Saturday 22 October 2011

The Eye Pillow : A Promotion that sends you to sleep!

Trying to think of an original an agreeable idea for a gift with purchase promotion? Well what about eye pillows?

Men like woman are troubled by all sorts of sleep problems. Eye Pillows are often a very efficient solution to them. The eye pillow, literally a small cushion trimmed to cover your eyes, is made for beauty & health purposes. It can be customized using various colors, materials, shapes, patterns and with the company logo.

Silk eye pillows
These soft and cooling eye pillows serve as :

  • mood tonic
  • antidepressant
  • headache remedy
  • detoxifier

As an example Skinlab did a  Ramadhan and Aildilfitri promotion in Malaysia whereby  if a customer purchased when of their listed products he received a free eye pillow.

Promotional eye pillow by Skinlab

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  1. Informative hints and tips for better sleep. Down and Feather Company suggests that pillow firmness, sleeping position, and personal preference all affect a good night's rest. anick


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