Thursday 24 November 2011

Promotional Lollies to lure customers in

Creating a captivating message for all to view at the front desk of any office is an important part of any marketing or advertising campaign.  Considering the fact that some offices literally have dozens if not hundreds of potential walk in clients every day, wouldn’t it be great to GRAB their attention as soon as they walk through your front door.    
Promotional Lollipops
The above promotion is what we call the “Taster”. For many types of people including young and old, they simply can’t resist having a few Promotional Lollies to crave ones sweet tooth.  Over the years we have found that Promotional Lollies work exceptionally well in these types of office environments.  People are captivated with FREE lollies that can satisfy a sweet craving and at the same time your marketing of advertising message is displayed for them to view right in front of their eyes.  Affordable, friendly and well liked by all these types of promotional items work well in any type of office area.  Also available are chocolates, mints, snakes, toffees, M&M’s and more.  Promote your brand sublimely with your customers today.

Article by Kyle Smith from Purely Promotions

1 comment:

  1. Thanks. Maybe tell us more about the materials used for the candy dispenser. How difficult is it to brand individual candies/lollies?


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