork and maybe a non transparent acrylic display.

I did try to find the drinks company online to tag them but not really sure how you spell it.   Nevertheless, they are visible where it counts on the shelf.  

What other POS Display for Drinks  have you seen recently and how did it grab your attention?   Also, when is last time you bought a shot drink at a convenience store?

Don’t send a boring Christmas card this year!

Brand That UK have very strong message to send on their Guest Blog.  We couldn't agree more.

Don’t send a boring Christmas card this year!

Believe it or not it is fast approaching that time of year again. CHRISTMAS! Many of you will be thinking that it’s weeks away and in reality it is but it will soon be upon us.

In business Christmas is the perfect time to say thank you to clients and business contacts.  The traditional way to do this is to send a card from your company signed by all the team. I’m sure these are well received, however, this article will show you the top 10 alternative promotional giveaways to sending a boring Christmas card and we’ve got something to suit all budgets.

Personalised Advent Calendars
Containing delicious Belgian chocolates this promotional giveaway is bound to fill your customers with festive cheer.

Christmas Logo Bugs
An inexpensive promotional giveaway to show your customers you care.

Engraved Metal Pens

A giveaway that will be gratefully received by any recipient.

Pocket Diaries
Give your customers a practical and useful promotional product this Christmas.

Branded Mugs
A great way to get your brand noticed with the added bonus of knowing they will be sitting on desktops for years to come.

Executive USB’s
A stylish and functional promotional gift that you can load your Christmas message onto.

Crystal Decanter
 Available from only one piece this is a luxury corporate business gift that is bound to impress.

Wine Gift Set
Containing 2 engraved glasses and a bottle of Richelieu White wine this is a promotional gift that will be treasured.

Desk Clocks
Engraved desk clocks are a stunning giveaway guaranteed to make a big impression.

Luxury Mince Pies
A festive favourite in a bespoke full colour printed box.

If you really want to stand out from your competitors this Christmas send your customers one of this unique Christmas promotional products.

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