The Value of Promotional Merchandise

The internet has transformed the way that businesses market themselves, but it has not made older tactics obsolete. In fact, many offline marketing methods are more tangible and more personal than their digital counterparts, making this a great way to stand out and build a stronger connection to your customers in an age when many of your competitors will neglect these promotional avenues.
The Value of Promotional Merchandise
Promotional merchandise, in particular, is a powerful way to connect with customers and clients and bring in new business.

Brand Awareness

One of the big problems with marketing of any kind is getting people to pay attention. Even raising awareness by having them remember the name of your company is a win, but too often advertising is ignored entirely. According to research, however, giving out promotional products leads to 62% of recipients remembering your business' name and key information. This is a much bigger boost to brand awareness than most alternatives can hope to deliver.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Community Engagement

Done right, giving away promotional merchandise can be an excellent way to engage with communities. This, in turn, is a powerful method for raising your business' profile and building a positive reputation. Offering branded merchandise to community groups, charities, sports clubs and the like can be a great way to promote your brand and improve its overall image while simultaneously helping out good causes.

A Superior Alternative to Discounts

Giving merchandise away outright can be a practical and effective alternative to simply offering discounts on your products, and can actually be more cost-effective over time. Discounts only drive sales when they are in place, so to provide long-term effectiveness they must be offered regularly and repeatedly. Unfortunately, customers as a group are quite good at catching on to this and adjusting their price expectations. Giving out promotional merchandise, on the other hand, still serves as an effective promotional strategy without cheapening the perceived value of your products and services.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Craft Your Brand Image

The promotional products you give away can help craft a specific brand image, or at least help you to shape certain aspects of the way your brand is perceived. For example, giving away branded, recycled notepads or fairly-traded promotional confectionery can lead people to view you as a responsible company. Alternatively, things like pens, T-shirts, pens, and more general items of confectionery come with little or no loaded connotations, leaving a brand image you are already happy with essentially untouched while still serving as a highly effective promotional strategy.

The Value of Promotional Merchandise

Effective Profit

You purchase promotional products in bulk at wholesale prices. Your customers, on the other hand, are used to having to buy these things at retail prices. As such, there is an imbalance in your favour between the price you pay for this merchandise and the value it has to your customer. More promotional value has been received than your business has actually spent on the merchandise in question, and the effectiveness of this promotional strategy is boosted accordingly. In a sense, there is an effective built-in profit in the value you get over the money you have spent.

About the Author

Distinctive Confectionery was established over 20 years ago and is owned and managed by Tegwyn and Adele Thomas, a husband and wife team, together with their dedicated staff. Distinctive Confectionery offers a wide range of both chocolates and confectionery.

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live has recently finished and we at PromoGift Blog were tracking this event. This event was Europe’s largest on-trade drinks exhibition.
Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive
For this year’s Imbibe Live, we followed the event closely and gathered information from over 4000 tweets before and during the event. After analyzing this information we created the following word cloud, with the number of mentions being represented by the size of the word.

Imbibe Live 2016 Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

What was the conclusion of this Event Tracking?

As seen in the word cloud the big focus was on Drinks, with “London” and “Stand” being particularly focused on.  Though there were interesting mentions of “WheatBeer” and “Challenge”. These word clouds are great at understanding what it is that attendees are talking about and what they find to be most interesting from this event.

Alongside this with this event tracking, we also found out who the 25 most active people on twitter were. This type of event provides a good opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the use of social media. The top 25 are listed below.

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live 2016: Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive

Imbibe Live is the innovative and interactive annual exhibition for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks in the licensed on-trade.

Imbibe Live 2016 was the essential date in the drinks calendar which saw the industry’s finest come together and was perfect for sommeliers to buyers and managers to publicans and bartenders. It was a great event to take part in ground-breaking tastings, source new products and discover new trends evolving the industry.
Imbibe Live 2016 Where drinks mean business #ImbibeLive
Reasons to attend
  1. Pick up hundreds of new drinks and product ideas that will excite your customers
  2. Tap into the latest drinks trends and new products
  3. Listen to thought-provoking talks from leading drinks experts
  4. Find out new ways to increase profits from drinks sales through business-focussed seminars
  5. Experience rare tastings across all categories
  6. Get bespoke advice from the Imbibe team such as drinks list assessment
  7. Network with peers and industry players from all the different drinks sectors
  8. Be inspired by Imbibe's creative out-of-the-box thinking
  9. Discover a wide range of other products from associated sectors such as snacks, glassware and equipment

Brighton's offers Free Branded Tote Bag with Purchase

Mention the word "boutique" and we think of stylish and expensive. But nowadays not everything has to be expensive. Woman's bags and accessories brand, Brighton's, is offering this fabulously designed "Seas The Day" tote bag.

To receive this seaside themed gift it's all your's for the same day purchase of $100 or more in-store and online.

Why do we love this seaside themed promotional tote bag? 

The design of this bag oozes summer at the Côte d'Azur, and the seaside with its anchor, classic sea themed striped T-shirt and 'Ahoy' designs. Perfect for taking on weekend trips, going to the beach or just showing off while you shop.
With totes its good to remember that cool and unique tote bag designs are more likely to be sought after, and its more likely a customer will spend in order to receive it - design means everything!

Offering a branded tote bag like this as a gift with purchase is always a popular choice and one that never gets old. Giving a free gift with purchase is a way to show customers that you care and offering something valuable (and one that can be used) will increase attraction, encourage repeat purchases and offers word of mouth advertising, so grab your's while you can. 

ASI: What Promo Products Buyers Want

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has recently published a report after surveying end-buyers to find out what they like, what they’re buying and how they’re using promo products.

This survey featured a variety of questions about clients buying behaviour, product choice and factors they consider when choosing a product.
One of the first questions on the survey asked end clients if they often shop using commodity price as their reason for buying/not buying a product. Over half of all respondents replied as somewhat or strongly agreeing that price is the main buying factor.

With this in mind, it's important for promotional products and campaigns to factor in price and to offer customers a product that is value for money and more desirable.

T-Shirts, stationary, bags and drink ware unsurprisingly came in as the top promo products. With significant branding power due to their usefulness, cheaper price and re-usable factors they are products which people most likely need.
Furthermore, ensuring better quality product design is key. With 68% of end-clients agreeing that good quality logo's are more valuable and more likely to be paid more for, investing that little bit extra in how your product looks could go that much further for your brand.

With society changing their environmental views and its importance holding greater significance. Promotional products that favour this are undoubtedly more favoured. End-clients also agree for this, with a whopping 60% agreeing to buy, over non environmental products.
Being given gifts in general goes a long way, and are often regarded with more value. With 74% of clients liking to show appreciation, receiving and giving promo gifts is important.

The marketing mix is critical for trying to understand customer needs. Promotional products are key to increasing sales, brand recognition and spreads brand advertisement. With 68% of end-clients agreeing on its importance within the business, it can be critical in setting your brand ahead of the competition.

Advertising Speciality Institute® (ASI)  is the promotional product industry's largest membership organization offering media, technology, marketing and education to help cultivate success and community. To find out more please follow the link above to ASI Contact Page.

Manchester is TOPS

Following the success of two London-based TOPS shows, Outstanding Branding held their first ever regional end-user show in Manchester.
Having delivered such well received shows in the South, the pressure was really on to provide a top quality show with high visitor numbers and a good number of leads for the 32 suppliers who supported the show. 

With over 60 professional marketeers attending over the three sessions on the day, and over 150 leads generated for the suppliers, Sales Director Andy Thorne feels he has delivered on his objectives. 

'Putting on a show to match the success of the previous TOPS shows at the Tower of London was always going to be a challenge, particularly in a region we don't currently have the same level of exposure as we do in the South. However, with the support of the suppliers, our great team, a fantastic venue in MediaCity, and three great guest speakers, we achieved the number of quality visitors and leads we wanted.'
The guest speakers were very well received by the audience – BPMA’s Gordon Glenister, talk on making the most of promotional merchandise was well attended and several visitors requested copies of the presentation to share with colleagues.

Justin Blackhurst, Global CEO of Digital Next delivered a hugely popular talk on the subject of How to
Get to the Top of Google and Stay There - which was obviously of great interest to an audience of marketers.

Finally, David Ross and Mike Herbert of Brickhouse Productions gave a taste of the future in his talk on 360 video, with several visitors staying all day to make sure they caught the talk first hand.
All the presentations were streamed via Facebook Live, with the talks also now uploaded to YouTube for anyone who couldn't attend to watch. 

Suppliers and visitors alike were quick to give their positive feedback with several suppliers calling it the best end user show they've attended. Clients commented on the great venue, and how exciting it was to be able to touch and feel a whole range of products whilst getting information and ideas from the expert suppliers. One visitor described it as 'hugely inspirational' - another objective of the show achieved.

‘As always, we have to thank our fabulous supply chain for their professionalism and support on the day’, commented Sarah Penn, Managing Director of Outstanding Branding.  ‘We hope they all enjoyed The Outstanding Supplier Supper (TOSS) that we held for them at Café Football the night before the show – I’m constantly amazed at how hard our industry can party and still put on a great show in the morning!’.

TOPS will return to London in 2017.
We would like to thank Outstanding Branding for another insight into the success of their company. For more information on their promotional merchandise and the complete range of products, please follow the link.

Father's Day Promotions: Black Sheep Brewery offer Free Gift with Purchase Glass

With Father's Day only yesterday for many it's time to get your gifts ready if haven't for his special day. Black Sheep Brewery, based in Masham, North Yorkshire, well known for their loved cask, keg and bottled beers are offering a gift any father can't resist.

Whenever you purchase a 'Flock Box' containing 6 of their much loved new bottled beers, including their Black Sheep Ale, you will receive a free flock sheep branded pint glass to enjoy drinking them with. All you have to do is buy this gift box online, or in shop. 

What We Like About This Free Glass for Father's Day Promotion:

  • Branding – With the culmination of brewing expertise spanning six family generations and with an exciting array of past and current experimental flavours, this promotional glassware with the Black Sheep logo holds great value to all beer and ale lovers (fathers).
  • Product – There can never be enough glasses in a kitchen. Whether it’s friends or family visiting glasses are an essential piece of kitchen ware. Because of this a branded glass offers all those in search of one as well as some beer, this promotion is the perfect combination – offering not only the much loved beer, but something to drink it with.
  • Material – With it being a rather simply yet brand stating designed pint glass, this gives it a more traditional appearance than if it was, for example, custom shaped, keeping the classic public house touch of English drinking with this product purchase.
Promogift Blog would like to thank Black Sheep Brewery for an insight into another amazing promotion offered.

3 Top Promotional Products to Build Your Brand

Promotional products help you build awareness for your brand and create top-of-mind awareness for your customers so that you can nurture long-term relationships. Promotional products also represent an economical way to market your brand -- you just have to buy the product once, and it will continue to promote your brand every time it is used or seen by someone else.

3 Top Promotional Products to Build Your Brand
Choosing the right promotional products will help you make a greater impact and get a bigger return on your investment. If you are new to using promotional products, start with these top three choices to help you get the most bang for your buck right out of the gate:


Pens are one of the most useful promotional products you can buy, which means that people are more likely to hang on to them instead of chucking them in a drawer and forgetting about them or straight up throwing them away. Pens also have a tendency to travel -- just think about how many pens you've "lost" because someone asked to use it and then never gave it back. You give out a pen at a trade show and there's no telling how far it will go or how many people it will reach.

3 Top Promotional Products to Build Your Brand
Every time someone needs to jot down a note or pay a bill, they will see your name or logo staring back at them from the pen. That will help create top-of-mind awareness so that they are more likely to think of your brand when they need what you have to sell.

Finally, pens are very cheap, so you can make this investment even on a budget. You can easily get hundreds or thousands of pens, which will help you grow your reach.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are also very useful. Customers can use them as purses, reusable grocery bags, diaper bags, and more. Most people don't care about the design on the bag -- they just want something that will carry what they need.

3 Top Promotional Products to Build Your Brand
Like with pens, tote bags help to advertise your brand wherever they go. People who are walking by or shopping in the area will see the logo or the company name and may look up information about the products or services later.

Of course, the more attractive your bag's design, the more likely that people are to use it frequently and the more advertising you will get.

Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are becoming more popular as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. You can take advantage of this opportunity to promote your brand by giving away an item that people actually want and that they will use frequently, getting you more exposure.

3 Top Promotional Products to Build Your Brand
Choose a water bottle that is in line with current demands, such as bottles that are BPA-free and that have an attractive design. Choose bottles that are easy to carry and convenient to use.

Smaller bottles are typically more popular. You can also explore options like travel mugs, straw tumblers or stadium cups if you think they would be more popular with your target demo.

Giving away promotional products can be a great way to nurture customer relationships while also generating lots of buzz for your brand. But you need to choose the products carefully so that you provide customers with something they actually want and so you get the most exposure. Try out these popular promotional products to start marketing your brand this year.

About The Author:

The Executive Advertising Offer Thousands of Promotional Products with No Setup Fees. They offer everything from Coffee Mugs to Executive Gift Sets to Advertising Magnets!, also known as, provides over 20,000 unique promotional items including logo apparel, trade show kits, event handouts, and business giveaways. They are a member of ASI and have an A+ BBB rating, to find out more check out there website!

ASI: Research Trends for Promotional Headwear By The Numbers

The summer sunshine has already arrived in many places across the globe, which means its time to get our hats and sunscreen at the ready and ASI have released a report showing the research trends for how headwear is searched for in ESP search data's most popular product categories.  

Out of all searches for promotional product categories its interesting to see that head-wear ranked in as 9th, beating its usual and previous month's rankings of 10th or 11th place. With their popularity growing each month and simmer coming, now is the time to start considering about what promotional head gear you yourself could offer for your events, giveaways and merchandise.
To further stress headgear popularity for the summer, monthly search results on ESP found that the months of March, May and June had the most search results for headgear. Indicating people are getting ready to start donning their hats. 
Also out of the top 10  headwear items, the classic baseball cap unsurprisingly came in as most popular, along with sports headbands and sun visors also following. These options would prove to be the most powerful hat styles to market; especially with summer and sports going hand in hand.

Headgear are powerful promotional items due to the their involvements with status, history, fashion, and religion for example. And being instantly visible when worn, they make fantastic items for the summer and for showing off your brand, what do you think?

Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) is the promotional product industry’s largest membership organization offering media, technology, marketing and education to help cultivate success and community. To find out more please follow the link to ASI Contact Page.

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