Friday 6 July 2012

Promotions by Schick

Schick is currently running a promotion in Zhuhai.  They are selling discounted and fun design razors bundled with shaving foam.

Since it is a shaving foam for ladies, the razor comes in a girly design! With tiny cute butterflies on its front, this promotional razor will certainly draw the women's attention and encourage them to buy Schick foam.

This product will be in usage for a long time, reminding of the brand all the way through and winning the customers' loyalty. 

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For our Chinese followers, here is a brief summary of this promotion:

在正面有一只非常可爱的小蝴蝶,这款促销剃刀将吸引女性注意促使她们购买Schick泡沫。  是个非常棒的营销策略!

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