Friday 21 October 2011

Promotional products- Reusable Tote

As part of Sesame Street's online shop sale, the shop is offering a great promotional product; a reusable Tote!

GWP Promotional Product- re usable tote

Consumers can claim the GWP once they have spent over $50 on the online store.

This promotional product is very good for two reasons; primarily, like other promotional products it makes the customer feel special- they are getting a free product as a reward for their corporate loyalty.

Secondly the product increases your corporate reputation for being a eco-friendly firm by the product's re usability. If you look at almost any firm you will see a CSR report- ethical ways of doing business is picking up, and the best way to promote your company doing this is through an eco-friendly promotional product. It shows millions of your audience that your company has a heart!!   

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