Monday 29 October 2012

Promotional Products Sales Push - Weekly Market Segment Targetting

The Promo Gift Blog will be working with partners around the world to motivate and inspire promotional products sales staff to target new clients.  Every few weeks we will focus on a new market segment and will take the following actions to increase marketing & generate sales for promotional products.

Some initial segments that will be targeted for promotions will be Pet Food, Beer, Gas Stations, Insurance, Coffee Chains.

Market Research Thursdays:
Members of our community will work together to choose market segments in the Promotional Products field.
You should start to also select key companies in your market that will be targeted.

Blogging Fridays:
Guest bloggers from around the world will report on what is being done in their markets.  We would expect 10 - 20 different case studies to be researched and posted by Monday morning.   Blogs will be posted over at least 5 different industry blogs and we suggest that the companies who are participating in this project will be listed and linked on each one.  

We strongly recommend that you send us a report of what is already happening on your market because this will really increase your marketing visibility.   See reasons why you should Guest Post Blog.

Design Mondays:
Designers will put together a report and some suggested designs from trade shows and factories.  These will help us to put together fast offers if a company is looking for some brainstorming.

Calling Tuesdays:
Sales teams from around the world will call key customers.   Links can be sent to blogs & presentations can be sent to clients.

RFQ Wednesdays:
Sales staff will start to get RFQs from clients and will be able to send detailed presentations to prospective clients.   Sourcing and Product development begins.

Conference Thursdays:
Reports will be compiled from feedback from Promotional Products Agencies around the world, and we will also see what products are being requested, the mechanics for promotions, and overall market sentiment for this segment.

Get one of your sales staff involved in our group and you will be sure to reap the rewards.   Why not contact us today and see how your sales team can become part of this plan.  Given the niche market targeting, this programme will only be open to one promotional products company per country.   Please apply early to avoid disappointment.

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