Monday 10 October 2011

Promotional DVD- Streets Paddle Pop

Australian ice cream makers, Street's Paddle Pop show us an example of how your brand identity can be lucrative to your company.

The corporation has just started a promotional DVD with the Paddle Pop lion,a character from the companies marketing campaigns. Every time a consumer buys two multi-packs of
the ice cream they get a free Paddle Pop DVD. This free gift with purchase campaign can be a very successful way of cashing in on your successful character based advertising.

Promotional DVD

These type of promotional campaigns can help your company if you already have brand recognition on a character based product. And can boost your sales especially if you have a target audience of children.

This kind of campaign is very risky however, because a big investment must be put in for construction of a DVD, however it can be a high reward for the right companies! So make sure that you take this into account before you make your own DVD:

  • Do you have the correct target audience to release a DVD?
  • Do you have enough capital to risk on production?

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