Tarte Cosmetics Offers Mug with Purchase

Tarte is offering their customers a brand new promotional product. The cosmetic brand is giving away a branded cup with all purchases of $50 and over. 

Tarte Cosmetics Offers Mug with Purchase
The promotion by the Tarte cosmetics is clearly aimed at lovers of the brand and make up collectors. The brand will be aware that although the product they are offering is not make up related, beauty fans will love a collector’s item from their favourite brand. The design also follows the branding colours of Tarte, and with the gold detailing on the cup which is very aesthetically pleasing. 

Why we like the gift with purchase promotional idea for make up brands?

This custom promo product provides customers with something they can associate with the brand, aside from their main make up products. In addition, this product itself is not the standard branded cup that you see. Majority of the space on the cup is not the brands logo but a quote in a style that is reminiscent of the quotes on social media, for example Instagram. This allows the brand to reach potential new customers, with a product that uphold the brands reputation and core. 

Free Figurine with Purchase at LEGO Store

The LEGO Store is offering its devoted customers an exclusive promo set. Customers, who made a purchase in July at their stores, would have received a free figurine set of the 'Classic Knights' character. 
Free Figurine with Purchase at LEGO Store
The promotion by the LEGO Store targets children who are big fans of the brand, and avid collectors of their LEGO sets and figurines. The brand will be aware that their young fans will enjoy the tension and the lead up to the release. As a result, these types of marketing campaigns are extremely successful among children, and it is a very memorable way to introduce new potential customers your brand.

Why we like the free figurine with purchase promotional idea?

As previously mentioned, these types of campaigns are extremely successful among children and the free figurine with purchase is a great way to promote new product launches. They are also a perfect gift to reward customers for purchasing your products. 

As a result, this exclusive promo product is going to be continuously enjoyed and played with by the target customer, which will lead to better brand recall. Also with the lead up to the big holidays and birthdays, this means that your brand and products will be on the forefront of their minds, as well as their parents.

Tignes Spirit Embroidered Beanie Hat Project

Tignes Spirit is an independent ski and snowboard company based in Tignes, France. They offer apartment, chalet and flat rentals throughout the giant Espace Killy ski area, in the heart of the French Alps. They provide a range of services from snowboard hire and ski rental through to ski lessons and minibus transfers to Tignes.

Tignes Spirit Embroidered Beanie Hat Project
Branded Promo Gift has worked together with Tignes Spirit on a number of branded gifts in the past, but this time they were looking for something a bit more special that would further cement their recognition in the sector and local area, and that they would be able to sell in their new ski and snowboard hire location. 

Tignes Spirit Embroidered Beanie Hat Project

The criteria specified that the merchandise must be of the highest quality, with their newly launched logos embroidered, and in a range of colour combinations. After bouncing around various ideas and samples, Tignes Spirit opted for some knitted soft touch heritage beanies, that were a blend of wool and acrylic, and extremely warm and comfortable. 

Branded Promo Gift was able to produce a range using the 2 chosen logos in a selection of dark and bright colours to match their company image, and wide selection of colours they offer on their line of hoodies and t-shirts. Tignes Spirit were very happy with the end product and the service they received. 

Tignes Spirit Embroidered Beanie Hat Project

The beanies are to be introduced this autumn with some more garments to follow throughout the ski season. The idea is to become a recognised brand for clothing, as well as being the best independent ski and snowboard rental company in the area. 

Avon offers free Tote bag with purchase

During the hot summer months, no one wants to stay at home. That is why Avon, the cosmetics company, is offering customers shopping online a free stylish and practical tote bag with purchase.The promotion is available for all online orders $55 or over.
Avon offers free tote bag with purchase

Avon has chosen a classic promotional strategy, which is popularity due to the fact that customers enjoy it and it makes them feel valued by the brand. Avon will also benefit from this offer as customer loyalty increases, and positive word-of-mouth attracts new potential customers to the brand.

Why we like this free tote bag with purchase promotional idea?

This free tote bag with purchase is a great seasonal promotion and can help to boost sales, because of the minimum spend requirement. This is especially true during the summer months when customers are stocking up on holiday supplies. The free tote bag is also extremely practical to have, especially when Avon is also promoting for it to be used as a beach bag. 

PromoGift Blog would like to thank Avon for an insight into another amazing promotion offered.

Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you

Giving away free gifts can be a great way to attract new customers and reward loyal ones, but if you are concerned that these gifts aren’t going to provide you with enough marketing value (beyond the branded message on them) then consider getting a little more creative with your giveaways.  Making sure customers remain engaged with your brand rather than simply showing up for a free gift is the key to getting a better marketing response.

Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you
Here’s 5 sure handed marketing tactics that will ensure you get a better ROI out of your next giveaway promotion.

Contests & Sweepstakes

One of the more obvious ways to get customers engaged in your brand (beyond simply showing up for some free stuff) is to hold a contest or a sweepstakes.  The more creative you are with your contest and the more you can do to get potential customers to interact with your company the better! 
Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you
While simply filling out a contest form can provide that much more time in top-of-mind awareness, it’s much better to find creative ways to engage in your brand’s core products or niche.  A contest that gets people to submit something that interacts directly with your company is what you should be shooting for.

Pro-tip: Part of your goal should also be to collect some good contact information to be used for later promotions!

Tack-on Promotion

Giving away free gifts is a great way to get potential customers in the door, but there’s no guarantee that they’re going to make a purchase.  Tacking on a free gift with a qualified purchase, however, makes sure that happens and will directly impact your bottom line while you take advantage of the branding tool that is the promotional product.  Minimum purchases ("spend $50 and get a free gift") are a popular way to make sure this method retains its ROI, but this method can also be used as a great way to sell overstocked inventory or bring awareness to a new product.  

Pro tip: Relevant and complementary gifts are ideal for this kind of promotion (i.e. "free computer accessories with purchase of a laptop") 

Engaging exchange

Showing up need not be the minimum requirement for customers to get a free gift.  Asking them to engage with your brand in a special or creative way can help give you better top-of-mind awareness. This is where social media comes in handy: liking your Facebook page, commenting on a post, posting a picture are great ways to get customers and potential customers to engage with your brand. 
Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you
But it doesn't have to end there: think beyond the computer too!  Ask them to wear a funky hat, a specific color shirt, or even an article of clothing of a favorite local team or brand (think cross-promotions, here!).  We had a customer give special gifts to people who showed up at their farmers market display with a pet (hint: their products were pet-related)!  

Pro tip: Just about every day is a holiday for something...  Check out our holiday calendars to see what's coming up that you can use for a similar promotion!

Loss Leader

A loss leader is a product that is sold at a loss with the expectation that those who purchase it will become loyal or return customers.  People often think of shaving products (razors are often cheap, but the blades are where the real money is) and printers (some printers can cost less than the replacement ink cartridges) but these are just extreme examples of loss leaders. 

Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you
You can use this concept to drive loyalty when done right and promotional products are a great way to accomplish it!  
  1. Give away or sell a branded product that has some significance to your brand or store.
  2. Give customers incentive to come back with said product to make future purchases (loyalty discount, future gifts, etc.).  Using the branded product is a requirement for qualifying for the incentive.
  3. Watch as loyal customers not only return regularly, but actively promote your brand while using the promotional product more actively than they would have otherwise.
Pro tip: This works best when the gift is relevant to your business, especially if its use is required (like a beer growler at a brewery, for example), while also visible to other customers.

Sign-up/Incentive Gift

Creating brand loyalty like some of the above examples do is a great way to make sure your promotional products go further.  And while the above examples are great, sometimes a simpler approach is best.  The simplest example would be to give away a free gift as incentive for signing up to a newsletter that promotes special deals and advertises new products.  You could also use promotional products to entice customers to complete a loyalty stamp card (i.e. “10th purchase is free and you get a free gift!”).   Other examples can include: Branded/store credit cards applications, membership/loyalty clubs, [your product] of the month club, etc.  

Pro tip: Combining a free gift with another special offer is the best way to make it go furthest. 

Beyond the giveaway - 5 ways to make promotional products work for you
Todd Heim works for Quality Logo Products, Inc. a top 50 promotional products distributor out of Aurora, Illinois. They offer over 650,000 different products which can be imprinted with a client’s logo or slogan and given away to promote a company, organization, product, service, achievement, or event. Find out more and contact them here!

Branded Promo Gift: Hamilton Jet UK – Gill Marine Sailing Cap Project

HamiltonJet are pioneers in the field of waterjet propulsion, providing jet impellers to suit inshore and offshore vessels from crewboats to tourism operations. They recently exhibited at Seawork International 2016.

Branded Promo Gift: Hamilton Jet UK – Gill Marine Sailing Cap Project
Seawork International is Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition. Seawork is regarded as the industry’s one-stop-shop, providing buyers, legislators and influencers with direct access to the commercial marine and workboat market, its products, its innovations and its people, for three invaluable days every June.

Branded Promo Gift: Hamilton Jet UK – Gill Marine Sailing Cap Project
A week prior to the event HamiltonJet asked Branded Promo Gift if we could supply a high-end cap with their logos embroidered in 2 positions. The idea was to find a cap that recipients would not only want to keep, but would wear with pride, in-turn advertising the HamiltonJet name wherever they went.

After presenting the team with several options, the Gill Marine Sailing Cap was the model that was chosen, for its reputable name in the sailing sector, as well as its high quality material and finish. HamiltonJet were aiming to target those in the sailing sector with their products - the caps achieved the desired effect and were well received by those lucky enough to receive one.
Branded Promo Gift: Hamilton Jet UK – Gill Marine Sailing Cap Project
We worked together with the HamiltonJet team to get a cap they were happy with, and within a very short timeframe were able to embroider their logos onto the front and back with impressive results. The end product looked amazing and they were very happy with the caps and service they received. Branded Promo Gift were able to get the job done 2 days earlier than expected, just in time for their show!

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

The internet has transformed the way that businesses market themselves, but it has not made older tactics obsolete. In fact, many offline marketing methods are more tangible and more personal than their digital counterparts, making this a great way to stand out and build a stronger connection to your customers in an age when many of your competitors will neglect these promotional avenues.
The Value of Promotional Merchandise
Promotional merchandise, in particular, is a powerful way to connect with customers and clients and bring in new business.

Brand Awareness

One of the big problems with marketing of any kind is getting people to pay attention. Even raising awareness by having them remember the name of your company is a win, but too often advertising is ignored entirely. According to research, however, giving out promotional products leads to 62% of recipients remembering your business' name and key information. This is a much bigger boost to brand awareness than most alternatives can hope to deliver.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Community Engagement

Done right, giving away promotional merchandise can be an excellent way to engage with communities. This, in turn, is a powerful method for raising your business' profile and building a positive reputation. Offering branded merchandise to community groups, charities, sports clubs and the like can be a great way to promote your brand and improve its overall image while simultaneously helping out good causes.

A Superior Alternative to Discounts

Giving merchandise away outright can be a practical and effective alternative to simply offering discounts on your products, and can actually be more cost-effective over time. Discounts only drive sales when they are in place, so to provide long-term effectiveness they must be offered regularly and repeatedly. Unfortunately, customers as a group are quite good at catching on to this and adjusting their price expectations. Giving out promotional merchandise, on the other hand, still serves as an effective promotional strategy without cheapening the perceived value of your products and services.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Craft Your Brand Image

The promotional products you give away can help craft a specific brand image, or at least help you to shape certain aspects of the way your brand is perceived. For example, giving away branded, recycled notepads or fairly-traded promotional confectionery can lead people to view you as a responsible company. Alternatively, things like pens, T-shirts, pens, and more general items of confectionery come with little or no loaded connotations, leaving a brand image you are already happy with essentially untouched while still serving as a highly effective promotional strategy.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Effective Profit

You purchase promotional products in bulk at wholesale prices. Your customers, on the other hand, are used to having to buy these things at retail prices. As such, there is an imbalance in your favour between the price you pay for this merchandise and the value it has to your customer. More promotional value has been received than your business has actually spent on the merchandise in question, and the effectiveness of this promotional strategy is boosted accordingly. In a sense, there is an effective built-in profit in the value you get over the money you have spent.

About the Author

Distinctive Confectionery was established over 20 years ago and is owned and managed by Tegwyn and Adele Thomas, a husband and wife team, together with their dedicated staff. Distinctive Confectionery offers a wide range of both chocolates and confectionery.

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live has recently finished and we at PromoGift Blog were tracking this event. This event was Europe’s largest on-trade drinks exhibition.
Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive
For this year’s Imbibe Live, we followed the event closely and gathered information from over 4000 tweets before and during the event. After analyzing this information we created the following word cloud, with the number of mentions being represented by the size of the word.

Imbibe Live 2016 Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

What was the conclusion of this Event Tracking?

As seen in the word cloud the big focus was on Drinks, with “London” and “Stand” being particularly focused on.  Though there were interesting mentions of “WheatBeer” and “Challenge”. These word clouds are great at understanding what it is that attendees are talking about and what they find to be most interesting from this event.

Alongside this with this event tracking, we also found out who the 25 most active people on twitter were. This type of event provides a good opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the use of social media. The top 25 are listed below.

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live is the innovative and interactive annual exhibition for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks in the licensed on-trade.

Imbibe Live 2016 was the essential date in the drinks calendar which saw the industry’s finest come together and was perfect for sommeliers to buyers and managers to publicans and bartenders. It was a great event to take part in ground-breaking tastings, source new products and discover new trends evolving the industry.
Imbibe Live 2016 Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive
Reasons to attend
  1. Pick up hundreds of new drinks and product ideas that will excite your customers
  2. Tap into the latest drinks trends and new products
  3. Listen to thought-provoking talks from leading drinks experts
  4. Find out new ways to increase profits from drinks sales through business-focussed seminars
  5. Experience rare tastings across all categories
  6. Get bespoke advice from the Imbibe team such as drinks list assessment
  7. Network with peers and industry players from all the different drinks sectors
  8. Be inspired by Imbibe's creative out-of-the-box thinking
  9. Discover a wide range of other products from associated sectors such as snacks, glassware and equipment

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