Friday 15 February 2013

Promo Gift Idea - Racer Pen

Pen is always a popular promotional product for giveaways. Due to the fact that it is cheap in price and easy to manufacture, people usually engrave it and send it to clients. Yet, how can you show your company characteristics when giving out a pen? Here is an idea: racer pen. Read more to see how a racer pen can be used as a promo gift.

Using Racer Pen as a Promo Gift

This racer pen has a car-like body and a small rim attached to it. The body shape can be customized to any shape you want. This promotional gift is useful to all companies in the automotive industry because it emphasizes the company's characteristics. It can be modified into a car shape that is similar to the one sold. These special features will make your client recognize your brand easily. Moreover, engraving is still available on the racer pen, just like in a normal race car.  Or you may choose to screen print your logo on this promotional product.

Furthermore, it brings entertainment value to the user. Pen is commonly used on a daily basis. Usually, when people get bored they will play with pens. This marketing gift will bring more fun to your customers, be it in the office or at home. They can play with it on their desk as the car wheel can actually rotate. 

Usually, a positive response to your promo gift can always lead to a positive perception towards your company. Be sure that you are giving away a product of good quality. With good quality control management, it is possible to produce high-quality products at a low manufacturing cost. Contact us if you would like more advice on quality control management. 

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