Thursday 28 November 2013

Complimentary Sephora Earbuds Application Exclusive

Sephora is offering free earbuds when you spend $25 on purchases through the Sephora iPhone application! This is an online application exclusive so head down to the application store, download the Sephora application and start shopping now!

Sephora Earbuds
Sephora is a French brand and a chain of cosmetics stores that were founded in Paris in 1970. Sephora features a variety of beauty products from over 100 international brands such as NARS, Urban Decay and Two Faced Cosmetics. It also features its own line of skincare, make-up, beauty tools and accessories.

Why offer earbuds as a marketing gift?

Earbuds are extremely useful marketing gifts as everyone can use them! Whether they are young teenagers or working professionals, everyone will be able to find a use for earbuds!

Customers also love receiving free gifts as it makes them feel valued by the brand. Thus marketing products like this can help to create demand for a company! This can also be regarded as a ‘reward’ scheme for loyal customers where they are rewarded for making their purchases!

Branding your earbuds to make them uniquely yours!

Branding for the Sephora brand features the company’s elongated flame logo in a standard black print. Thus these earbuds have been branded in a similar fashion. Even though the earbuds do not feature the Sephora flame, it has the black and white striped design.  This design makes the earbuds distinguishable as gifts offered by Sephora!

This branding will also serve as a reminder to customers about your brand and your products! Whenever your customers use these earbuds, they will see your branding on it and will recall your brand! This can help to build up brand loyalty among your customers.

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