Monday 22 April 2013

The Use and Misuse of Promotional Lanyards in Campaign Situations

Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards have a defined use. Therefore, promotional lanyards may only be used in campaign situation where their purpose is called for. This is a truism that applies to all promotional products. If you try to promote a brand, a product or a company with a product that has no direct relevance to the environment or the theme of the promotion, you will fail to get your message across.

The previous statement needs a little clarification. Some promotional articles can only be justified where there is a practical call for a specific kind of item. Promotional lanyards are among these articles. A lanyard can only be used to hold things – keys or pass cards or festival maps, usually – so unless something within a promotion, or an environmental circumstance, requires an item that can keep hold of things at one end, and pass round a wearer’s neck at the other, then the lanyard is misused.

Because a lanyard is so obviously defined by what it does, the company that chooses to use promotional lanyards must be certain that it has a proper connection with the circumstances in which it is deployed. It would make no sense, for example, for an accounting firm to brand the lanyards holding line-up times at a comedy festival.

Promotional lanyards, then, become good exemplars of specific concerns within a campaign setup. Where an object has a very definite use, and is defined by that use, the branding company must rely wholly on association with an event or service to make the right kind of link between lanyard user and branding company.

Sometimes, promotional lanyards are used to designate a wearier as already affiliated with a specific organization or company. This is normally the case where security passes are issued for working environments. The lanyard holding the security pass may be branded with the logo of the company that owns the building – the company, in other words, that the person holding the pass works for or is affiliated with. 

Affiliation and endorsement take many different forms. In employment situations, there is a sense in which every employee of a company endorses that company simply by working for it. The more people seen to work for a business within a specific area, for example an industrial park or a business-heavy district in a metropolitan area, he more frequently that business may be drawn to the attention of others in the area.

Not all advertising and branding is for the benefit of immediate sales. Promotional lanyards encouraging a talented workforce to think repeatedly about a specific brand may attract new energy, in the form of new employees, to a company looking to influence its revenue from within as well as from without.

Choosing the Right Material 

Promotional lanyards may be made from a number of different materials, from silk through to neoprene. In some cases, the choice of material made by a promoting brand may have an effect on the success of a promotion – for example, where the brand has created an image of environmental friendliness; it may need to ensure that its lanyards are recyclable.

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