Free Gift with Perfume

Irish Perfume company Fragrances of Ireland is currently running an eye catching promotion.  This picture is from Cork Airport and the focus is on their Inis Brand.

Free Gift with Perfume
Free Gift with Perfume
The company has a white shelving with colourful bottles, packaging and gifts to attract passing customers.    On the right of the Display is a long POS Display where you can see details of the Special Beach Bags on offer.   This Gift with Purchase promotion ties in nicely with their sea themed Inis perfume.

Water themed promotions certainly work for the cosmetics industry.   We already commented on the Guerlain Snow Globe.  What other promotions have caught your eye for the cosmetics industry?

Custom Merchandise for Hotels

Having stayed in Citizen M hotel last week I wanted to share some pictures of their custom merchandise which really makes for a strong and long lasting brand impact.   This hotel has lots of fun and unique merchandise and simple things can make all the difference.  Here are my 2 favourite...

Custom Luggage Tags

On Check in you are given a luggage tag instead of a room key.    How often have you returned from a business trip or holiday with spare room keycards that you forgot to return.   Make them useful by re-tasking key cards as luggage tags.  

Custom Luggage Tag Keycards
Custom Luggage Tag Keycards
We liked the neatly arranged stack of cards with choice of black or red luggage tie in plastic.  These were neatly stored at the check in desk in an attractive red acrylic POS display.   You can also glance their post card marketing efforts in the bottom right corner.

Custom Bags for Storage in Rooms

The hotel playfully mocks the skill with which most hotels are able to hide hair dryers.  The bright red bag playfully stands out on the white cabinet and screams to be found as opposed to most other hotels where the bags are hidden away.   What other items could be bagged for fun.

shhh...the hairdryer is hiding
shhh...the hairdryer is hiding
Custom umbrellas, notepads, pencils, pens and all the other Promo Gift SWAG we know and love were also featured.

Tell us about your favourite Custom Merchandise for Hotels.

Promotional wristband with a quirky QR code twist

Whilst surfing the blogosphere. I came across these unique QR code promotional wristbands. These wristbands are innovative and different from the plethora of basic wristbands. For more, keep on reading.

QR Promotional Wristband

This band simply fits onto your wrist. These wristbands deviate from the norm with a QR code being imprinted on the band. Using a Smartphone, the QR code can be scanned and can be linked to various websites. Curiosity is likely to drive the user to find out where the QR code links to. This promotional wristband is a great way to connect with your target market. It can possibly link to your company website, Facebook , Twitter or various other social media channels. This can increase traffic to your website and can improve brand engagement. The QR code could also link to videos or give-aways. These are only some suggestions, however the possibilities of using this are only limited to your creativity. It would be recommended to offer this as a promotional gift, this is so that large sample of people can be targeted.  What is your favourite QR Code Swag?

Hope this has given you some ideas. Adieu for now. 

Where Licensing and Promotional Products Meet White Goods

Licensing and Promotional Products joined forces in Hong Kong this month at Fortress Electrical Goods stores.   We snapped a picture of Snoopy Promotions around the computer laptop section.

Zoom in and you will see that there are various tiers of promotions...

  • First Tier has umbrellas,drinks bottles, carry bags & dry bags on offer.   
  • A second tier of gifts includes figurine keyrings, custom tissue box holder & we believe notebooks.
  • Third tier of licensed promotional products focus on stationary.

Licensing and Promotional Products
Licensing and Promotional Products

This shop is full of promotional products campaigns as you can see from this link.   Check out all the case studies on what works with licensing, promotional products and "White Goods".

What works in your country?   Would love to hear your case study on Licensing and Promotional Products.

Re-Launching Robot Wars

When dealing with the re-launch of a well loved brand, it’s important to get the merchandising right. When Roaming Robots Ltd re-launched their Robots: Extreme Wars Live events, based on the popular Robot Wars television show which ran from 1998 to 2004, they approached EMC Advertising Gifts for their promotional gifts and merchandise.

The range of gifts had to appeal to both hardcore fans of the original series, and to newcomers to the live shows, which appeal to a surprisingly wide family demographic. They needed to be in keeping with the rugged style of the show, and naturally needed to be high-quality products – just as the competitors wouldn’t want to send a second-rate robot into the arena, they wouldn’t want to send their fans away with second-rate promotional gifts.

EMC Advertising Gifts responded with a range of T-shirts, and accessories branded both with the show’s logo and the familiar catchphrase “3...2...1... Activate!” The range included practical items like rulers, perfect for making sure that you get the right size parts when you’re putting together your own fighting robot, and drawstring bags which would be ideal for collecting up the parts of your competitor after it’s been picked on by the house robots.

They offered time-sensitive deliveries across a range of goods and suppliers, to suit the client’s schedule of events around the country, and when the initial selection of gifts increased turnover by 30%, were able to respond to demand and add further lines.

The most important part of any promotional gift campaign, of course, is whether the client is happy, and this was certainly the case. The Director of Roaming Robots said that EMC Advertising Gifts had “…produced a fantastic range of quality branded gifts for our new merchandise range which has been selling like hot robots at our events!!”

EMC Advertising Gifts pride themselves on their excellent customer service and high quality promotional gifts, and are a Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant with a rating of 98%.

Purchase with Purchase Campaign for Drinks

purchase with purchase campaign
Purchase with Purchase Campaign
Purchase with Purchase campaigns are some of my favourite mechanisms to get high end gifts out to clients.    On a recent business trip I came across these promotions.

Smirnoff are offering an umbrella with purchase of their cocktail drinks.   Buy the drink.  Add HK$ 25, around US$ 3.50 and you get an umbrella.   Instead of adding a cheap gift with purchase bottle necker, this marketing manager has gone for a high end purchase with purchase and we applaud.

You can win an ipad with San Miguel and this promotion in conjunction with a local TV station.   San Miguel website is great for calling out all their current and past promotional campaigns.

Budweiser is offering footballs.  Same as Smirnoff, this is a Purchase with Purchase campaign and again this is very timely and sure to grab attention.

Notice the "shelf talkers" are very popular right now, but that these fridge stickers are increasingly popular also.   7 11 stores are offering amazing advertising space to major drinks companies.  

What is happening in your market, and what are you drinking?

Get listed on Promotional Product Blogs

So far we have quite a few industry experts get listed on Promotional Product Blogs.   Whilst an easy way to do this is to create unique content and send us a case study, we are also helping to feature their latest creative promo gift news on the right menu here.   Over the past few days we were encouraged to read some of the following....
English magazine explains how to rank for promotional products search terms.   I agree - go longtail...
"There is so much competition for the search term ‘promotional products’ that you stand little chance of succeeding. Much better is to adopt a policy of ‘longer string’ search terms, for example:
exhibition giveaways portland
branded polo shirts under $10
medical stress toys maryland"
Case study on mobile phone wallets in Silicone.  Been seeing a lot of these recently, so have to say they are trending. But EMT go a step further with a stand...
"Perfect for work, a night on the town, or sporting events. The Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Stand (Kick Stand) holds credit cards, business cards, hotel keys and more in landscape or Portrait perspective."
A little 6 item list that you need to do in order to create a buzz and consequentially up your sales.  Pick one and do it now...
Pinnacle blog on an actual case study and this is something which we really value higher than most other blog posts.    A Casestudy tells you what works, where, and for whom.   Keep them coming...
"Gatorade’s #WinfromWithin campaign went for the personalization angle earlier this year. You can create your own, personalized label for your Gatorade bottle. But, in creating your own label you were also entered into a contest to win a case of Gatorade bottles with your labels on the bottle."

Visit this Irish Promo Gift Specialist and find out why smiles could earn you an ipad.   Can you resist?
"If your picture receives the most likes you will win a fabulous Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Participate in Share a Smile, go to, share your smile this summer and experience how wonderful it is to make someone smile. Share a Smile! This summer is going to be great!"

EPromos are explaining their love for Moscow Mules and more importantly those magnificent Promotional Copper Mugs that are so popular right now.   Drinks companies are really driving demand sky high.
"It’s been said that the mug makes the mule. If you’re mixing up Moscow mules, there’s nothing like promotional copper mugs to keep the drink ice cold – and your logo front and center."

We would love to hear your news. Drop us a mail and get listed too. People want to know.

Bottle Cap Connectors to Extend Branding.

Coca Cola are busy re-tasking bottles for a strong afterlife in Asia.   Their idea is to contribute to early recycling and keep their brand alive and in front of customers for long after the fizz has left their drinks.   This video shows bottles being used in different ways and these ideas & themes caught our eye.

  • Water guns are popular in summer and great for younger users
  • Paint brushes tie the brand to education
  • Whistles for safety, sport, tie in to World Cup and other celebrations
  • Pencils again for education
  • Connector to make 2 bottles dumbbell - Sport and good for old and young.
  • Plant Watering add-on - good for all and the environment.
  • Bubble Blowing connector
  • Light Capsule for kids night lights
  • Spinning arms game for toddlers

Our understanding is that this marketing and promotional products campaign has been created in collaboration with Ogilvy and Mather.   The idea is to launch 16 innovative caps, which can be screwed on to the Coca Cola bottle and transform them into something useful.  Who can link all 16 of these concepts on the blog.  Would love to know them all.

In the video we see a package being handed over with multiple items.   I prefer a random giveaway promotional mechanism.  It creates surprise, collectibles campaign encouraging repeat purchase, barter and swapping in communities etc..   So much more fun.

Do you have any suggestions for alternative uses and re-purposing this packaging.   How about some fun ideas to go with Glass Bottles also?

Feel free to contact us and we can build some wonderful Drinks Packaging & Promo Gifts together.