Friday 18 January 2013

Marketing Idea: Calendar Card

A calendar card is an easy and cost-effective marketing idea. A calendar card is a name card size card that has a calendar on one side. We can put company details or artwork at the back. This is to make the card attractive. It is a very effective way to promote the brand message to customers.

How does this marketing idea work?

Customers would keep the calendar card in their wallets for reference when they need it. Every time they take the card out to refer, they may also see your company details. This serves as a constant reminder of your brand, encouraging repeat purchases.

Another way this marketing idea works is when customers with the calendar card take the card out and their friends ask them where it comes from. This would be an opportunity for the customer to advertise your company.

This word-of-mouth advertisement is good for the company as people trust word of mouth more than other kinds of advertisement. This would help you to gain customers.

Benefits of this Marketing Idea

One advantage of this marketing idea is that the item is useful for customers. The compact-size calendar is a must-have item in the wallet for easy reference to dates and days. This makes the marketing idea effective as the objectives of the marketing efforts are reached.

Another advantage of this marketing idea is that it has low production costs. The templates for the calendar are easy to come up with. The tricky part may be designing the other side without the calendar. We need to make it attractive enough for the customer to place in their wallets over other calendar cards they may receive.

However, this is not a major problem. ODM has an in-house design team who can assist with the designing part. This will help to keep your costs low. Hence, this is an economical marketing idea for companies with low marketing budgets.

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