Thursday 7 March 2013

Triple0 Jandals Giveaway by Bright Sparks

BrightSparks is a New Zealand based company that specialises in the sale of promotional merchandises to the corporate market. They aid companies’ promotions through various means of sourcing and branding promotional items.

Speaking about promotional items, they should not only be meant for tradeshows and promotions. This is because a good promotional item is a good advertising source! Not only does it boost sales but it also increases brand recognition!!

To outrun your competitors especially in a mass market, one should always offer attractive giveaways that will leave an impactful impression on potential buyers. Thus, offering eye-catching giveaways during tradeshows and promotions would certainly place you before your competitors. Curious on how to make a powerful advertising tool? Well, read on to find out more!

Bright Sparks has made some jandals giveaway for a medical recruitment company! These jandals are considered an iconic garment in New Zealand, hence making it a great promotional giveaway for tradeshow or promotions. It is so popular that local citizens often wear it throughout the whole summer.

Triple0 Jandals Giveaway by Bright Sparks

By utilizing promo giveaway, it facilitates free advertising and brand awareness.
Check out how the Triple0 Jandals have been effectively used as an advertising tool! 

Triple0 Jandels Giveaway promotion at other parts of the world

In conjunction of a medical recruitment promotion, potential clients (NZ hospitals) and potential recruits (UK doctors) are encouraged to take photos of their Triple0 Jandals at anywhere in the world and send it in to the medical recruitment company. This brilliant idea is a great way to showcase their potential recruits as well as to increase awareness of this particular organization.

Triple0 Jandals Giveaway promotion in Hong Kong

Triple0 Jandals Giveaway cool promotional slogan

This is how companies could effectively utilise their promotional giveaway. Something fun and interesting often attracts attention and sparks curiosity of the public. Subsequently, people would like to find out more about this organization and this would ultimately boost brand awareness. Another advantage of promo giveaway is to facilitate free advertising! Why bother spending tons of money on traditional advertising like Newspaper and Radio adverts when you can have free advertisements walking around. This saves you on additional advertising cost while still achieving the same result of a traditional advertisement.

So if you are wondering how to create an effective promo giveaway, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Branding your promo giveaways. This allows it to be a constant reminder and reinforce brand loyalty of your customers.
  2. Personalizing it with a heartfelt verbal message. This would enhances positive association and appreciation of your brand.
  3. Choosing a practical and ornamental giveaway. This would be more attractive than one that is just purely ornamental.
  4.  Lastly, always match your giveaways to the purpose of your promotion or tradeshow.

Choose a good promo giveaway and maximise its full potential with creative and innovative promotions!! 

Contact your local Promotional Products Specialist for more trends.

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