Thursday 21 July 2011

Selling Promotional Products to China

Most of us are buying Promotional Products from China, but watch out as there is a thriving market there too.  On a recent trip to China for quality control we took a look at some of the shops there.

Whilst we are busy arranging on pack promotions for drinks companies in Europe, we can see that this market is booming in China too.  That said the promos are very different in style to the promotions we do for Global Spirits companies.

However, look closely at this promo and maybe it is not that different after all...  Gold & Red are important colours for Chinese culture.   The gift glass is a utility / collectible driven gift.   Placing the promotion in a box set win extra shelf space for the drinks and promote sales.

Promotional Chinese Glass Gift Set

Suggestion When you make a mould for special or unique drinks promos for your clients, consider if this product can also sell into markets like China or elsewhere.  Don't waste your creativity on 1 country alone.  Selling to big international brands is a global business.

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  1. You are definitely right. When doing business, always think global.


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