Monday 26 November 2012

Changing consumer behaviour, by Promo Connection

‘Sensory Experiences, ‘More global, more local, ‘Tested’ and ‘Wired world’ – just a few phrases that South African brand owners should pay attention to as they hold the key to current shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviours in South Africa.

Consumers are increasingly seeking experiences. The drivers of change here include our desire to explore and push the boundaries. We want new sensations and experiences that challenge the way we think, and that embrace all our senses. South Africans are looking for sources of instant pleasure in their everyday lives. They enjoy experimenting and trying new things. The accessibility of instant satisfaction through technology is fuelling greater demand – think about 3D cinema and TV, and interactive gaming platforms. And there’s a desire for experiences that use, challenge, and awaken our senses in a new and innovative way. Marketers looking to ride this trend should consider a 360-degree sensory experience by organizing brand activations or events that bring to life the brand’s positioning.

In fitting with ‘local is lekker’, another trend that has become apparent is ‘more global, more local’. While globalization is forging a homogenous global identity, it has reached its tipping point. People are starting to resist global culture and look for the authenticity of the local and the familiar for inspiration. Although marketers need to be aware of international trends, they need to focus on existing traditions. Although we are living in a digital world, we need to keep considering the home truths. With Heritage Day just under our belt, regardless of demographic, I guarantee 90% of South Africans were braai-ing.

‘Tested’ – although our world is becoming more and more digitized daily, a consumer still likes to touch, feel, and understand a product. Whether one is using promotional stations or sending samples to bloggers for review, it’s all about ensuring a consumer has engaged with at least a ‘taste’ of the product and the positioning of the brand in question. This needs to be a targeted campaign that leaves nothing but a good taste. These types of campaigns need to hold a strong sense of brand integrity. The look and feel of your display to the personality and dress code of your promoter needs to be united with the brand and
product. All elements of the campaign need to be equally aligned ensuring the desired

Welcome to the ‘wired world’. New technologies have entered all parts of our lives and allow us to manage our lives 24/7. Multimedia communication on mobile devices is now a reality. Not every South African will have a TV or a PC, but will almost definitely have a mobile. This not only exposes consumers to everything and anything, but it also allows brands to use mobile applications, online campaigns, and social media to take their brands to the next level. Social Media has had a massive effect on consumer behavior. Social media allows brands to talk directly to their market, giving brands full access to understanding the needs, wants, and desires of their target market. This is the ideal platform for branded mass giveaways and high-end competitions.

Through these trends, we continuously have to find suitable promotional items to ensure brands receive the ROI from the implemented marketing campaign. I make it my business to fully understand a client’s consumer, their ever-changing behavior, and the worldwide and local trends and provide the quality promotional items that leave the consumer wanting more from the brand creating exactly what every brand wants - consumer loyalty.

Understanding your market and the ever-evolving consumer behavior teamed with the right marketing campaign and promotional positioning will get you from ‘that’s a hell of an ad’ to ‘that’s a hell of a product’.

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