Promotional Industry Research: Products Popularity

The Advertising Specialty Institute, our favourite source of information about promotional products industry state, has recently conducted their annual ASI Ad Impressions Study — a cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media. For this specific research, thousands of in-person and online interviews have been conducted with businesspeople and students in key cities around North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. 

U.S. consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned. As the image below reveals, T-shirts are the item that is most often owned by promotional product recipients in the U.S., followed by drinkware, writing instruments and outerwear. In fact, all promotional products have strong ownership, with one-quarter or more of recipients owning each.
Promotional Industry Research: Products Popularity 

Also, the respondents throughout the world were asked to rate up to three promotional items they had received in the last 12 months — you can see the results on the graphics below. For example, 53% of the consumers in Rome own branded shirts — the highest percentage of any of the 21 metro areas in the survey. In London writing instruments gained 56%, and in Mexico top promotional product is drinkware.

Promotional Industry Research: Products Popularity

Above are the most popular items, but what are the products which consumers do want to receive as a gift? The Top 5 most influential products on opinion of advertisers are:

Promotional Industry Research: Products Popularity
More useful facts:
  • Bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item.
  • On average, consumers report keeping promotional calendars for about 12 months - that means a year's worth of branding.
  • Younger consumers are the most likely to own a promotional desk accessory.
  • 42% of U.S. consumers who keep promotional hats do so because they are attractive, second only to outerwear. Hats need to look good!
  • 60% of consumers state they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them promotional Power Bank
  • In the U.S., 91% keep USB Drives because they are useful, 7% keep USB Drives because they are attractive.
We would like to thank ASI Central for the provided information. If you're interested in knowing more on this topic, please visit the Advertising Specialty Institute website. The full report can be found here.

Apple Stickers - A 25 year promo gift

Apple macintosh are one of the worlds most recognisable brands. Although their products have significantly evolved over time, two things have maintained the same - their logo and the use of promotional stickers.

Apple Stickers
Apple Stickers - A 25 year promo gift
With every Apple product purchase two stickers are gifted. They use a simple and clean design by backing their famous apple logo. This is a great example for all brands displaying that that there is never a point to stop looking for ways to market your company.

Why Apple have continued to use promotional stickers:
  • Further brand awareness. Promotional stickers are a superb way to get a brands name and logo out there to be seen.  
  • Low cost. Stickers can be a great tool for all firms because of this reason.  
  • Space. Particularly when offering an on-pack gift it is crucial for the product to not take up too much space. 
  • Continue tradition. Apple consumers are now accustomed to receiving stickers with every purchase. If they decided to not include this free gift they could receive a negative reaction. 
Overall, promotional stickers can be a a great tool for brands of all sizes. If offering as a promo gift it can be a brilliant way to boost brand recognition and catalyst positive word-of-mouth..

Denver Broncos Free Giveaway: United in Orange Magnets

This January, the Denver Broncos – American football team based in Denver, Colorado – has given away pleasant branded merchandise for their fans and supporters – car magnets with the United in Orange  logo.

Denver Broncos Free Giveaway: United in Orange Magnets
The Denver Broncos are members of the West division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League. They are famous for their annual promotional campaigns: in 2014 there were the highly collectible Time to Ride playoff window clings. Last year's playoff run saw the United in Orange yard sign. And, 2016 is officially the year of the magnet.

The giveaway was held in two parts: the first started on Monday, January 11, and continued through game day, Sunday, January 17, and the totally unexpected 2nd part, started on Thursday, January 21, and continued through Sunday, January 24. In these days fans in the various cities across Colorado were able to line up at stores to get the car magnet that shows the world the true Bronco colors.

Denver Broncos Free Giveaway: United in Orange Magnets

The promotional campaign had a huge social media support: everyone who got a magnet was called to show "your personal magnetism" and post a photography to Broncos' Facebook page or share it with the hashtag #WeAreBRONCOS.

The goals of promotional giveaways in sports industry:
  •  to strengthen support for the team - the main reason of this kind of giveaway is to connect all sports fans and citizens by increasing the common victorious spirit with a help of free and exclusive branded items;
  • to increase perceived value – any sports brand tries to embolden its status with promotional sport merchandise and every big football club has a plethora of branded items to bring about brand exposure;
  • to raise brand awareness – in the growing sports products industry, it can be hard to get your foot in the door and using promotional products for sports merchandise is a great way to expose those less known brands, ultimately driving sales.

Promo Gift with The Economist Magazine

The Economist is a weekly economics, politics, business, finance and technology magazine. It is available world-wide and has an enormous readership. Magazine promotions are commonly seen to use promo gifts within their marketing campaigns. With a purchase of 12 issues for £12, students are offered the choice of a free phone charger or bluetooth speaker.  

Promo Gift
Promo Gift for The Economist Readers
This particular campaign does the magazine justice integrating promo gifts in the right way. Here's why it ticks the boxes:

  • Useful. Tech promo gifts are brilliant as they are guaranteed to be needed at some point. Offering products that encourage use is essential when offering a free gift. 
  • Relevant. Students are constantly on the search and in need for the latest tech. This is a great way to target them.  
  • Branded. The Economist have cleverly integrated their logo on the two products. This can help with gaining brand awareness and further recognition. 
  • Design. The colours align with overall brand themes and the products are cleanly designed. 
Offering a gift with purchase is a brilliant way to offer additional incentive and can help catalyst a stimulation of sales. When offering products such as these it can be assured that the campaign will be a successful one.

Cubic Promote: Story of success

One of the first promotional products ever was a leather school bag with a big 'Buy Cantwell Shoes' inscription written on it. American nation fathers also saw huge benefits promotional merchandise brings and launched set of commemorative buttons, for George Washington’s election. Since then the love between marketing departments and promotional products manufacturers continued to build up, until today when we receive dozens of promotional products every week.

Cubic Promote: Story of success
15 Million items in stock
Direct contact between corporate entities and product manufacturers, was always a very difficult way to obtain batches of promotional merchandise. Then several visionaries saw the opportunity and founded promotional product distributive companies. These companies directly sell promotional products to businesses and enable them to obtain their merchandise fast and for modest prices. Cubic Promote is one of these companies and it provides wide variety of different categories of promotional merchandise, which includes both standard products like: pens, umbrellas and bags, as well as large number of unique products like: vuvuzelas, cow bells and tattoo sleeves. Cubic Promote has more than 15 million individual promotional items in their stock.

All cool items from distributor’s stock need to be perfectly branded, to enhance products promotional capabilities. Distributors use different ways for branding products they sell. Cubic Promote uses wide variety of different methods for this purpose and some of these are:

  • Pad Printing- placing images or text on solid and smooth surfaces. It is used for pens, mugs, toys, etc.
  • Embroidery- patching stitches, it is mostly used for clothes and head gear.
  • Screen printing- transferring ink through mash screen, it is used for T shirts, bottles, etc.
  • Laser engraving- engraving products with power lasers, used for key rings, watches, trophies, etc.
  • Digital printing- computer printing, used for stickers, notebooks, and many other paper products. 
Cubic Promote: Story of success

Social Conciseness
Finally we come to the most important criterion for choosing not only promotional merchandise distributor, but any other type of business partner. Socially conscious and responsible companies, tend to be more honest and dedicated in providing the best possible service.
Cubic Promote also follows these principles, and during their work, they collected more than $18,100 for the support of:

  • Orangutan Project;
  • Mental Health Associations of NSW and Western Australia; 
  • Telstra Child Flights;
  • Unicef;
  • Multi Cap Queensland;
  • Queensland Ambulance Service, and many other humanitarian and civic organizations and institutions.

Since good quality promotional material can increase both company sales and customer loyalty, it is advisable for all businesses to purchase their promotional products from respected distributors. Cubic Promote is one of the leaders in promotional merchandise distribution in Australia. They offer further support and long warranty for each product they sell, which is why many successful businesses use their wide selection of products in their marketing campaigns.

About the Author: 
 Lilly J. Adams is a marketing blogger at Bizzmarkblog, working with different marketing agencies across Australia and has recently started a career in blogging.

Cubic Promote is based in Australia and supplies products and merchandise that is customized with your logo or branding. They stock and brand products locally which means they can offer amazingly fast delivery times. Their products are used during occasions everyday all around Australia including items used for Fund Raising | Corporate Gifting | Marketing | Parties | Giveaways | Rewards and more.

Promotional Power of Watches

There is nothing more iconic than passing a long term employee an engraved watch for their many years of service, be it in the work place or military, this tradition has been going for decades. Watches are one of the most high quality gifts you can offer. With an air of sophistication that can come with such a gift, it's no surprise that it is one of the most popular gifts in the corporate world, as can be seen with the Original 90's Apple Watches.
Promotional Power of Watches
This is all not to say that promotional watches need to be Rolex, as we have discussed many times before promotional products can come in any value or style. It is how they are presented and their overall target:
  • Are you aiming for quality or quantity? 
  • Are you rewarding current clients or attracting new clients?
  • Finally are you offering these limited edition or long term? 
Promotional Power of Watches
As can be seen in the example of Burger King, promotional watches can come in any form, offered for free with a meal. These watches carry the Rugrats branding, as part of the marketing campaign of the Rugrats Movie, and come in 4 different designs. These were the perfect product to be offered for targeting children, the main target audience of a Value meal and Rugrats film. 

Promotional Power of Watches
As can be seen with these Swiss Manchester United branded watches from Bulova,  you can blend promotion with high quality. What fan of Manchester United wouldn't want to be able to wear this fashionable accessory while being able to show their allegiance, but this isn't the only sports-centric watch on offer as can be seen with this branded silicone watch.
Promotional Power of Watches
These are perfect for actually undertaking sports, the fantastic branding potential on offer with silicone is especially highlighted here. With a small screen, the whole structure can be customized to fit your choice in colour and room for a logo on the top. This is fantastically highlighted in the Manchester United colour scheme of red and black.

In summary, what we can take away from this is that in any form, quality or price watches have a great degree of promotional potential, and we at PromoGift Blog are always on the look out for exciting products that can boost brand awareness such as these. 

Promo Products Case Study: Pantone Inc, Masters of Color

If you are anyway involved in promotional products, you would have definitely heard about the Pantone Matching System, and most likely, could face difficulties in matching the accuracy of color when manufacturing a new product, colored fabric, plastics, or printing a logo on them. As many of us know, what you see on your monitor and expect the item to be, is never what will appear on a printed sheet, so to avoid this designers need a standardized color key.
Promo Products Case Study: Pantone Inc, Masters of Color
What is Pantone?

Pantone is a standardized colour matching system, utilizing the Pantone numbering system for identifying colors. By standardizing the colours, different manufacturers in different locations can all reference a Pantone numbered color, making sure colors match without direct contact with one another. The Pantone palette consists of 1,114 colors, identified by three or four digit numbers, followed by a C, U, Or M suffix. Originally designed for the graphics industry, the pantone solids palette is now used by a wide range of business. It is the most commonly used palette in promotional products industry.

Promotional Products Masterclass by Pantone

Pantone Inc. itself is a corporation headquartered in New Jersey, the USA. Though the company is best known for its Pantone Matching System, they also have a remarkable portfolio of branded promotional items, all created in their easily recognisable minimalistic style.

Mugs, thermo cups, USB flash drives, watches, iPhone cases and stationery: this brand, for sure, manages to make printings 100% Pantone matched!

Promo Products Case Study: Pantone Inc, Masters of Color
The new thumb drives worth paying attention. A sure-grip soft plastic case styled after the iconic Pantone color chip holds a powerful, dependable drive - perfect way to store portfolio, to bring comps to client meetings or to back up important files. A pop-chain ring makes it handy to take along.
Use this idea and develop USBs pantone-matched to your company logo.

Pantone offers a wide choice of porcelain mugs and cups with colored silicone grip. Learn from the masters how to manufacture promotional homeware items, and make your customers enjoy their favorite hot beverages in the hottest new trend colors.

Promo Products Case Study: Pantone Inc, Masters of Color
Moreover, annually, Pantone declares a particular "Color of the Year". In 2016, for the first time ever the blending of two shades -  Rose Quartz and Serenity - have been chosen for this. The combination demonstrates an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue.

Look through the 2006-2016 history of "Colors of the Year" by Pantone and find some ideas for your corporate style design and future promotional campaigns.

Promo Products Case Study: Pantone Inc, Masters of Color

PPAIExpo 2016 Overview

Wow! From Fifty Cent performance to an appearance of the Back to the Future DeLorean, think this years #PPAIExpo can certainly be considered a success.   Creativity and strong networking always combine at events like this to get new products launched.

As a promotional gift giver, this years expedition provided some great ideas that can be cleverly integrated into every brands 2016 marketing plans.

Here are a few that we liked below, but we encourage readers to submit their new products and we will be happy to also cover them in our blog.. 

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
These rechargeable heated hand warmers are a great product to kick off the early stages of the new year.

Modern technology are of course moving away from the environment damaging batteries. No surprise then, that heated hand warmers are seemingly shifting that way also.

Including a belt strap, what better way to keep your hands warm?

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
These light-up glow sticks were provided at the well-coveraged retro party held at the expo.

Cleverly ingrained brand logos is a great way to gaining brand awareness, and getting your brand in those social media posted photos.

PPAIExpo 2016
PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
Our personal favourite, this clever phone attachment by Love Handle allows the user to use one hand in order to function the phone without worrying the phone will slip.

As phones are progressively getting larger, this is a great innovative accessory that can provide aid to those on-board with the trend.

Big name brands were included on the phone attachment and this can help inspire potential brands to take the plunge and go for it!

Kudos to Love Handle.

We decided to keep an eye on this via the use of our twitter tracking system. Here were the top tweeters for the day of the PPAIExpo. Can you see yourself? 

PPAIExpo 2016 Overview
Overall this years #PPAIExpo proved to be a successful one. With keynotes fluttering, tweeters twittering and promotional products being given the stage it deserves. 

This year is going to be a big one, join us for the journey 

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