Enhance your brand visibility with Custom Light Up Caps

Want your logo or product line to stand out at your next convention, event or around town? Light up your logo! 

Corona Advertisement using Custom Light Up Cap's technology

Custom Light Up Caps offers various light enhanced logo styles that can be produced on several product lines. Think outside the box. Product lines include but are not limited to posters, signs, decals, stickers, magnetic vehicle signs, T-shirts, baseball caps, visors and hats, over 300 styles of bags and programmable audio and video presentation books and cards. 

Coca Cola Advertisement using Custom Light Up Cap's technology

Monster lodo using Custom Light Up Cap's technology

Contact us direct via our page at http://customlightupcaps.com or direct E-mail us atcustomlightupcaps@gmail.com We also offer production sourcing of various product lines. 

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