Thursday 9 February 2012

Promotional Gift Idea for Campers : The solar torch/bottle opener !

Here is the ideal promotional gift for companies working in industries related to outdoor activities. Whether your customers be campers, hikers, skiers ... why not give them this multifunctional LED torch/bottle opener?

Promotional gift for campers : LED torch + bottle opener

What's great about this promotional product is that, unlike regular torches, it does not require batteries to run. The torch uses solar power. So charge it during the day and use during the night! What's more, when practicing outdoor activities one does not want to be overloaded. So combining multiple functions (torch and bottle opener) is key.

Promotional Gift Idea for Campers
This promo product can be easily customized with your company's colors, logo or mascot making it a great advertising and marketing tool.


  1. This promotion product can be easily personalized with your organization's colors, logo or pet making it a great advertising and promotion.
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  2. Nice promotional gifts !!With the holidays coming fast upon us, some of us might need some innovative gift ideas especially suited to the RV buff. Your blog is very helpful for choosing a gift.Thanks for your post.


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