Thursday 12 December 2013

Customized Gift-wrap by Lacoste – Perfect for the Christmas Season

Share the Christmas spirit with your loved ones by wrapping up your gifts in customized gift-wrap by Lacoste. This is the season of giving and everyone is sure to buy presents for family and friends to celebrate this season! One definitely has to find a way to wrap the presents thus there is no better time to receive a customized gift-wrap set than during this season! The set consists of sheets of wrapping paper, gift tags and ribbons – all the wrapping must-haves that you will possibly need.

Customized Gift-wrap by Lacoste
Customized Gift-wrap by Lacoste – Perfect for the Christmas Season

Lacoste is a French clothing company that was founded in 1933. It sells high-end clothing, perfume, leather goods, accessories and footwear and their famous polo shirts. The company can be recognized by the famous green crocodile logo that is found on most of their items.

Why offer customized gift-wrap as a gift with purchase?

Wrapping paper offers one with a large surface area for branding where you can customize anything you want on it! The most interesting part about offering this as a gift is the wrapping paper will be used to wrap gifts to be given away to others! This means that even more people will come to know about your brand because of your wrapping paper! The receivers of the gift may be interested in your brand after seeing your logo and may possibly look up your company online!

Join in this season of giving by rewarding your customers with a free gift and see how it can also benefit your brand! Contact us at ODM to get started on your very own customized gift-wrap now!

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