Monday 1 September 2014

Custom Merchandise for Hotels

Having stayed in Citizen M hotel last week I wanted to share some pictures of their custom merchandise which really makes for a strong and long lasting brand impact.   This hotel has lots of fun and unique merchandise and simple things can make all the difference.  Here are my 2 favourite...

Custom Luggage Tags

On Check in you are given a luggage tag instead of a room key.    How often have you returned from a business trip or holiday with spare room keycards that you forgot to return.   Make them useful by re-tasking key cards as luggage tags.  

Custom Luggage Tag Keycards
Custom Luggage Tag Keycards
We liked the neatly arranged stack of cards with choice of black or red luggage tie in plastic.  These were neatly stored at the check in desk in an attractive red acrylic POS display.   You can also glance their post card marketing efforts in the bottom right corner.

Custom Bags for Storage in Rooms

The hotel playfully mocks the skill with which most hotels are able to hide hair dryers.  The bright red bag playfully stands out on the white cabinet and screams to be found as opposed to most other hotels where the bags are hidden away.   What other items could be bagged for fun.

shhh...the hairdryer is hiding
shhh...the hairdryer is hiding
Custom umbrellas, notepads, pencils, pens and all the other Promo Gift SWAG we know and love were also featured.

Tell us about your favourite Custom Merchandise for Hotels.


  1. That's what I love too, every time I stay in a hotel I love it more when their merchandise are custom made. I get to take them home and display them in my bathroom, especially the branded lotions, soaps, shampoo and conditioners. I totally agree that custom made give away items create long lasting brand impact, let's say custom printed umbrellas can be like walking billboards, just like how makes it.

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