Tuesday 24 July 2012

Macmillan Books Promotional Gifts

Macmillan Promotional Gifts

We recently went to the Hong Kong Book Fair 2012 to check out loads of books and promotions. The Macmillan ELT (English Language Teaching) stall had an interesting GWP promotion that day.

Purchase any of Macmillan's publications and you can receive the following gifts: a recycled jute bag, highlighters, and a memo pad.

These colorful but useful Macmillan-branded products are the perfect combination to your English learning needs. You can take notes, highlight the important bits, and keep all your Macmillan products in the jute bag so you won't misplace them.

Using these products at work or school with the Macmillan ELT logo on the side will increase brand recognition for the company, as long as the products are on display to everyone else whilst they're being used.

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