Promotional Product Blogs in June 2021

In this blog, we will have a look at what the most innovative and creative promotional products companies are writing about in June 2021. We will also discuss some industry news and establish some special days that are coming up in July 2021.

IGO Promo - 10 June 2021

Previously IGO Promo has talked about how important it is to keep motivating your employees to stay in shape. The next step that companies can take is to provide healthy lunches for their employees! Most employers are aware that healthy employees are quintessential for good work performance. Healthier employees also mean that they will be less absent from work due to illnesses. As an employer, you can look into more ways to inspire your employees to enjoy a healthy lunch at work. Remember, health is wealth. Read their blog to find out more!

The Denver Promotional Products Blog - 16 June 2021

Get some inspiration for barbeque-related products with this new blog by The Denver Promotional Products Blog! As COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifting across many countries, people will soon gather in backyards again. Now is the perfect time to market barbeque products to customers. The blog discussed the usefulness of vacuum tumbler insulators, can coolers, a 3-piece BBQ set, and many more. Click on the link and find out more! 

Promo Direct Blog - 23 June 2021

Reopening schools after the COVID-19 pandemic will be a tough challenge, but your company can increase morale and protect campuses by giving out promotional items to staff and students. Such products include hand sanitizers, face masks, eco-friendly journals, and much more. Due to the ongoing pandemic, 2021 and the upcoming year will be different for schools and universities worldwide. However, we should not let this hinder schools' progress. Let us look at it as an inspiring opportunity for educational institutes to reimagine their branding efforts and welcome the new reforms.

4Imprint - 25 June 2021

Stories are powerful. They are relatable, and people love hearing them. 4Imprints wrote a fantastic blog about how storytelling and marketing gifts can make your brand more memorable! Blend entertaining and engaging stories with marketing gifts to help your brand stay top of peoples' minds and build an influential name for your organization. Dive into some of the best ideas with the blog that 4Imprints have written!

Perfect Imprints - 25 June 2021

Do you want to be able to give out a product that you know will help encourage people to be more environmentally friendly and resourceful? Reusable grocery bags are the perfect product for you to give out due to a multitude of reasons. With the number of environmental sustainability issues currently ongoing in our world, people are starting to use more reusable bags. Read on to find out how great they really are!

The VIP Swag Suite - 28 June 2021

Grotta di Su Mannau in Sardinia, Italy

Promo Direct Blog - 28 June 2021

Sustainable products are the new trend, and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Sustainable promotional products are made from natural materials and can help your consumers positively impact the environment by recycling and reducing waste. Moreover, sustainable products can be promoted with your brand logo, just like any other promotional item! The promo direct blog shows how to renew your marketing strategy with 5 sustainable promotional products. Do have a read if you want to have an edge over your competition by using sustainable merchandise!

4Imprints - 28 June 2021

4Imprints wrote a blog this month about 5 co-creation tips to build better citizen participation. Co-creation is when businesses want to know what customers require from a product or service, they can go directly to the origin. In other words, the company brings in third-party advisers such as customers to give insight and ideas from the concept to the final finished product. Some tips to make this possible would be by identifying impacted individuals, being responsive to their needs, and fostering interaction between stakeholders. Head down to their blog and read on further!

ODM Group - 29 June 2021

Le Rustique, the famous producer of French cheese in the UK, is dominating the market again with its latest marketing campaign. The brand is giving away custom-logo cheese board sets to 2000 of their luckiest customers. The ODM Group has written an exceptional blog about how to participate in the contest and why it is such an ingenious marketing campaign by Le Rustique. This on-pack promo stands out from the others through physical packaging, and the fact that it is a practical prize makes customers desire to win it more. With the amount of helpful content provided, this blog is definitely worth a read!

Perfect Imprints - 29 June 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have shifted to work from home arrangements. This meant that we now are empowered to travel and work simultaneously. Perfect Imprints wrote a blog about tips on how to work while traveling at the same time. Some suggestions include scheduling time for work to get done, being communicative and many other valuable tips! It may seem daunting at first, but traveling and working are doable with these practical tips!

The Promo Marketing Magazine wrote a blog about how The American Civil Liberties Union won a Supreme Court decision last week. They celebrated their win by releasing a promotional T-shirt memorializing the victory. The short-sleeve T-shirt highlights the student's rant on the front and an ACLU logo on the sleeve. This was a brilliant marketing move by the ACLU and a stellar example of how non-profit corporations can turn such newsworthy events into branded merchandise that raises funds.

Industry News
As students in colleges and universities return to school, the promotional products industry saw an increase in sales, especially for apparel like T-shirts and hoodies. This autumn, the promo industry can expect an increase in sales for clothing, particularly for campus merchandise like hats, hoodies, and T-shirts. 

Moreover, companies have colluded with college athletic departments and stadiums to plan giveaways of T-shirts, hats, and other promotional merchandise as stadiums can retake the full capacity of spectators.

Upcoming Events in July

With summer coming up and June ending, here is a list of exciting days we can all look forward to!

July 3 - Plastic Bag Free Day 

July 7 - Chocolate Day 

July 10 - Pina Colada Day 

July 11 - Mojito Day 

July 17 - Emoji Day 

July 19 - Daquiri Day 

July 24 - Tequila Day 

July 27 - Scotch Whiskey Day 

July 30 - Friendship Day

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