Tuesday 7 June 2011

Promotional Products Regulations

There are many regulations governing the sales of Promotional Products and it is important to keep updated on the latest for your market.  We are currently inviting Promotional Products Companies to tell us a little about their particular markets.

Bad for Health Just as Sin Tax is placed on products that are deemed to be bad for you, Governments have imposed bans on wide range of Promotional Products sectors - Tobacco was one of the biggest spenders in the past.   Now Alcohol companies and others are being Regulated.

Too Powerful.   Pharmaceuticals have also been increasingly targeted since gifts to Doctors were believed to unfairly sway them to choose one product over the other.   In many countries gifts are now limited to highly Utility Driven products.

Poorly/Perfectly Targetted  Children are very susceptible to free gifts.  FMCG companies have targetted them in the past to drive impulse purchase via gift with purchase and other mechanisms.   There are increasing controls on marketing to Children.

Not in Proportion  Some Countries regulate on the value of the product and associated gifts.

Too Expensive.   Places like California have placed blanket bans on usage of Promos by Govt. Agencies.  Given the massive budget deficit Government money needs to be tightly controlled, but this is pure Skapegoating the promotional products market over other types of advertising mediums.

Many more Regulations to cover in terms of safety and quality levels...

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