Saturday 8 June 2013

7 Ways to Market Your School Using Just a #2 Pencil

Custom pencils – or pencils imprinted with your school’s name, contact info or mascot – are all you need to promote your school in the community.

By distributing these Personalized Pencils to students, teachers, parents, alumni and donors, you will increase awareness about your school’s purpose and passion. Better still, since pencils are imminently useful to all these audiences, your message will resurface again and again every time these custom pencils are used. They are also available in your school’s colors, so it’s easy to inspire school spirit with them.

The fact is, pencils – particularly well-sharpened No. 2 pencils – still represent a major aspect of education since standardized testing requires them. Also, pencils are the No. 1 favorite of students and teachers alike since they allow for the erasure of errors.

For these reasons, custom Pencils are the perfect choice for schools. Once imprinted with your school’s name, campaign message and/or contact information, promotional pencils will continue to deliver your message in a medium that is continually usable.

Customised Pencils to Market Your School

Here are the top seven ways today’s schools are using pencils to market their school’s message:

1. Alumni Relations/Class Reunions

Promo pencils imprinted with your school’s colors and website URL can advertise your message and provide a keepsake that is memorable. They can also be used for alumni relations programs to motivate giving by former students.

2. Student Recruitment

Pencils printed with your school’s name, website and motto can play a major role in your recruitment activities. This is a “sharp” way to promote your school by offering something useful to potential students.

3. Student Organizations

Customized pencils are both affordable and unique, and they are the perfect medium to communicate the details of upcoming events or increase awareness about an organization’s purpose. Offering personalized pencils is a great way to get your organization’s message into the minds and hearts of students.

4. Back-to-School Supplies

Every student needs pens and pencils as part of their back-to-school supplies. Why not offer #2 pencils imprinted with your school’s message? These pencils can be used by students to take notes and darken the bubbles on a test’s answer sheet.

5. School Spirit

If your school’s goal is to increase school spirit among students, staffs, teachers and parents, provide custom pencils in your school’s colors that are imprinted with your sports mascot. This type of promotional product is the perfect giveaway at pep rallies and sporting events to raise awareness and increase school spirit.

6. Fundraising

What better way to get than to give? This is the power behind the purpose of offering custom pencils to your school’s fundraising targets. Everybody loves to receive something for free because it feels like they’ve been given a gift or reward – and that feels good. Schools can take advantage of this “feel-good” factor and extend good will by offering promotional pencils to sponsors.

7. Parent/Teacher Organizations

What better way to promote the importance of parent/teacher organizations than custom pencils? Not only are personalized pencils useful to both parents and teachers, they are a necessity for students. It’s a win/win/win!

Author: Reyna is a writer for HALO Branded Solutions, a leading Custom Pencils products company. When she's not working, she loves to travel and blog, so her tablet is her best friend. 

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