Customized Lamps for Marketing

How about making some bedside lamps with a difference.  These Customized Lamps for Marketing are touch activated LEDs that look like the real thing but are really only a tiny fraction of the price.   They are almost 2D and can be a great hallway, entrance or emergency night light.
Customized Lamps for Marketing
Customized Lamps for Marketing
We like these 2D lamps since they have a retro look or feel, but at the same time are so modern due to functionality, cost etc...   Choose from very traditional designs or use the big lamp face as a big surface area for licensing characters to promote films, comics etc..  

We like these as a Promo Gift Idea and below is a wall full of other interesting designs.  You can see Halloween and other seasonal themes too. Create awareness with a light up logo for your special event or charity.   What do you think?
Customized Lamps for Marketing
Customized Lamps for Marketing

Guest Interview: Andre Noordwijk of BeGlobal Promotions

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andre Noordwijk of BeGlobal Promotions and finding out his extensive experiences in the promotional products sector.

PGB: Please tell us a little about BeGlobal and it's origins.
AN: BeGlobal Promotions was founded in 2002 by Myself and Marco Horneman. In that time we were still students and the original plan was to start an import company for promotional glassware. Soon after this we got some other request and started to widen our scope. In the years after we evolved in to a general supplier of promotional items. We received some awards for best Promotional Product for the BikiniAppel (2006) and EspressGo (2014) and were awarded as Promotional Company of the Year of the Netherlands in 2012 and 2013. You can find some more info about our strategy here.

PGB: Facebook, Twitter, Company Blog - Where are you spending most time?
AN: We use a software tool to manage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We publish a new innovational product everyday.

PGB: What were some of your hottest selling items last summer?
AN: We noticed an increase in our sales from trading facility. We offer direct sales from China for e.a. USB sticks and Lanyards.

PGB: Any predictions for top selling Christmas Gifts for 2014?
AN: The Dutch tradition is that companies give traditional Christmass hampers to their employees. This market has been shrinking, but it still creates a lot of work at the end of the year. Further more we now really see an increasing demand for powerbanks and smartphone related items
A creative and interesting promotional items by your company...
For this I prefer the three new products we feature on the homepage of our website: The Promotional frying pans, EsspresGo and Office Blocks.

PGB:Where do you find most of your enquiries are coming from? Referral, Web, cold call, tradeshow.
AN: We try to combine both traditional and new marketing methods. This means that we work on our brand through trade shows and printed advertising. But off course we mainly use promotional products we send to prospects and customers to create awareness. We use our website and social media to give a good overview on our products. We always post new products through social media.

PGB: What trade shows will you visit this year and which are best?
AN: We have already visited the PSI, PPAI (Las Vegas), Hong Kong Gift and Premiums, Hong Kong Megashow and locally the "Leveranciersdagen" this year. For us the PSI is the most attractive trade show, because almost all suppliers are based close to our market and the trade show is large enough to explore new products and suppliers every year.

Brand your sink now!

One of the question most marketers struggle to answer when it comes to promotional products is How to make sure our target will see our logo regularly and for a long time?

We found the answer at the Hong Kong Mega Show and we thought we might as well share it with our readers. Let us introduce you to the branded sink plugs!

We loved these sink plugs because:
  • they are very visible (many times a day, usually by more than one person in the house/office).
  • it's a very simple yet very smart product.
  • they are cheap
  • they are universal and each client can use more than one which makes it the perfect giveaway for a tradeshow or an event.

What do you think?

Ring for Sex - Promo Gift

We spotted this bell in the middle of a trade show last week.   It stopped us in our tracks - whilst we held back the urge to grab the bell and give it a good shake, we decided to snap a picture instead.

2 types of bells were offered by the factory.
  • counter top one which can be wrung if no sales or customer service person is at the desk when you arrive.
  • Hand held bell can be picked up and moved from side to side to get attention.
ring for sex
Ring for sex
As a promotional products gift, these are both excellent items.   The Counter top one can be used and incorporated into POS displays.  These could allow customers in large stores to bring sales staff to your specific counter.   
Top Tip:    Why not incorporate a sound module and put an applause, musical jingle or other fun sound on the counter top one?

Ring For Sex - just for starters.

The hand held bell has great logo space, can be made in wide range of colours, and is a very fun desktop promotional product.  Maybe the concept of ringing for sex can be elaborated on.   Surely you could ring for any number of other reasons.   Drinks in bars, dinner in bed when sick, children to be quiet. Just throwing around some ideas for now.

Not sure about the keyring one, but it is another option for those who always want attention - would you use this?   I think it would make too much noise to be really functional.   You could however tie it to a bike or other item so it is easy to use when needed.

They say sex sells.   Hopefully it also generates lots of interest in our blog too.   Please click on through.

Promo Gift Packaging

Promo Gift Packaging is really key to turning a simple gift into an eye opening and fun experience.   This week 4 of us spent 2-3 days visiting trade shows and we will be writing about the new and unique products we found over the coming weeks.   Now to discuss the Noble Clothes Hanger and how to make it fun...

Everybody who washes their own clothes uses clothes hangers at some stage in their lives.   You can't get much more of a common usage product than this.   How can you turn such a mundane product into a fun promo gift that is bound to cause a stir.   How about changing to Promo Gift Packaging to make it look like a washing machine?
Promo Gift Packaging
Promo Gift Packaging
There is a metal can with see through plastic window which can easily be printed to represent a washing machine or air dryer spinning machine.   There are probably other industrial machines that also have this configuration and general shape.

Promo Gift Packaging - Mechanism

The pegs are plastic in this case, but could be substituted by wood or other materials (or products).   These are a highly functional and daily/weekly usage item so this box with upwards of 20 pegs.   If you use plastic pegs, order them in the colour of your logo.   You may also print individual pegs.   However, the main area for branding would be the area around the branding for the machine itself.   Just like a normal washing machine the top part is blank, so this is a good place for logos.

Any company that wants to stay in the public eye should consider using such a promo gift.   Especially in the thoughts of the person of the house in charge of washing - usually a strong decision maker in the shopping arena.

  • Who could use this product as a giveaway.   A Beer company could give away signed sports shirts as a main prize and the pegs as a fun and cheeky secondary prize.
  • Clothes companies could give away pegs as a gift with purchase.
  • Washing detergent and White Goods suppliers could use this as a gift with purchase
  • Repair men could use this as a giveaway on house calls.   Electricians, Plumbers etc..  You will never loose their number again with this Promo Gift Packaging.

Promo Gift Packaging for white goods
Promo Gift Packaging for white goods
Give us examples from your market.   What cool Promo Gift Packaging made a simple product really stand out for you?

M&M's laptop cover as a subscription gift

M&M's in France decided to launch a promotional campaign in order to increase customer loyalty and reward their newsletter subscribers at the same time.

M&M's lucky draw - Laptop Cover

They will offer one of these very cool laptop covers to a couple of lucky subscribers (it's actually a lucky draw).

There are 2 interesting things we like with this strategy:
  1. It's a good way to reward your current regular followers
  2. The lucky draw doesn't take into account the seniority, therefore it will push new customers to subscribe to the newsletter before the deadline in order to take part in the lottery and get a chance to win the laptop cover.
The gift value is said to be 15 EUR. These kind of laptop sleeves are made of neoprene and protect your laptop in case of fall. The branding surface is very big and allows the logo to be visible from far away. Therefore the lucky winner of this laptop cover would indirectly be advertising for your brand as long as he uses it.

Smart, isn't it?

Guide to Using Novelty Items as Promotional Gifts

When it comes to using novelty items as promotional gifts, there are a number of different reasons why companies use them. In the first instance, they are an ideal way to raise awareness of a company. In addition, there are a number of different ways in which novelty items can be utilised as a present. This can take several forms and can be the perfect way to get a client or company on side. On the other hand, you can choose from a range of gifts which make the perfect promotional gift. With such a diverse choice available, why and how are novelty gifts so successful in today’s market?
A novelty tea bag
An example of a novelty item

At present, you can have the opportunity to benefit from an extensive selection of novelty items. These are all easily accessible and make great gifts for both small as well as large businesses. Items can be found;

·         On the internet.
·         Through a range of specialist stationary shops.
·         Via printing stores.


Novelty items are also used in some cases as a special gift for someone. This could take a number of different forms including the likes of;

·         Different types of promotional key rings.
·         Stress balls with a company logo emblazoned on it.
·         T shirts with numerous logos or company symbols.
·         Calendars
·         Paper weights
·         A piggy bank
·         Snow globes
·         Yo-Yo's


You may want to invest in a novelty item in order to give someone special a gift. Whether it is a colleague or close relation, you can ensure a smile on anyone’s face with a seasonal item. This can be given at various times such as;

·         Easter.
·         Christmas.
·         New Year.
·         Mother’s Day.
·         Thanksgiving.
·         Independence Day.


You may also want to reward that someone special with a novelty item. This might be down to sheer hard work or someone putting in that extra special effort over a period of time. In this way, you can have the ability to offer a host of items including;

·         Fun stress related products.
·         Silicone wristbands.
·         Door hangers.
·         Different types of PVC items.
·         Frisbees.
·         Baseball caps.

Team bonding

Another way in which novelty gifts can be used is largely in part thanks to team bonding exercises. This can prove to be an excellent source of motivation not to mention camaraderie. It is especially the case when all your work colleagues receive jumpers or shirts on with the company logo. This gift is an ideal way of bringing together people in order to share a common experience.


A novelty item of this nature can enhance any workspace in the blink of an eye. If your working station is lacking a bit of style then why not look into investing in a novelty gift for your colleagues. This might feature;

·         A range of stationary holders.
·         Mouse mats.
·         Highlighters with your company logo.
·         A range of stylish pens or pencils.
·         Mugs.
·         USB related products.

Business cards

Considered to be one of the most popular items for promotional gifts, a business card is an essential element of a business. You will be able to select from a wealth of designs as well as fonts to create;

·         The perfect business card that will match your specific needs.
·         Something you will be able to circulate among friends and business colleagues.
·         An aesthetically pleasing product that can be given out to create an impression among individuals.


If you are looking for another alternative as a promotional gift then a hamper might be an excellent solution. Not only does this give you plenty of creative licence but you can incorporate novelty items into the hamper. There are a host of products you can provide as part of an innovative hamper such as;

·         Bottles of wine with your company logo.
·         A range of cheeses that could have your brand across it.
·         Other food and drink related products.

Golf umbrellas

Whether you’re strolling down the fairways or just want to give a promotional gift, an umbrella is a great product. They are one of the most popular presents to use and can be a nice present to your clients or colleagues accordingly. Some of the other benefits that a novelty golf umbrella can provide include;

·         A great deal of visibility as a source of marketing for your business or company.
·         Practicality, especially when you require protection from the rain.
·         A robust and reliable product that is extremely durable.


As far as novelty items are concerned, there can be no denying the impact of the fun factor on promotional items. In this way you can enjoy numerous products that will inject lots of fun. From gadgets to silly presents, you will be able to delight anyone regardless of age.

With a little care and consideration, using novelty items as promotional presents need not necessarily be a chore. They can make great gifts and with so much diversity will be able to give pleasure to anybody.

Author Bio
Alice Harrison is a writer who works on a freelance basis for Yellow Octopus, where you can find the coolest and the latest gifts, gadgets, games and toys.

Free Gift with Perfume

Irish Perfume company Fragrances of Ireland is currently running an eye catching promotion.  This picture is from Cork Airport and the focus is on their Inis Brand.

Free Gift with Perfume
Free Gift with Perfume
The company has a white shelving with colourful bottles, packaging and gifts to attract passing customers.    On the right of the Display is a long POS Display where you can see details of the Special Beach Bags on offer.   This Gift with Purchase promotion ties in nicely with their sea themed Inis perfume.

Water themed promotions certainly work for the cosmetics industry.   We already commented on the Guerlain Snow Globe.  What other promotions have caught your eye for the cosmetics industry?